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Remedios caseros naturales para el acne


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Remedios caseros naturales para el acne

  1. 1. Eliminate Cystic Acne Naturally
  2. 2. • Body acne can be really painful and problematic. When I suffered from body acne I would never go to the seashore, never take my top off, and I felt really embarrassing when going out on dates. I felt really unpleasant and my body acne was taking over my life.
  3. 3. Here are my top advices • 1. Stop touching your face! If you'd realize how often you touch your face, you'll feel almost downright feral. We all know that we touch almost anywhere with our hands. We shake hands with different people all the time, we grab door knobs, we touch the dirty ground... I mean I could go on forever. This of course causes all this dirt and all these bacteria from everywhere to get stuck on your face. Now I think we all understand that this is not very good for your acne condition. So all you need to do is to try and think about how often you touch your face and then try to avoid touching it when you feel your hands getting closer to your face.
  4. 4. • 2. CUCUMBER JUICE: Keeping with our vegetable theme, cucumbers are another food that is great for the skin. Applying the juice from this vegetable for about 15 minutes can tighten pores, and cause skin to react similarly to how carrots might. Cucumber juice can be washed off the face with warm water and a damp rag, as long as a gentle and soothing action is used. As weird and unhygienic as this might sound, trust me, cucumbers can work wonders.
  5. 5. • 3. If you want to make your zits less noticeable, try this: run hot water on to your towel, or face towel. Take the steaming hot towel and place it your zits. It'll make the zits smaller, but be careful when you are handling the hot towel. You don't want to burn your face!
  6. 6. • Girls, when you use makeup, please use it right... or receive more acne overnight! The thing with make up is that it's supposed to make you look better. For example by covering your acne or other not as nice looking parts of your face. Now this we all know. But there's one thing that truly has the opposite effect when using makeup. Leaving the makeup on, overnight. This is the best way for you to make sure that the next morning, you'll be needing more makeup than you had before you went to bed.
  7. 7. • Remember, Hygiene is the key to all your pimple worries. Once you get that clear skin you will be on your way to a brighter and more positive outlook in life. Wouldn't you want to face the world with a smoother clearer skin? For more acne info go to Wikipedia and this spanish website remedias caseras para el acne