State of Play EULIS, Rik Wouters, Managing Director of EULIS.


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Presentation Rik Wouters, Managing Director of EULIS on the status of the organisation. Delivered at the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration in London on 11 October 2012. Event hosted by HM Land Registry:

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  • EULIS provides direct and easy access into other land registries across Europe. The EULIS service combines online access with the added benefits of a glossary and reference information. The website provides customers with a helpful demonstrator of what it is like to enter through one land registry system, go through the EULIS portal (using the features available) and enter another land register.
  • State of Play EULIS, Rik Wouters, Managing Director of EULIS.

    1. 1. UNECE/WPLA WorkshopLondon October 2012State of Play EULISRik WoutersManaging Director
    2. 2. Programme• What is EULIS?• For who is EULIS?• Why EULIS?• Strategy for future development• New projects
    3. 3. What is EULIS?...Vision• EULIS’ ambition is to be the first call for European land and property information• The long term vision is to help create an environment: – To facilitate cross border lending – To facilitate transfer of title – To provide legal information
    4. 4. What is EULIS?...serviceEULIS offers direct, easy, online access into member landregisters and cadastral organisation across Europe
    5. 5. What is EULIS….service• Quick access to search in land and property registers.• Easy access from your desktop computer or laptop.• Retrieve information onscreen, direct from official land registers.• Relevant online reference information on the organisation, legal framework• Glossary to explain terminology in all languages
    6. 6. What is EULIS:reference information
    7. 7. What is EULIS: Glossary
    8. 8. Who is who in EULIS?• Member countries Members• Board (4 persons) Members Members• Organisation – Managing director Board – Business/IT expert – Marketing expert EULIS-organisation – Secretariat Projects Projects – Accountant• Project staff
    9. 9. Who can use EULIS?Professional customers:• Banks, lenders,• Solicitors, legal professionals• Estate agents• Credit agencies, Auditors• Enforcement agencies, police & investigative authorities• Government departmentsAnd last but not least• Citizens
    10. 10. How do I access EULIS?• For the citizen to simply enter the website (
    11. 11. How do I access EULIS?• For the licensed users: simply enter your national Land Registry website and select EULIS – You must be a licensed user of a Land Registry organisation participating in EULIS. – The service is for licensed users such as banks, legal practitioners, estate agents, government organisations and so on. – Through your log-in you will see a menu option for EULIS. – Click to launch EULIS and you will navigate onto the e- platform to find your desired country register.
    12. 12. What can the servicebe used for?• It depends on your business....• Leveraging value from information can differ dramatically between organisations, i.e.: – Second home searches – Business acquisition – Credit checks – Risk assessment• Ultimately the service contributes to breaking down barriers and creating a more transparent Europe.
    13. 13. How do I search?• Searching for results differs depending on which country you are searching in.• For example some countries offer a map facility to zoom and click, others a number of search fields to complete.• Each country has created a help guide to assist your search. You also have access to support staff in your country to answer any questions.
    14. 14. Where can I search?EULIS connected members:• Austria (Bundesministerium für Justiz)• Ireland (Property Registration Authority)• Lithuania (Registrų Centras)• Netherlands (Kadaster)• Sweden (Lantmäteriet)• Spain (Registradores)Other countries towards (re)connection, such as England&Wales, Finland, Iceland, Scotland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Italy, etc.
    15. 15. EULIS partnersIreland, Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Austria, Spain,England&Wales, Scotland, Finland (October 2012).
    16. 16. Overview of connectionsLevel 1: link to web sideLevel 2: reference informationLevel 3: web services to trace infoLevel 4: on-line portal
    17. 17. EULIS website offers• Information on who is the official land registry authority in every European country.• Contact details and website links for more information.• Access to information for everyone.
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Project LINE Funding granted by EC-Directorate General Justice for Project LINE (Land INformation for Europe) specifically aimed to facilitate compliance with the requirements of the European e-Justice programme in the area of land registration. Project LINE aimed to widen the community of official land registry organisations in EU Member States and gathered their input to define the next generation of the European Land Information Service (EULIS). The next generation EULIS 2.0 platform was a key deliverable of Project LINE.
    20. 20. LINE-project:scope• Reference: – the land transaction and mortgage process common terminology – the authorities in the land transaction process – translation of terminology into the languages of the participating countries.
    21. 21. EULIS Strategy 2012-2014• Strengthen EULIS-organisation• Improve financial position• Further extension of services• More connected members
    22. 22. New project proposals• Operational costs• Generic information report/map search• Balkan project• Extension of services• Support countries to become members
    23. 23. Extend service (1/3)Present situation Cadastre National Document Land Registry EULIS with property information Base Registries Other property Related registries
    24. 24. Extend service (2/3)Future: Standard property doc Cadastre Generic Document EULIS- with Land Registry application consolidated property information Base Registries Other property Related registries
    25. 25. Extend service (3/3)Future: Map entry facility Cadastre Generic National Document Document EULIS With Land Registry with Map-entry consolidated property property information information Base Registries Other property Related registries
    26. 26. Thank you for your attentionInfo: or