Landmark College Hurricane Sandy Relief Team


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In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Landmark College students expressed an immediate interest in participating in service based relief efforts.
With the support of the College and efforts of organizer Meghan Benzel, a Landmark College Alumna, a three day Relief Program was organized Nov. 16 – 18. During their 48 hours in Rockaway, New York, the Landmark College Sandy Relief Team demolished six homes, rebuilt three storage sheds, and donated 17 bags of clothing, four bags of blankets, five pounds of food, three cases of water, and six cases of soda. They saved one woman from being evicted, provided daycare for five children, and fed six families. Most importantly, they gave residents hope and listened to their tear-filled stories.
Here are a few highlights from their service program. For the full story and to learn more about Landmark College find us at

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Landmark College Hurricane Sandy Relief Team

  1. 1. Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Trip Rockaway, New YorkNovember 16th-18th, 2012
  2. 2. Demolishing housesand assisting in first aid!
  3. 3. Moving a shed that floated 5 feet from it’s original home… Remnants of whatused to be a popular burger restaurant.
  4. 4. Parry & Jared gettingpumped for the day!Elan tried an M.R.E. lunch… Her face says it all.
  5. 5. This is what is left of 2 homes. Thefamilies evacuated before the storm hit, leaving 2 dogs and 3 cats behind…
  6. 6. The Hurricane SandyFamily having fun after a long day of service..
  7. 7. Mackenzie asking us if she could help us out…
  8. 8. Removing sheetrock,drywall, tiles, and much more…
  9. 9. 15 minute lunch break…Then off to the next site!
  10. 10. Parry & Pat removed 24 cats from 1 room.
  11. 11. Officer Brown gives a thumbs up!
  12. 12. Jared & Officer Brown sweeping up debris…
  13. 13. In 2 days we….• Demolished 6 homes• Rebuilt 3 storage sheds• Donated 17 bags of clothing• Donated 4 bags of blankets• Donated 5 lbs. of food• Saved 1 woman from being evicted• Cared for 5 children• Cleaned 24 cats and their homes• Fed 6 families• Donated 3 cases of water• Donated 6 cases of soda• Gave residents hope & listened to their cries
  14. 14. But most importantly… We became family.
  15. 15. Volunteers• Aaron Kahn-Bork,• Matt Brown• Sharon Smith• Jessica Brockway• Parry Kring• Elan Varella• Meg Benzel• Katie Godowski• Cole Moriarty• Jared Roberts• Pat Hamel