Sahara India Finance Double Your Investment in 5 yrs and 11 months contact 9212376688


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Double Your Investment in 5 yrs and 11 months contact us at 9212376688 (delhi no)

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Sahara India Finance Double Your Investment in 5 yrs and 11 months contact 9212376688

  1. 1. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  2. 2. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  3. 3. In business profit earnings and overall growth of business get the highest priority and are certainly creditable, but ultimate credibility of business enterprise, particularly of larger ones is in the utilisation of profit, be it for best possible upliftment of its workforce and for espousing Social, National Development causes or for rendering services to mankind as a whole. Fulfilling the Qualitative aspect of utilisation of profit, the world's largest family ‘Sahara India Pariwar' is proud to have reached today new horizons of growth and development. On the basis of our philosophy of Collective Materialism we have always given importance to the fact that profit earning is the Quantitative aspect whereas the proper utilisation of profit is the Qualitative aspect. Ironically, we only recognise and get recognised by the Quantitative aspect. I, therefore earnestly appeal to one and all in Politics, Media, Business etc. that every action, reaction, selection, appreciation or criticism should be oriented strictly towards the Qualitative aspect. I appeal to anybody and everybody to accord top priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for peaceful, prosperous and progressive co- existence of mankind anywhere and everywhere. Today, I feel proud of the fact that I am the Guardian of the World's largest family. Perhaps, I am the world's only person whose family is so vast, so disciplined, so dedicated and so committed. Such a vast family as Sahara India Pariwar has a grand and infinite future and I am sure that we will sustain our duty, consciousness, discipline and dutifulness with a sense of dedication, as we have always done in the past, so that together we could build an India full of energy and radiance. "Saharasri" Subrata Roy Sahara Managing Worker & Chairman Sahara India Pariwar My Biggest Achievement of Life "I'm very proud to be the Guardian of The World's Largest Family"
  4. 4. SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR'S PHILOSOPHY "Collective Materialism" In any human relationship, it becomes imperative to take into consideration the materialistic aspect of life -we do so but by giving it second priority. The first priority is given to emotional aspect and with perfect blending of materialism with emotionalism results in continuous collective growth for collective sharing and caring, that gives an impetus to our philosophy - " COLLECTIVE MATERIALISM ". Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  5. 5. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  6. 6. No Trade Union In this emotionally integrated family, " Nobody has ever felt the need for a Trade Union and it does not exist.“ Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  7. 7. Emotion Discipline Duty No Discrimination Quality Give Respect Self Respect Truth Collective Materialism Religion Absolute Honesty Emotion is in Performance of genuine duties towards the loved ones primarily in their benefit, from their point of view. EMOTION is THE KEY that generates the required energy and enthusiasm for desired quality performance. The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by the rightful authority.v The enthusiastic obedience of laws and orders, which are given by our CONSCIENCE. Never should we discriminate in any of our actions, reactions, attitudes, decisions, conclusions, in any of our expressions while caring for the six healths of other human beings, namely physical, material, mental, emotional, social and professional healths. Results from honouring Rules, Regulations, Commitments, Values, Fairness, Performance of Duties by honestly balancing one's own and others' reasonable point of view in the matters of Material & Emotional aspects. To definitely make others feel important and respected by giving sincere regard to others' feelings, reasonable wishes & thoughts with an open and receptive mind and warmth. To develop a sense of respect for oneself in others' mind, i.e. to generate genuine & warm feelings for oneself among others on a continuous basis. Means total transparency in action, reaction, attitude and all other expressions and the conviction to follow the right course. Means to progress and prosper together for collective sharing and caring and not individually or for a select group. There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is NATIONALITY. We may practise our religions in the confines of our homes, but outside, we should be Indians and only Indians. ‘Bharatiyata' or Nationalism thus becomes our supreme religion. People generally manipulate and deceive for achieving their unreasonable desires and greed if others do not or cannot see, hear or understand. But we firmly believe that our mind inside knows the truth and we should be absolute honest to our mind inside and accordingly our actions, reactions, directions, decisions and all our expressions should be present in all human dealings. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications WE CHASE QUALITY, QUANTITY CHASES US Core Commitments - Our Strength For a Life Long wonderful, peaceful & happy relationship between two individuals, it needs continuous and enthusiastic give and take of two facts. (i) Give & Take of genuine respect. (2) Give & Take of genuine duty performances towards each other.
  8. 8. Corporate Social Responsibility Sahara India Pariwar is committed to make determined efforts to help India emerge as a developed nation. It has always acted as a catalyst in the developmental projects of the country. The amount spent for various Social, Developmental, Cultural & Sports Programmes by Sahara India Pariwar by June, 2010 is ` 1085 crore approx. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  9. 9. There is a religion higher than religion itself - it is the INDIAN NATIONALITY. The swirl of the Tricolour never fails to move a Sahara Worker. For we believe, it is the great feeling that transcends all castes, creed and sects. Bharat Parva is celebrated on every 26th of January and 15th of August with a spirit and gaiety rarely seen. It comes from our heart. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  10. 10. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  11. 11. Sahara Utsav Yatra (Year 2002) was the journey with "Bharat Mata" to catalyse the feeling of nationalism within every Indian, a tribute to the supreme religion of all Indians- "Bharatiyata". It was also conceived as a platform to generate awareness amongst the masses for the five issues that are crucial for the nation's development today - Population Explosion, Education, Religion, Role of Media and Elections and to bring about peace, harmony, amity and brotherhood across the nation. The Yatra encompassed more than 24,000 km., covering over 400 destinations across India in two phases. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  12. 12. Sahara Utsav Yatra Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  13. 13. Sahara Welfare Foundation, the social development unit of Sahara India Pariwar, is engaged in social welfare projects, alleviating people's sufferings and bringing to them new rays of hope and a brighter tomorrow. The projects of Sahara Welfare Foundation focus on women and disabled who are socially and economically marginalised and deprived people and communities irrespective of age, caste, class, gender or race are able to participate actively in the process of their development so that they may lead a life of dignity and respect. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  14. 14. "I Thank Sahara India Pariwar for taking up the responsibility of 300 Kargil martyrs' families. I believe more such institutions and families will come forward to fulfill their duty towards the nation. " Former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  15. 15. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  16. 16. SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR The biggest patron of sports in India Adoption of more than 95 promising sportspersons from 6 Olympic disciplines, namely Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Archery, Track and Field and Tennis until and after the Olympics in London in 2012 with a view to help India claim more medals in the international sporting arena. The discipline of Volleyball has also been adopted. Our adopted sportsperson won 42 medals at the Commonwealth Games and 20 medals at the Asian Games, both of which were held in 2010. Also supporting the National Championships of Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting and Archery. Sponsorer of the Indian men’s and women’s Hockey Teams. Acquired the sponsorship of the Indian Cricket Team for the third consecutive time. Owner of the coveted IPL Franchise – Pune Warriors India its team which debuted in the 4th Season of the tournament held in 2011. Sponsorer of the Calcutta Football League Asia’s oldest football league. Recently purchased an equal majority stake in the Formula 1 team Force India which was subsequently renamed as Sahara Force India. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  17. 17. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  18. 18. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Motto Where honesty is the foundation, justice is the ultimate reward. No delay in Response - No denial in justice. Vision Statement of Hon'ble Saharasri Ji “To ensure that the interests of the Pariwar are kept paramount and justice prevails in every sphere and at all levels to safeguard the interests of all Kartavyayogi Karyakartas” Core Commitments Honesty - We would be honest in all our action, reactions, decisions and conclusion. As rightly said by Hon’ble Saharasri Ji “Rights are given to perform duties and not for meeting false egos,whims, fancies and greeds.” No Discrimination - We believe in giving justice, fair treatment to all Kartavyayogi Karyakartas irrespective of cadre, designation, gender, caste, age, creed etc. Justice Consciousness - We would strive to ensure justice to all in our commitment to strengthen the core work spheres and address the legitimate rights and needs of anybody and everybody. Human Management - To accord top priority to Qualitative aspect in anything and everything for the peaceful, prosperous and progressive co-existence of all our Kartavyayogi Kartyakartas as always emphasized by our Hon’ble Guardian. SAHARYAN FORUM Contact Details Sahara Shaher, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, UP -226010 Toll Free - 1800-180-5205, Fax - 522-2301895 Email –,
  19. 19. A 35-year old Sahara India Pariwar is full of youthful energies, undying passion and relentless dedication. A powerhouse of confidence and determination to achieve quantitative success through qualitative performance. All set to move ahead toward an unbelievably great and glorious golden jubilee. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  20. 20. FINANCIAL SCHEMES Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications FINANCE
  21. 21. SAHARA INDIA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED : The first wholly Indian Owned Private Life Insurance Company. It offers an exhaustive range of competitive products/plans that caters to everyone from all segments along with prompt and quality customer services and support. Mutual Fund SAHARA ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED : Sahara Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd. is a professional Mutual Fund House which manages 16 Mutual Fund Schemes in both Equity and Debt Segments. The Schemes have shown consistent and noteworthy performances. Sahara Banking & Financial Services Fund has been adjudged the Best Performing Banking Sector Fund over a 3-year Performance by the International Agency “Lippers.” The team follows a disciplined and professional approach in delivering high quality and consistent performances. Housing Finance SAHARA HOUSINGFINA CORPORATION LIMITED : A National Housing Bank regulated & BSE listed company targeting to meet the finance needs for housing all over the country. It serves its clientele through attractive and competitive home loan schemes. In India, housing finance market is around Rs. 1,90,000 Crore (approx.) with a growth rate of around 20% (approx.) CAGR [Compounded Annual Growth Rate]. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Life Insurance FINANCE
  22. 22. INFRASTRUCTURE & HOUSING Aamby Valley City, Independent India’s First Planned Hill City is located amidst picturesque Sahayadri mountain range in the pristine Western Ghats & is spread across 10,600 acres.Planned by the best Master planners & architects of the world, the Lifestyle City offers best comfort Index with a pleasant & rejuvenating climate all round the year. The Valley of Peace & Happiness consists of 3 man-made lakes, 11 Water Bodies & boasts of 25 kms of shore length. The city prides itself in its fully functional, dedicated all weather Airport, and the world class infrastructure comes complete with eclectic Club Class conveniences including an Equestrian course, Aquatic bay for water sports, Adventure Zone 19º North, Fine dining, entertainment and Leisure Hubs. The crowning centerpiece is the 18-hole floodlit championship Golf course meandering over 256 acres of emerald turf with a fully equipped PGA Golf Academy to impart advanced professional training. A state-of-the-art Healthcare Management System is in place and the city is also home to International School Aamby [ISA], a fully residential Academic institution offering global curricula. The hill city also has a 3-tier security and crisis management system to ensure a relaxed, safe and secure environment.Within the picturesque environs, Aamby Valley City aesthetically combines the all-encompassing facets of luxurious living, business conveniences & conferences, leisure and recreation. Offering superlative lifestyle, the aspirational city has real estate options ranging from the furnished Timber Chalets, Contemporary Villas, Furnished Lifestyle Apartments, Venetian Styled Lakeside Homes, Elegant Golf Apartments and Luxurious Floating Villas. Each of these residences is superbly crafted and well appointed with eclectic pick of new-age fixtures, accessories and comforts. With a host of never imagined indulgences, Aamby Valley City, in an impeccable blend of a professional approach, aesthetic orientation and meticulous planning, offers the very best in premium, luxurious & high class living. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications ONE OF INDIA’S BEST AND THE LARGEST INFRASTRUCTURE & HOUSING COMPANY Total Land Bank of the Company: 33,633 acres
  23. 23. Mega Quality Townships SAHARA CITY HOMES: The world's largest chain of integrated townships ranging from approx. 80- 300 acres each offering amenities superbly matched to international standards being developed in a number of Tier-I, Tier-II & Tier-III cities across India. A Sahara City Homes Integrated township typically consists of a gated community with residential units in the form of apartment towers, townhouses and individual houses, offering the following facilities and amenities as per city potential :- Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Cont…
  24. 24. Mega Quality Townships Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  25. 25. Sahara Grace Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Premium residential complexes typically designed on 10-30 acres each, comprising solely of residential units like apartments, villas and penthouses.
  26. 26. Sahara Swapna City Aimed at the driving force of India, the Working Class, Sahara Swapna City is not only the quintessential “Indian Dream of owning a home” but enhanced to make the dream of “living a quality life” a reality. With the aim of providing affordable housing to 1% of the Indian population, Sahara Swapna City is planned over 367 cities with 1228 projects that will offer over 20 lakh homes. Spanning over 18 acres, each gated township will comprise studio apartments, 1 BHK and 2 BHK units spaced adequately to provide a comfortable living experience to its residents. The houses will be designed to allow maximum cross ventilation. The finishing and fittings of the units will be comparable to any product offered in the mid-market segment. Accessible at a highly affordable range between Rs. 5.31 lakhs – Rs. 17.21 lakhs, Sahara Swapna City plans to offer not merely houses but a host of value - added amenities. Each township will offer its residents with a wide range of amenities including 24X7 gated security, 50 – 100% power backup, a school, swimming pool, central park with floodlights hence playable day and night, health care centre, convenience store, community centre and club, greenery and regular bus transportation service to and from the city centre.
  27. 27. Hotel Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Sahara Star, the flagship hotel of Sahara India Pariwar, is one of India’s most desirable destinations. The 5-star hotel strategically located near Mumbai's domestic airport magnificently depicts Indian mysticism and culture, while personifying the country's progressive spirit blending peerless hospitality with ultra-modern technology. Hotel Sahara Star promises to enthrall the world with its sheer magnificence, an architectural phenomenon, a majestic landmark, a destination to be experienced in its entire splendor. The Hotel is a distinct yet contemporary destination which caters to the guest’s requirements with state of the art amenities, services & promotions.Sahara Star showcases the world’s largest-pillar-less- clear- to- sky - dome, an architectural landmark blending hospitality and entertainment to offer one of the most individualized hospitality experiences. Complemented by India's finest 4,000 sq ft Marine Aquarium which houses the world’s only Private Dinning Room inside a marine aquarium with its exquisite marine lives, the Hotel weaves together a dining facility amidst these aquatic wonders. The hotel also features the world's first 'hemisphere' three compound-curved custom designed all glass panoramic elevators rising in the exotic 55,000 sq.ft tropical lagoon – a feature that can’t be found anywhere else. Sahara Star Magnum Opus Phase, already underway, and poised for completion by June 2013, promises to bring to life a ‘first-of- its- kind' experience in the hospitality industry. Be it seminars, workshops, conferences or grand celebrations, Sahara Star’s banquets are an ideal choice. The Presidential boardroom is one of the city’s largest boardrooms, featuring technologically advanced facilities for the first time in India. The 77 people capacity presidential boardroom comprises four-screen barco projection system, Bosch digital congress network system, Voice-activated cameras, Ceiling mounted visualiser and multimedia documentation of proceedings.
  28. 28. GROSVENOR HOUSE, A JW Marriott Hotel, LONDON Frequented by royalty, celebrities and business leaders since its opening in 1929, the historic and iconic hotel, Grosvenor House, a JW Marriott Hotel was acquired by Sahara India Pariwar in December 2010. The plans are underway to make Grosvenor House, the most sought after destination of London with its time-honoured tradition of exceptional style, service and facilities.
  29. 29. A state-of-the-art, multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital providing world class facilities with more than 50 super specialities and latest generation equipments under one roof. This hospital is spread on approx. 27 acres with approx. 1 million sq. ft. built up area. Sahara Hospital got operational in February 2009 and is currently operating with 300 beds (including 130 bed Critical Care Infrastructure) and is expandable to 554 beds. Currently it is running with one of the biggest Critical Care Infrastructure supported with 7 Ultra Clean Operation Theatres with most advanced technologies like Portable CT Scan, Cardiac CT Scan and High End Operating Microscopes with a team of dedicated and renowned Clinicians and highly trained paramedics. Facilities for Radiation Oncology are under process and will be made available in the near future. Also, a training facility is being provided at the Sahara College of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences, which is affiliated to Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, Lucknow, recognized by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and approved by U.P. State Medical Faculty and the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Hospital
  30. 30. Residential & Commercial Building Projects Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Major housing & commercial building projects in India including malls & premium apartments.
  31. 31. POWER PROJECT Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Sahara India Pariwar is seeking to generate power via conventional as well as renewable methods and technology, and is entering the Power Sector through Sahara India Power Corporation Limited, (SIPCL). Its upcoming 1320 MW (2x660) Power Plant in Titilagarh is to be built on 950 acres in Balangir district in Odisha, with an investment of more than Rs. 8000 crores. It will be based on supercritical technology sourced from Korea East West Power Company Limited, owned by the Government of Korea, with whom it signed an MOA for this project. This technology reduces the effluents, mainly ash by 50% thus impacting the environment in a nominal way. In addition all the condensed fly ash will be used as per MOEF norms in ancilliary industries such as cement industry, brick making, fertilizer and even for land fills. The chimney height of 275 meters, a 320 acres green belt approximately 100 meter wide and a huge water reservoir of 11 lac cubic meters, all within the plant premises will ensure a minimum detrimental impact on the overall environment of the region. Through this project the company would be providing direct / indirect employment to around 2000 people of the area. Through the organisation’s CSR activities, SIPCL shall also endeavour to provide potable drinking water for the people of the surrounding villages, Mobile Health Units (MHUs) and Primary and Higher Secondary education for the people of Balangir district. Some other power projects are also in the pipeline and will be launched accordingly.
  32. 32. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Entertainment Channel SAHARA ONE: 24 hours digitally encrypted Entertainment Channel spread globally providing a strong mix of fiction and non-fiction entertainment. It is popular for its wholesome family entertainment programmes, dramas, mythological series and much more. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  33. 33. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Movie Channel FILMY: 24 hours digitally encrypted Hindi Movie Channel, which aims to offer movies with a dose of fun and lighter moments. FIRANGI: 24 hours movie channel showing world cinema dubbed in Hindi. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications http://
  34. 34. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY MOTION PICTURES PRODUCTION SAHARA MOTION PICTURES : A platform for unique and quality cinema in its quest to entertain all kind of audiences with big budget blockbusters as well as medium budget quality cinema. It has produced over 35 films and has won 5 national awards. VISUAL EFFECTS STUDIO : Golden Line Studios Private Limited (formerly known as Geon Studios Private Limited), situated at SEEPZ - SEZ, Andheri East, Mumbai provides pre & post production facilities, VFX, Animation and Stereoscopic Services for films, television and commercials in the international and domestic markets. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  35. 35. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Cinema Halls Developing Largest Chain of Multiplexes in India. Around 230 x 3 screens throughout the country. Film City Developing world-class film city on around 100 acres of land with an investment of Rs. 180 crores approx. and with an Academy. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  36. 36. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY National News Channel SAMAY : Round-the-clock free-to-air National Hindi news channel. Regional News Channel SAHARA SAMAY : Round-the-clock 30 city specific Regional news channels. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Urdu News Channel AALAMI SAHARA : India's first private National Urdu news channel.
  37. 37. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications English Weekly SAHARA TIME : 1 National Edition – 64 pages English Weekly with Pan India News Network. Sahara Time Hindi Daily RASHTRIYA SAHARA : 43 Editions of Hindi Daily Newspaper with 7 Printing Centers. Rashtriya Sahara Urdu Daily ROZNAMA RASHTRIYA SAHARA : 13 Editions of Urdu Daily Newspaper with 9 Printing Centers. Roznama Rashtriya Sahara
  38. 38. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Urdu Monthly BAZM-E-SAHARA: 100 Pages Monthly Magazine. Urdu Weekly AALMI SAHARA : 72 pages International Urdu Weekly. Aalmi Sahara
  39. 39. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY News Section 96 Bureaus, 2308 Correspondents across the globe & over 1500 V-SATs for news collection. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  40. 40. Consumer Merchandise Retail Venture - Sahara Q Shop Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Sahara Q Shop is the brand name of Sahara India’s mega Quality Consumer Merchandise Retail Venture.Sahara Q Shop offers completely adulteration-free, 100% quality consumer merchandise products in various categories, such as staples, processed foods, personal care products, home care products, general merchandise and lifestyle products, at most competitive prices. You can receive these 100% quality household items every month in the comfort of your home.Quality is a fundamental value offered at Sahara Q Shop. It has adopted an integrated approach towards the same by setting up a ‘Sahara Quality Management System’ (SQMS), comprising ‘Quality Control’ and ‘Quality Assurance’ departments to achieve end-to-end quality control – from raw material procurement to manufacturing to packaging to delivery at the doorstep of the esteemed customer.Sahara Q Shop’s unbeatable advantages -1. 100% commitment to quality 2. Most competitive price 3. Doorstep delivery of products under strict supervision 4. Right weight/quantity 5. 100% disclosure policy across all products 6. Convenience of phone shopping 7. State-of-the-art Quality Control labs in New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Patna 8. Pan-India quality team of 800 people, comprising Scientist Associates, Senior Quality Controllers, Quality Assurance Managers and Quality Assurance Executives 9. One crore-plus sq. ft. space in warehousingEach product of Sahara Q Shop is put through stringent quality tests and standards, be it vendor selection, sourcing, manufacturing or packaging, thereby completing the Q value chain.
  41. 41. Jute Project ARARIA JUTE PROJECT The Sahara India Jute Project and R&D Centre has been developed with the intention of providing financial rehabilitation to the people of Araria. The Project aims to facilitate the artisans of the region who have been known traditionally for their work of handloom and handcrafted materials of various kinds. Considerable work has been initiated to stop migration of the artisans to other regions and professions by not only providing them handlooms, raw materials and designs, but also a platform to showcase and sell the products manufactured by them. The project is envisaged to boost the development of the overall economy of that area through its training and R& D Centre and with the production of eco-friendly, bio degradable export quality products like carpets, floor coverings, blankets, handicrafts, footwear, fancy ladies’ bags, promotional bags etc. made from diversified jute and other natural fibres and is successfully creating high demand for these both in the domestic and international markets. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications MANUFACTURING
  42. 42. Global Luxury Brand Project - "MASTERCRAFT" Sahara Global Design Studio is presently working on an ambitious project of setting up, top of the line, high end international luxury stores in major cities round the world. The flagship store is planned for a grand opening in London in 2013. The store will be showcasing very high- end luxury products as the epitome of excellence, encompassing rich, rare and expensive materials, alluringly crafted, intricately designed and spellbindingly embellished that only a masterpiece can represent. They will bring to the world the rich skills that inspire Indian master craftsmanship and will be manufactured in best production centers across the globe. Supported by the in-house world class design studio in Mumbai, top of the line designers from the world will be working on designing exquisite masterpieces. Even though the stores will be on the concept of a Museum, evoking the same emotions and sentiments that overwhelm us when we visit a Museum, the exhibits at the stores will be available for sale to the customers giving them an opportunity to own their preferred masterpiece and cherish the heritage it represents. The group has ambitious expansion plans to scale up the operations with stores at strategic locales after its flagship launch. It is an effort to present Indian craft in its full glory. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications MANUFACTURING
  43. 43. SAHARA NEXT : Sahara Next is the Technology Arm of Sahara India Pariwar and is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified which drives and manages Corporate IT & Telecom Initiatives. Sahara Next contributes externally in the IT, I&Telecom space, Business Process Outsourcing, Web Media Initiatives and leads in providing Mobility Solutions across various platforms and domains. A 360-degree business approach covering Process, Delivery, Business and Technology Innovations help Sahara Next to work collaboratively with clients for cost take-outs, speed to market and New Business Opportunities. It brings for its esteemed clients a credible and experienced Global Leadership Team driving Service Delivery through the Next Generation Global Delivery Model. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Information Technology
  44. 44. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications GRATITUDE We are indebted to those nation-builders, nation - lovers, guides, visionaries, eminent personalities, artistes, industrialists (whose photographs are exhibited here) and express our profound respect and gratitude, who have inspired us with their encouraging thoughts in our assemblies and meetings. We have always been encouraged by their proper, valuable and thoughtful reviews. We convey our best wishes from the innermost core of our hearts to these renowned personalities for their continuous contribution towards the overall progress of our motherland and human society.
  45. 45. Gratitude ...with Nobel Laureate Late Mother Teresa Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  46. 46. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications Gratitude
  47. 47. Gratitude Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications
  48. 48. Designed by Sahara Corporate Communications