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Stereotype budapest asinitas


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Lampedusa, Berlin. Travel journal.
Partner meeting and conference
27-29 April 2017, Budapest (Hungary)
"How to overcome stereotypes about migrants?"

Workshop on stereotypes, Rome Liceo Morgagni
March April 2017

Published in: Education
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Stereotype budapest asinitas

  1. 1. WORKSHOP ON STEREOTYPES Rome Liceo Morgagni March April 2017
  2. 2. WHO IS BEHIND ME? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? Compasito Manual on human rights education
  4. 4. GROUP WORK
  5. 5. RESULTS:
  6. 6. GIVING A DEFINITION Group one
  7. 7. “Stereotypes are damaging and tough to shake. They can create distrust and hurt feelings.”
  8. 8. In social Psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific type of individuals or certain ways of doing things. Stereotypes concerns groups of people; they generalizes the character or a way of doing just because these people are part of that group. What is it a Stereotype?
  9. 9. We can find stereotypes all around the world . There are so many examples on internet like this picture, where Jews are considered stingy.
  10. 10. Another example of stereotype is about Male and Female
  11. 11. At last, the stereotypes of immigrants are the most frequent because they are people of certain religion, they have a different skin color or have different customs.
  12. 12. THE SURVEY Group two
  13. 13. GOOD PRACTICES to overcome stereotypes
  15. 15. The modern society it’s doing everything that’s possible to overcome stereotypes that for too long have affected our judgment in our everyday situations. This awareness campaign is also facilitated by modern media, such as television and social networks
  16. 16. An example of this process is "skam“, a Norwegian TV series that has become very popular among young people thanks to the very sensitive and important issues that it treats, such as homophobia and overcome stereotypes of gender and religion.
  18. 18. Another good practice can be an educational course taught since young age by the school. Such projects are very common, in Italy, on gender equality for example, but much less on stereotypes that affect refugees.
  19. 19. Thanks to the school, this year, some people of our class were able to work as volunteers in a italian school for foreign people named “Penny Wirton”. This experience was very formative as we were able to personally know some refugees, let us tell their stories and embark on an educational path together. Keeping in touch with these people has totally changed our way of seeing them, which now we know, was conditioned by stereotypes.
  21. 21. As our experience at Penny Wirton School, there are many places where we can change our way of seeing certain categories of people, and thus overcoming stereotypes. One of these is the "International Women's House", which deals with this. Thanks to one of the workers we have been able to find out how they work:
  22. 22. “Each of us implements a simplification process to read the reality around him, this simplification doesn’t happen arbitrarily, but is guided by modes that are culturally established, so they are part of the single and are effective for the understand of reality.The interesting thing is that ,once crystallized, stereotypes may have an effect on our perception when gathering data and reading such data. Let me tell you better: if a conflict comes up with the idea that I had of a person or a thing, it would be easier to forget the data than to change my idea. (Acted stereotype). In this simplification we ,as individuals , are subjected to expectations by others, and sometimes we even move away from the person who we are to not depriving them (stereotypes suffered).An other thing to keep in mind is that stereotype precisely because they can be reproduced from a simple feature and are extensible at a general level (all women drive badly the car) can become a disadvantage.This prejudice affects the relationship and behavior of both the person who has the injury and the person who is subject to such prejudice. So how do you get out of this vicious circle? Finding things that we share ... and these things often “tu chiamale se vuoi emozioni" (L. Battisti). Put yourself in the shoes of others, dealing with people who are different from you, by age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture of origin, etc. In my work I propose many group activities among people who don’t know each other and carefully define groups. In this way, after devoting a lot of time to the knowledge of others, each one will be free to form his own idea on the person and always put it to the test over time. I do these activities within an organization called the “International Women's House”, which is here in Rome in Trastevere and fights for human rights, so all of us.”
  23. 23. A Work by: -Chiara Giuliano -Alessandra Cerbini -Livia Saviola -Irene Vetere -Diego Trimarchi -Marco Sotis