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Exit Popup Software


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The exit popup software was developed to help ecommerce sites achieve their objectives of getting followers, subscribers, buyers and high financial returns

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Exit Popup Software

  1. 1. By Picreel
  2. 2. About Exit Popup The exit popup software was developed to help ecommerce sites achieve their objectives of getting:  Followers  Subscribers  Buyers and  High financial returns
  3. 3. However, to achieve these goals is never a rollercoaster! Even before exit popup technology, we were in the business of helping online brands attract customers and increase conversion rates for over a decade, and we understand the challenges involved.
  4. 4. The good news is Our long experience in the industry has given us the skill and the know-how to provide the appropriate solutions in the exit popup technology, which beat these challenges and give you more control.
  5. 5. Who needs the exit popup software? Answering YES to any of the following three questions is an indication that you need to have the exit popup technology embedded on your website"
  6. 6. 1. Do you believe that you put much effort in attracting traffic to your site?
  7. 7. 2. Is this traffic leaving you with only high view numbers but no sales?
  8. 8. 3. Are you spending more money to follow these visitors with retargeting campaigns?
  9. 9.  Research has shown that up to 98% of visitors to ecommerce websites never make any sale and never come back again.  What do you think happens if you reduced this number by even just 10%?  Of course, that significantly alters your cash flow.
  10. 10. That is exactly what Picreel exit popup technology is designed to do:  Help your ecommerce site turn fleeting visitors into sales  Maximize on the traffic that you attract  Finish the job that your content marketing effort starts
  11. 11. How does this exit popup software work?  Monitoring visitors to your site from the moment they land  Detecting when they seek to leave  Stopping them from clicking out, by displaying focused and timely automated exit popup messages.
  12. 12. What types of exit popup messages can you design?  Interesting offers  Direction to more appropriate pages for the visitor  Request for email address
  13. 13. What other features come with the exit popup technology?  Detailed insight analytics that show real time data on visits, conversion rates and campaign reports.  Integration of email and mobile marketing strategies  Great designing tools for creating exit popup messages and requests
  14. 14. We have created the exit popup software to recover the traffic before it leaves your ecommerce site.
  15. 15.  In any case, why wait for visitors to leave then follow them with retargeting marketing while you can catch them before they leave?  In fact, it is easier to convince them to do what you want before you are in their past.
  16. 16. You have done well to increase traffic to your website. With the exit popup technology, you have an opportunity to maximize and increase your conversion rates by up to 70%.
  17. 17. The exit popup technology will help your ecommerce site:  Enhance your shopping cart recovery  Get high marketing return on investment(ROI)  Reduce your marketing expenditure  Increase your sales and net income