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What is ux design


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What is ux design

  1. 1. Landon Borders
  2. 2. User Experience Design User Experience Design is the creation and synchronization of the elements that effect a users experience with the intent of influencing the perceptions and behavior  User Expeeience Design has existed for a long time but the changing roles of an experience designer can make it difficult to define.
  3. 3. Wikipedia Definition User Experience Design (UXD) is a broad term used to explain all aspects of a person’s experience with the system including the interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction, and the manual. It is also referring to the application of user-centered design practices to generate cohesive, predictive and desirable designs based on holistic consideration of users’ experience. In most cases, User experience design fully encompasses traditional Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) design and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users e_design
  4. 4. Why UX Design UX Design places an emphasis on the relationship the user has with a particular product. The goal of UX design is to make customers happy but more importantly make products that are engaging that makes peoples lives easier.  Think about the iphone holistically and imagine the impact it has had on people.
  5. 5. Who are UX Designers UX Designers are usually multi-talented individuals with a broad range knowledge about things UX Designers now about stuff like:  Art  Technology  Business  Consumer Trends  Nerd Stuff
  6. 6. Elements of User Design Touch (products and packaging) Hear (commercials and audio) Smell (scent of product or food) Interaction (digital interfaces and mobile apps)  As technology improves we are better able to integrate each of the elements of user design in new ways. Imagine how the internet has opened doors and possibilities!
  7. 7. What UX Design Involves Creativity  Time Management Prototyping  Surveys User Research  Flow Charts Scenarios  Marketing Usability Testing  Psychology Art  Design Web design  Interviews Business  Organization
  8. 8. What makes a gooddesign? A product that has a good design will almost always please customers GOOD DESIGN = GOOD EXPERIENCE
  9. 9. The Pyramid of UX
  10. 10. Things to Avoid When designing a product with the user in mind sometimes we over do it. Here are some things Ux designers should keep in mind.  Feature Creep!  Design Conflicts  Target Audience  Cost
  11. 11. UX VISUAL DESIGNELEMENTS Contrast Balance Movement Consistency Utility
  12. 12. Working With Companies Every company has a different agenda and different principles that will effect the UX design process  If you were designing a new bottle or web page for Cokeacola what constraints would you have ○ Color? ○ Shape? ○ Context?
  13. 13. A Day at the Office When working with a company it may be necessary for an UX designer to take on multiple roles. Business love money and hiring extra help is costly. This is why it is important for UX designers to have multiple talents and skill sets to be successful
  14. 14. UX TECHNOLOGY The advancement of technology has opened doors to ux design that were impossible before. With computers we have new ways of making products/web pages that can be used to do many things.  Sell products  Provide Services  Share Information
  15. 15. UX Web designers UX web designers need to be aware of all the principles of good design. They also need to know how to code across multiple formats  HTML (5)  FLASH  AJAX  JAVA SCRIPT
  16. 16. UX Designer Wisdom If you built it they will come Projects should never be forgotten, they should be used as spring boards or inspiration for new projects. We all benefit from UX design.