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Prepare homeforphotography best

  1. 1. How To Prepare Y Home for our Real Estate Photography by Lance Selgo, Unique Exposure Photography
  2. 2. How To Prepare Your Home for Real EstateCount Make The First Impression Photography Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ligula suspendisse nulla pretium, Tortor vitae tortor eros wisi facilisis. Consectetuer arcu ipsum rhoncus tempor placerat fermentum, enim integer ad vestibulum ornare pellentesque vehicula, in vehicula diam, ornare magna volutpat. Nisl rhoncus turpis est, vel elit, congue wisi enim nunc erat felis wisi a risus. Justo fermentum id. Malesuada eleifend, tor- ultricies sit, magna tincidunt. Maecenas aliquam maecenas ligula tor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Mauris at suspendisse, neque ali- nostra, accumsan taciti. Sociis mauris in integer, a dolor netus quam faucibus adipiscing, vivamus in. Wisi mattis leo suscipit non dui aliquet, sagittis felis sodales, dolor sociis mauris, vel eu nec amet, nisl fermentum tempor ac a, augue in eleifend in ip- est libero cras. Interdum at. Eget habitasse elementum est, ip- sum venenatis, cras sit id in vestibulum felis in, sed ligula. In so- sum purus pede porttitor class, ut lorem adipiscing, aliquet sed dales suspendisse mauris quam etiam erat, quia tellus convallis auctor, imperdiet arcu per diam dapibus libero duis. Enim eros in eros rhoncus diam orci, porta lectus esse adipiscing posuere et, vel, volutpat nec pellentesque leo, temporibus scelerisque nec. nisl arcu vitae laoreet. Morbi integer molestie, amet suspendisse morbi, amet maecenas, a maecenas mauris neque proin nisl mol- Ac dolor ac adipiscing amet bibendum nullam, massa lacus moles- lis. Suscipit nec nec ligula ipsum orci nulla, in lorem ipsum posu-The ut libero nec, diamhome buyers startfeugiat ullamcor- tie majority of vitae. Mauris sodales eget, aliquet, lectus per id tempor eget id et, pharetra pretium eget ere ut quis ultrices, lectus eget primis vehicula velit hasellus lec- tus, vestibulum orci laoreet inceptos vitae, at consectetuer amettheir search online, so it is libero senectus pulvinar. tincidunt. Porttitor mollis imperdiet et consectetuer. Congue porta scelerisque praesent at, lacus vesti- Etiam molestie mauris ligula eget laoreet, vehicula eleifend. Re-important to make the first sollicitudin amet pellat orci eget erat et, sem cum, ultricies bulum et at dignissim cras urna, ante convallis turpis duis lectus sed aliquet, at tempus et ultricies. Eros sociis cursus nec hame-impression count! Follow these tips natoque eleifend dolor nullam erat, malesuada est leo ac. Varius naeos dignissimos imperdiet, luctus ac eros sed dolor est sed turpis elementum est. Duis montes, tellus lobortis lacus amettoarcu et. In vitae vel, wisi at, id for the best libero faucibus prepare your home praesent bibendum massa vestibulum, lobortis adipiscing praesent. Nec eros eu ridi- culus libero felis.real estate photos possible. fermentum placerat tem- porta egestas, quisque praesent ipsum por. Curabi- tur auctor, erat mollis sed Donec arcu risus diam amet sit. Congue tortor cursus risus vesti- fusce, tur- pis vivamus a dictumst bulum commodo nisl, luctus augue amet quis aenean maecenas congue magnis. Aliquam amet ullam- sit, donec velit iusto, morbi felis elit et nibh. Vestibulum volutpat corper dig- nissim molestie, sed mollis. dui lacus consectetuer, mauris at suspendisse, eu wisi rhoncus i
  3. 3. Section 1GeneralTips for all areas in the home • Thoroughly clean whole house (vacuum car- pet, mop hard floors, clean countertops, clean windows) • Turn all overhead lights and lamps ON • Replace all burned out light bulbs • Use bulbs of the same temperature (ALL in- candescent or ALL compact fluorescent) • Turn all ceiling fans OFF • Turn all TVs OFF • Turn all computer screens OFF • Open blinds/window treatments to let in out- side light • Remove personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs) • Make all beds • Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring • Place all shoes/jackets in closets Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 2
  4. 4. Section 2Front ExteriorOnline “curb appeal” - the front exterior is usually the first photo buyers see • Close garage doors • Remove cars from driveway and front of home • Clean up landscaping (mow, trim shrubs, clear leaves) • Remove visible water hoses • Remove toys, sports balls, etc. Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 3
  5. 5. Section 3Back YardThe back yard should be an oasis to relax • Clean porch, tidy up outdoor tables/chairs/ cushions • Clear out kids toys, balls, frisbees, etc. • Clean pool • Remove pool vacuum/cleaner hose • Hide pool cleaning supplies • Turn on pool fountains/water features • Remove visible water hoses • Remove trash cans Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 4
  6. 6. Section 4KitchenSometimes the focal point, the kitchen deserves attention to detail • Clear countertops completely. No knife blocks, baking supplies, mail, etc. • Leave out max of one small appliance (ex. coffee maker) • Clear outside of refrigerator of magnets, papers, etc. • Hide garbage cans in pantry or closet • Remove dishes from sink, place in dishwasher Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 5
  7. 7. Section 5Dining Room / TableAllow buyers to imagine a nice family meal • Clear table • Use decorative place setting if available • Feature one center-piece such as a bouquet of flowers • Straighten all chairs and space them evenly • Remove child seats/booster chairs Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 6
  8. 8. Section 6Living / Family RoomThe space to enjoy conversation and spend quality time with family • Remove stacks of magazines, papers, mail, etc. • De-clutter fireplace mantel/hearth • Fluff and arrange furniture pillows Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 7
  9. 9. Section 7Master BedroomA good nights rest recharges the body and mind • Make bed, including decorative pillows/ shams if available • Clear nightstands of all personal items • Store away phone/tablet charging cables • Remove all clutter from top of dressers Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 8
  10. 10. Section 8BathroomsTo be spa-like, the bathroom must be clear of all personal items • Clear countertops completely. No soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc. • Put toilet seats down • Close closet doors • Remove shampoo, soap, luffas, etc. from showers and tubs • Remove dirty towels - only leave out new, unused towels • Remove floor mats Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 9
  11. 11. Section 9Kid/Guest BedroomDon’t forget about guest bedrooms • Remove personalized names from walls • Remove wall stickers/posters Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 10
  12. 12. Section 10PetsPets are loving, but their presence should be minimized • Place food and water bowls in pantry or closet • Place pet beds/toys in pantry or closet • Use lint roller on furniture to remove pet hair • Contain pets in hidden crate or outside • Clear back yard of pet waste/toys Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 11
  13. 13. Section 11Need Help?Staging helps provide top dollar and a quick sale Selling your home is like selling a prod- uct - it must be marketed correctly to reach a specific buyer. Although your furnishings and decor are great for your lifestyle, it’s impor- tant to optimize your home for the future buyer. All of the tips suggested in the previous sec- tions were approved by professional home stagers from the Real Estate Staging Associa- tion (RESA) - Dallas Chapter. A professional home stager can provide you with a consultation to help you prepare your home for sale and make sure your home shows at its best online through the photographs. To find a RESA professional stager in your area, visit their website: Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 12
  14. 14. Section 12What to Expect During the Photo ShootThe house should be shoot-ready when I arriveHi I’m Lance Selgo, owner and photographer of Unique Exposure Photography. I look forward to taking photos of your home!I want the photos of your home to be the best they can be. This requires teamwork and cooperation that will result in an outstandingonline presence when your home goes LIVE on the market.Although I would love to help you style/design your home, I unfortunately do not have the skill set required to do so. When I arriveto take photos of your property, I ask that all staging and cleaning be done prior to my arrival. To efficiently maintain my busyschedule and deliver the level of service my clients expect, I can not spend unnecessary time at the home waiting for it to be cleaned,dusted, de-cluttered, etc.Please review the previous sections for tips on preparing your home for real estate photography, and note that I amnot responsible and will not partake in any of the following duties while photographing your home: I DO NOT: • Move or re-arrange furniture • Make beds, clean, dust or de-clutter • Pick up toys or yard items • “Photoshop” vehicles, walls, damaged walls, power lines, wall pictures, cords, etc. • Touch personal bathroom supplies (shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, towels) Lance Selgo ・ ・ (682) 710-1683 13