Lander academy: Lannding Page Optimization for People


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This time in our Lander Academy we had the chance to listen to Xavier Colomés. He explained how to use Personas to increase your conversions. This is his presentation, so take a look if you missed something!

Lander academy: Lannding Page Optimization for People

  1. 1. Personas & CROConversion Rate Optimization for people, not visits
  2. 2. Xavier Coloméés • Web Analyst Intuit UK   SrResponsable de Analítica Web y CRO Atrapalo • BCM Motive CRO Master Certification   Market Brand Community Management • Autor y creador de   Author:
  3. 3. Why CRO? • CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization • Increase the number of Converting usersResearch Analyze Experiment Learn
  4. 4. Why Personas?• Browser• OS• Landing Page• Traffic Source• Keyword• City• Time on site
  5. 5. What are Personas
  6. 6. What are Personas
  7. 7. What are Personas
  8. 8. How to create Personas Research Modeling Implement 1. Identify main roles 1. Analysis of data 1. Discuss with the team 2. Interview with roles and 2. Mapping Interviews / 2. Mach with your Web stakeholders research Analytics Data 3. Surveys 3. Identify behaviors 3. Design main Scenarios 4. Focus groups 4. Identify goals 4. Link Persona´s goals with 5. Observation 5. Identify patterns and your business goals 6. Any technique available to behaviors 5. Identify what elements get VOC. 6. Fill the personas template needs each persona to 7. Create the narrative achieve their goals 8. Use some real users data to 6. Create the Copy & fill details like quotes persuasion strategy: How to seduce each persona.Personas = RESEARCH DATA + ANALYSIS + HUMAN PRESENTATION
  9. 9. When we don´t have...TimeSkillsResourcesNeed of it! You can still do a lot
  10. 10. Goal Oriented “Personas”
  11. 11. Goal Oriented “Personas”
  12. 12. Goal Oriented “Personas” Persuasion Role/Persona Goal Motivated by Call to Action Strategy Cool gadgets to Ease of use / Hi Buyer John Buy Vacuum “Be the first” show off Technology Trust / Buyer Lisa Buy Vacuum Efficiency “Start now” Confidence Price / “The wiseResearcher Mary Make a decision Quality Performance choice” Get the most ofCustomer Pete Learn more DIY “Find out how” it / Content
  13. 13. 4 Buying Personas (Bryan Eisenberg) Decision Picture:
  14. 14. Competitive Logic & FastDescription How to convert them•Impatient. Don´t want to lose time. •Trigger words “new”, “exclusive”, “just arrived”•The fastest, the biggest/smallest, the best • Use of rankings•Challenging and leader. Likes control •Use of third experts reviews•What can you do to solve their problem? •Use of comparative data: 30% faster•Doesnt need much info, if he believesthat is the right call •Aspirational pictures and shots
  15. 15. Spontaneous Emotional & FastDescription How to convert them• Easy going attitude • Trigger words: “Now”, “Limited offer”• Buys now, thinks later • Fast checkout, no registration required• Constantly waiting for opportunities and • Scarcity and Urgency strategies big deals • Overnight Shipping• Don´t likes being overwhelmed with facts • Use of Videos with product in action• Fast deciding: Will abuse of past • What is trendy? experiences and mental triggers to decide
  16. 16. Methodical Logic & SlowDescription How to convert them• Has time to / enjoys research • Comparison tools• Features oriented • Detailed facts sheets . The most data the better.• Needs detail: pictures of the product standing alone, close shots, etc. • Don´t miss that info that can make him leave for your competitor• Won´t trust other user´s reviews or ratings • Expert reviews• Needs to understand before advancing: • Don´t try to trick them.Will read any Chat, telephone, contact must be small letter of your promos. accessible
  17. 17. Humanistic Emotional & SlowDescription How to convert them• Interested in helping people • Trigger words “trendy”, “popular”, “satisfied”• Will decide based on other´s reviews • Show “what others purchased”• Fear of missing out something popular • Allow to mark products as favorite and wish lists• Makes social every aspect of its life: share on social media, recommend, etc. • Ask for feedback: Will love to help• Cares about the people behind the product: wants human stories • Show your values and story: “Our first shop”, “Why our logo”, etc..• Obsesses with “why”, the most stories yo have for them the better.
  18. 18. Example
  19. 19. Where to begin? Create your website personas Interview 5 customers and 5 prospects Meet with customer service team: What are our customers like? Start a Online survey to find out what people is coming to do to your website Identify the main roles accessing you website: Are you optimized for each of them?Apply the 4 buying personalities model to your landing page: Is it impacting all personalities?
  20. 20. Questions?Thank you for attending!