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The Growth & Future of Mobile


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Mobile marketing enables brands to more effectively get their brand in front of a desired target audience. Attendees of The Growth and Future of Mobile Marketing will learn how consumer behavior has shifted to our mobile devices and how marketers have taken initiative to reach them.

From delivering faster content with AMP pages to deep linking within apps to social media marketing for an extended reach and video marketing or voice search, mobile has grown extensively. This presentation will take the audience through mobile’s progression and development, honing in on the aspects most closely related to user experience and conversions.

This presentation will dive into the future of mobile marketing with automated decision making and artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, chatbots, wearable tech, and more. In this action-packed presentation, attendees will learn how to take advantage of mobile across various enterprises to grow their business.

With experiences and personal case studies from my most successful clients to demonstrate the concepts I will be discussing, and the insight the audience will glean as a result is going to be undeniably invaluable.

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