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Aerial Wall Mural Installation


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How to install an aerial wall mural. The mini single panel version is outlined in this deck.

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Aerial Wall Mural Installation

  2. 2. TOOLS & SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED Hammer 1 5/8” panel board nails (4) Level Pencil
  3. 3. DETERMINE THE MURAL LOCATION (1) 1) Determine the desired center point for your mural location. 2) From the center mark, mark 12” on each side using your pencil and level. 3) Draw your top mark line for the mural. (1) (2) (2)
  4. 4. PLACE THE MURAL (1) 1) Using the top mark line, place your mural on the wall. 2) Since most ceilings are not level, make any placement adjustments so the mural will look level within the room.
  5. 5. HANG THE MURAL 1) Place a nail in each top corner of the mural and drive in the nails. (See tip about nail placement) 2) Place nails in the two bottom corners of the mural. Your mural should be fully secure at this point. You may add more nails if necessary. The small nail head will be almost impossible to see within the mural. TIP: Place the nail in a portion of the mural with a similar color as the nail.