perspectives:02 - Landis+Gyr & Toshiba joining forces for smarter energy management


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How to transform a system that was built on one-way flows of power from large,
centralized power plants to a multi-directional, dynamic electricity supply system?
That’s the million dollar question for many players in the energy industry at the moment.

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perspectives:02 - Landis+Gyr & Toshiba joining forces for smarter energy management

  1. 1. perspectives:02 Joining forces for smarter energy management How to transform a system that was built on one-way flows of power from large, centralized power plants to a multi-directional, dynamic electricity supply system? That’s the million dollar question for many players in the energy industry at the moment. More on page 4 Innovative services for customers Page 8 Steering the transition Page 10 Bringing intelligence to transformer stations Page 12
  2. 2. Message from the editors Welcome to the second issue of perspectives – the joint Toshiba and Landis+Gyr newspaper at this year’s European Utility Week. A lot has happened since our first joint participation back in 2011. We have been continuously Takeshi Yokota Jon Stretch looking into the best way to pool our combined forces and knowledge for smarter energy management solutions to help our customers to master their challenges. This led us to the creation of a Smart Grid Solution Centre for EMEA which is embedded in the heart of Germany, a country with a major future potential in smart metering and smart grids. At the new competence centre, a team of smart metering solution experts from Landis+Gyr as well as smart grid solution specialists and system engineers from Toshiba are designing innovative smart grid applications tailored to customer needs across EMEA. This includes energy management systems, renewables integration, battery energy systems, Demand Response, grid metering and monitoring as well as finding synergies for both installed and future advanced metering infrastructures. This issue of perspectives will give you a taste of the latest development of our joint solutions and projects. Experience the power of our joint forces live and visit us at our stand A11 (Hall 1)! Enjoy and have a pleasant reading! Takeshi Yokota Executive Officer Corporate Vice President Social Infrastructure Systems Company Toshiba Corporation Jon Stretch Executive Vice President EMEA, Landis+Gyr
  3. 3. Table of Contents Joining forces for smarter energy management Page 4 European Utility Week in brief Page 6 Offering innovative services to customers while reducing overall cost Page 8 Steering the transition Page 10 Bringing intelligence to transformer stations Page 12 Did you know? Page 14 Innovation across the board Page 16 Battery Energy Storage System Page 18 Joint S650 Smart Grid Terminal live demo Page 18 Secure Communications with smart grid solution Gridstream Page 19 Gridstream end-to-end solution portfolio extended to G3 PLC Page 19 3
  4. 4. Joining forces for smarter energy management How to transform a system that was built on one-way flows of power from large, centralized power plants to a multi-directional, dynamic electricity supply system? That’s the million dollar question for many players in the energy industry at the moment. There is no single answer but what’s already becoming clear is that a lot of the development is going to take place in the distribution network. The transformation won’t be quick and easy, but it will come. We are already seeing substantial growth of distributed generation, solar and wind power. Accordingly, we are already being confronted with challenges such as reversed power flows and voltage fluctuation. Mastering these challenges requires a dynamic sensory, control and information system: smart metering as well as solutions for the power grid operation, i.e. the creation of a smart grid. Toshiba and Landis+Gyr have joined forces, portfolio and expertise to boost their ability to offer additional solutions enabling their customers to master today’s and tomorrow’s crucial challenges. Currently, our focus is on key areas like substation automation and renewables integration, energy efficient street lighting and Direct Load Control. With Gridstream®, Landis+Gyr offers a future ready, endto-end smart grid solution that combines metering, communications, network management, software, grid and consumer applications, and professional services in a single secure and integrated platform. Landis+Gyr also provides solutions (e.g. with the Smart Grid Terminal S650) enabling energy balancing, transformer monitoring, as well as street light monitoring and control. In the micro 4
  5. 5. generation segment, Toshiba contributes a Micro Energy Management System offering voltage reactive power control, power flow control and energy efficiency optimization, thereby solving the problems expected to arise in MV and LV grids. “Think globally, act locally” The smart metering and smart grid markets are characterized by two opposing forces: globalization and local requirements. The proliferation, standardization and even commoditization of technology knows no national or regional boundaries. At the same time, electricity metering is still a local business, and our customers, the distribution network operators, tend to be companies with strong local roots, each with their own requirements and characteristics. At Toshiba and Landis+Gyr, we are well equipped to deal successfully with both directions of the development. On the one hand, Toshiba and Landis+Gyr are global companies, with a worldwide footprint, allowing them to be at the forefront of smart grid developments across the globe. Nevertheless, Landis+Gyr maintains strong local organizations in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) which are intimately familiar with our customers in their respective countries. We know about our local customers’ needs and challenges and can respond to them with the resources of a world leader in smart metering. Showcasing solutions All product and solution highlights – especially Landis+Gyr’s latest Gridstream release, the broad range of applications by the S650, Toshiba’s Micro Energy Management System solution as well as the Landis+Gyr and Toshiba expertise and collaborative efforts in the smart grid area – will be showcased during the European Utility Week 2013 at our booth (hall 1, booth A11). We are also looking forward to sharing insights during our presentations in the conference program and Information and Technology Platform of European Utility Week 2013. n 5
  6. 6. D38 European Utility Week in brief Where to find us 1.C04 1.D35 1.D34 1.D28 1.D26 1.D22 1.D18 1.D16 1.D14 1.C17 1.C31 1.C27 1.C23 1.C19 1.C15 1.C07 1.C13 1.C01 1.B06 1.B04 1.C06 1.C09 1.C11 1.B35 1.B15 1.B09c 1.B09a 1.B01 1.C05 1.B19 1.B27 1.B11 1.B07b 1.A04 1.B34 1.B30 1.A03 1.A31 1.B20 1.B18 1.B16 1.A27 1.A35 1.B03 1.B02 1.B31 B39 1.A23 1.B14 1.A19 1.A02 We are here! 1.A01 1.A15 1 1.A11 1.A09 1.A00 Registration 39 1.C03 1.C00 1.C35 1.C39 1.B38 1.D08 1.D12 1.D10 1.D04 1.D07 1.D06 1.D32 1.D30 1.D36 1.D09 1.D05 Exhibition Entrance Conference Area Visit us at stand A11 (Hall 1). 6
  7. 7. Landis+Gyr & Toshiba Conference Presentations Tuesday October 15, 16:20 Smart Metering – where do we stand? Panel Session: Developing the tools to help define the right business model Andreas Umbach, President and CEO, Landis+Gyr Wednesday October 16, 9:20 ICT & Data Management: Analytics and new technologies for data management Managing big data – how to turn data into knowledge Richard Haagensen, Head of Smart Grid and Business Strategy, Landis+Gyr; John Galloway, Executive VP Business Development, Landis+Gyr Wednesday October 16, 16:00 Renewable Integration & Storage: Renewable grid integration and storage project experiences Global pilot projects results in grid scale battery energy storage applications Toshiaki Asano, Senior Manager, Toshiba Corporation Wednesday October 16, 16:40 Smart T&D Infrastructures: Grid control & Outage management systems Metering and Controlling the network for streetlights in a Smart Grid Henk Fidder, Expert Asset Management, Stedin, The Netherlands; Andreas Thürig, Head of Product Management ICG, Landis+Gyr Thursday October 17, 10:00 Smart T&D Infrastructures: T&D interconnection, congestion, ancillary services and capacity management Full list of presentations and further information about us at European Utility Week: Innovative capacity management with frequency regulation for enhanced grid operations Katsutoshi Toda, Chief Technology Executive, Toshiba Corporation Innovation and Technology Platform Presentations Plaza 3, Wednesday, 16 October, 10:30 Latest on smart grid technologies Plaza 1, Wednesday, 16 October, 16:00 Smart metering 2.0 technologies Demand response based virtual power plants for utilities- optimizing the energy value chain Marko Svetina, VP Strategy and Alliances, cyberGRID GmbH(A TOSHIBA group company) How to measure the energy when voltage and current are no longer analogue values: Newest trend in substation metering, utilizing sampled values according IEC 61850-9-2 for today’s AC- and future HVDC metering Jakob Widmer, Product Manager, Industrial, Commercial and Grid Metering, Landis+Gyr Plaza 1, Wednesday, 16 October, 14:00 Smart metering 2.0 technologies Extending Smart Metering to Dynamic Load Management: Solutions beyond smart metering Daniel Aepli, Head of Product Management, Business Line Load Management, Landis+Gyr Plaza 3, Thursday, 17 October, 10:30 Renewable integration & energy storage solutions Advanced MV and LV grid solutions for renewable society Shinji Yurino, Assistant to General Manager, Grid Solutions Promotion Div., Toshiba Corporation 7
  8. 8. Offering innovative services to customers while reducing overall cost Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) enable electricity suppliers to save money for their customers if the overall power production and distributed generation capacities are intelligently meeting the instant demand. This can only happen if the energy value chain is fully optimized by allowing remote management of distributed generation and loads for brief periods of time. Power suppliers can use aggregated capacity to optimize the electricity schedule and minimize their imbalance costs or to trade on ancillary services market. VPP control center at Elektro Ljubljana 8 Austrian-based company cyberGRID, new member of the Toshiba Group, teamed up with Elektro Ljubljana d.d. to tackle this challenge. Integrating Landis+Gyr smart meters with cyberGRID VPP technology, the project shows how a forwardthinking utility uses the potential of VPP technology in an intelligent and comprehensive way. cyberGRID deployed a VPP system for Elektro Ljubljana with a capacity of over 60 MWs. Elektro Ljubljana is the largest utility in Slovenia, delivering electricity to about 350,000 customers.
  9. 9. “Our mission is to supply competitive and top-quality environmentally friendly electric energy to our customers. VPPs enable us to provide our customers with several innovative solutions in order to decrease their energy costs,” says Igor Podbelšek, CEO of Elektro energija d.o.o. – a power supply company within the Elektro Ljubljana Group. VPPs are one of the major building blocks of electricity networks of the future and can be deployed on a GW-scale at the utility level. Advanced computer systems allow power suppliers to manage their growing share of unpredictable renewable sources, energy storage and flexible consumption efficiently. Aggregation of different distributed resources (including consumption) can efficiently replace or complement traditional peaking power plants. VPP principles of operation can be diverse: from the simplest management of energy production units, through market or subsidy-driven demand response, distributed generation and energy storage management, to heating networks, micro-grids or any combination of all of these. Igor Podbelšek sees the deployment of VPPs as one of the crucial steps towards an environmentally friendly and fully optimized energy value chain. “Integrating existing, already deployed smart metering into a fully functional VPP lays a solid foundation for advanced customer services that significantly contribute to overall energy value chain optimization.” n More about the work of Elektro Ljubljana and cyberGRID on VPPs at European Utility Week: Wednesday, 16 October; 11:40-12:00 AM, Smart T&D infrastructures – Commercial and Industrial Demand Response, “Integrating Demand Response in cross-border balancing markets”, Uršula Krisper, Head of Advanced Services Department, Elektro Ljubljana,, Slovenia Or on our stand A11 (Hall 1) 9
  10. 10. Steering the transition Landis+Gyr realized a smart metering project for a Finnish customer, setting another milestone on the path to the European smart grid. With the help of Landis+Gyr, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy has rolled out more than 60,000 smart meters in one and a half years. For the ambitious project, to be realized under sometimes challenging climatic conditions, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy needed a comprehensive solution including the delivery of 62,000 meters. The organization also needed a strategy for merging the existing metering infrastructure and communications technology. Landis+Gyr developed and delivered a turnkey solution including maintenance Oulu, Northern Finland’s boomtown 10
  11. 11. and operating services as well as reading services. Based in Oulu, Northern Finland’s technological boomtown well known for its science parks, research institutes and universities, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy forms part of the Oulun Energia Group. It delivers services spanning the entire energy supply chain and it realizes this feat with a team of just 44 employees managing a network of more than 2,500 km of power lines. Best in Class Customer Service Like all Finnish energy companies, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy has been obligated to ensure that 80% of its 90,000 metering points are remotely readable by the end of 2013. In 2011, as part of a successful pilot scheme, some 28,000 customers were already using Landis+Gyr electricity smart meters. The following mass rollout was concluded in May this year, beating the deadline by a generous margin. Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy can now run a comprehensive feedback system and enables customers to monitor their energy consumption online. This service upgrade has been met with great acceptance. More than 30,000 customers have already registered on the Energiatili platform that provides an hour-by-hour consumption history. The new technology does shed some light on the specific characteristics of the Nordic market, too, however: “It can cause upsets in wintertime, when the electric heating is reflected on the bill”, says Mikko Rasi, the DSO´s Development Manager. “But beyond that, the need for real-time monitoring and immediate feedback is undisputable.” Due to its strong focus on customer services, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy was ranked among the three best electricity utility suppliers in a customer survey commissioned by the Finnish Energy Industry in 2012. The successful rollout is an important milestone on the path to the smart grid, but there is still room for further development in Oulu, Europe largest northernmost city; the transition from distribution networks into smart grids is an evolution over time. n 11
  12. 12. Bringing intelligence to transformer stations Dutch energy company Stedin upgrades its distribution network infrastructure with a street lighting solution that enables the smart grid at the transformer station level. Stedin needed a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution to replace the place out-dated centralized control system (CS). Landis+Gyr delivered and helped to install two S650 Smart Grid Terminals at each of the 75 transformer stations in the Houten area. Stedin is one of the main distribution service operators in the Netherlands: it serves 2.1 million customers, which means it’s responsible for about 4 million electricity and gas meters. Before the rollout of the Smart Grid Terminals, Dutch utility ENEXIS and Landis+Gyr successfully completed a pilot which demonstrated how the Landis+Gyr technology facilitates tracking and monitoring of transformer stations and street lights. The S650 Smart Grid Terminal collects data from the transformer station and switches the tariffs for meters that are not remotely readable yet. Street Level Satisfaction The positive effects of replacing the rather old-fashioned system with a modern, networked infrastructure became immediately apparent during the first installation phase. ”It had a huge impact on customer satisfaction,” says Henk Fidder, Expert Asset Manager at Stedin. “With the CS, any defect would affect a large area and we received too many complaints. Now, we receive information about problems a lot more quickly and are able to respond much faster. System reliability increased significantly.” He also points to an increased need to integrate renewable energy, especially solar, as a driver for the update of Stedin’s technology. “Now, we need to know what’s happening in the low voltage network and the old system simply can’t supply this information.” 12
  13. 13. Step by step, Landis+Gyr and Stedin are realizing the rollout together and thoroughly review the process after each milestone. The successful collaboration and the large scale rollout are the result of solid preparation and extensive testing under laboratory conditions. Ten devices were tested for a period of two months before the first installation phase started. “As trusted partner, we wanted to deliver an innovative, tailormade solution based on our proven technology,” says Tjakko Kruit, Landis+Gyr’s Commercial Director in the Netherlands. Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam The S650 also helps optimize energy consumption and facilitates maintenance as well as relamping. Both the data collected from the households and from the streetlight are used for network monitoring. This combination provides a valid database to calculate net losses, failures are detected immediately and any significant disturbance can be tracked. “In the past, we had to count the number of street lights and estimated consumption,” explains Fidder. With the Smart Grid Terminal, the Dutch energy provider has an easy way to track the energy consumption of the street light. n More about the project at European Utility Week: Wednesday, 16 October; 4:40 PM, Smart T&D Infrastructures: Grid control & Outage management systems, “Metering and Controlling the network for streetlights in a Smart Grid”, Henk Fidder, Expert Asset Management, Stedin, The Netherlands, Andreas Thürig, Head of Product Management ICG, Landis+Gyr Or on our stand A11 (Hall 1) 13
  14. 14. Did you know? Energy has to do with more than just wires, transformers and power plants. It keeps the world moving. Get ready for some marvelous and surprising facts from the people from Toshiba and Landis+Gyr at EUW 2013. ...the sun gives off more energy in one second than people have used from the beginning of time …a typical PC left on all the time produces 0.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually …with 4% of the world’s desert area, photovoltaics could supply the equivalent of all of the world’s electricity 14
  15. 15. …by 2030, world energy consumption is expected to increase by more than 55% ...the red lightbulb atop the Empire State Building serving as a warning for planes has recently been replaced with an energy-saving one …the largest wind turbine in the world, located in Hawaii, stands 20 stories tall and has blades the length of a football field …to date, Landis+Gyr has installed over 7.5 million smart meters across EMEA only …about 1.3 billion people, or 20% of the world’s population, were living without any access to electricity in 2012 15
  16. 16. Innovation across the board The latest release of the Gridstream solution offers a whole portfolio of benefits and upgrades for Landis+Gyr customers. Features of the next release include a number of technological advancements in the existing solution offering: extended industrial & commercial meter support, the IEC interface in the Gridstream HES to enable easy integration and the launch of new services for improved system performance. Landis+Gyr also introduces a powerful new component to bring intelligence to the distribution network – the S650 Smart Grid Terminal. 16
  17. 17. Installed in distribution network transformer stations, the S650 Smart Grid Terminal can help to significantly prolong the life cycle of this sophisticated and expensive equipment, by providing crucial information about the strain conditions on the transformer itself, so that preventive maintenance can be made. The S650 can also act as a node in a decentralized network that controls public street light. Dutch energy company Stedin is in the process of rolling out S650 terminals to use both functionalities. Major advantages are available when S650 is linked with residential smart metering: via reference measurements it can identify and measure technical and non-technical power losses with higher precision than previously possible. As an integrated part of the Gridstream solution, S650 extensive functionality set is now enabled by Gridstream AIM, the software system that forms the backbone of Landis+Gyr’s smart grid solution. Engaging customers A variety of new services are available for the Landis+Gyr customers after a successful smart meter rollout of their Gridstream solution. They include Gridstream Maintenance Service and System Health Check, and Integration and Reporting services – all designed for improved system performance. Services provide also flexibility to utility’s resource planning, as temporary resources and capabilities are available to support the daily system operation. Last year, Landis+Gyr introduced a new Customer Initiative Program (CIP) to engage customers in the product development process. Throughout the year, product enhancement requests were collected from existing system customers, then prioritized and implemented by the Landis+Gyr Research & Development team based on simple customer voting. As a result, the upcoming Gridstream solution release will include a series of system enhancements in network and smart metering operations, such as usability improvements in searching and viewing metering point information n 17
  18. 18. Battery Energy Storage System Toshiba’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) uses lithium ion battery technology with excellent characteristics such as high resistance to thermal runaway and very small capacity loss even after 10,000 full charge discharge cycles with 3C (Max) operation and good cryogenic performance at -30 degree C. Toshiba’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) The BESS is a flexible, fully integrated and grid-interconnect-ready energy storage system. It can be easily configured to meet various customers’ needs with various scales from kWh to MWh. With the high output/input performance and long life cycle of Toshiba’s batteries, Toshiba’s BESS will be a good fit not only for the application of frequency regulation in the bulk power system but also for the stable power system operation under the circumstance of large amount of renewable integration. The typical applications of this BESS are frequency regulation service, power quality management of distribution grid, investment deferral by peak shift / cut, power supply in case of network islanding, and EV charging management. n Joint S650 Smart Grid Terminal live demo In the spirit of presenting combined Landis+Gyr and Toshiba’s expertise and collaborative efforts in the smart grid area, we’ve joined forces to showcase a live demo environment on our booth at European Utility Week with the S650 Smart Grid Terminal as a common component. The demo consists of two zones with designated functionalities. On the MV/LV grid management side, you will experience network stability and voltage regulation functions, such as Voltage Var Control (VVC) and capacity management, among other use cases. In the other part of the demo, we will demonstrate benefits of the smart distribution substation automation, such as LV transformer monitoring and smart operation of street lights, based on the existing smart grid pilot realized by Landis+Gyr for the Dutch utility Stedin. n 18
  19. 19. Secure Communications with smart grid solution Gridstream Landis+Gyr has taken on the challenge of providing secure smart metering and smart grid solutions, and is releasing a new version of Gridstream with secure data communication channels between the smart meter and head end system. Landis+Gyr has worked together with industry associations, standards bodies and an internationally proven supplier of secure systems, including industry association IDIS and data security giant SafeNet to deliver an energy management system that enhances the security of information passing over the networks used for smart meter communications. IDIS compliant PLC and P2P meters are intrinsically “secure by design” through well-established DLMS-COSEM communication protocols. Utilities will benefit from the combination of interoperable future-ready devices and a high level of communication security. The first secure Gridstream solution package will be deployed as a part of Landis+Gyr’s smart metering infrastructure for Elektrilevi, Estonia. n Gridstream end-to-end solution portfolio extended to G3 PLC Communication technology is evolving at a high speed, and Landis+Gyr is closely following this evolution to be able to address customer’s existing and future needs and secure utilities’ long-term investments, while enhancing infrastructure intelligence. With an installed base of over 40 million metering points in Europe, PLC is the prevailing communication technology. OFDM PLC technology is already gaining reach across Europe thanks to its robust performance and optimized TCO (total cost of ownership) per installed meter. Landis+Gyr supports a range of industry initiatives, including IDIS, PRIME Alliance, and G3 PLC Alliance, aimed at promoting robust OFDM PLC based technology to the energy utilities. Following new IDIS recommendations with regard to the next smart meter communication specification, Landis+Gyr will enhance its Gridstream end-toend offering with the G3 PLC technology. G3 specification uses OFDM powerline communication technology for data transmission and is primarily intended to function in CENELEC A band (3 – 95 kHz). Furthermore, G3 offers the possibility to migrate to a higher frequency range, resulting in up to 10 times more bandwidth. n 19
  20. 20. Imprint This newsletter is published by Toshiba Corporation Social Infrastructure Systems Company 1–1 Shibaura 1-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-8001, Japan Landis+Gyr AG Theilerstrasse 1 6301 Zug, Switzerland Photography: Title: © 2012 Elektro Ljubljana d.d. All rights reserved; istockphoto©srugina; Stedin Netbeheer B.V. Page 2: © 2013 Toshiba Corporation, All rights reserved; Landis+Gyr AG Page 8: © 2012 Elektro Ljubljana d.d. All rights reserved Page 10: istockphoto©srugina Page 13: Stedin Netbeheer B.V. Page 14, 15: © 2013 Toshiba Corporation, All rights reserved; Landis+Gyr AG Page 16: Landis+Gyr AG Page 18: © 2013 Toshiba Corporation, All rights reserved Editorial and Layout: Landis+Gyr AG, Switzerland; Toshiba ­ orporation, Japan; C Seidl PR & Marketing, Germany