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After almost five (5) years of happily working with their Wild Apricot website, this well-established, popular group decided to give their website a total makeover. They wanted a cleaner design and simpler site structure. We customized a new Wild Apricot theme, implemented an online marketing strategy, and added a few custom features to simplify their life.

In this bright story, you will find:

1) before and after images of the website design
2) custom advanced features including rotating banner and event widget
3) marketing ideas to increase conversion on website
4) customer testimonial explaining reasoning for provider selection and customer experience

View this inspirational bright story and get some practical ideas for your membership website that you can start applying today.

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Case study for website design & development

  1. 1. A Bright Case Study
  2. 2. The Challenge Columbus Metropolitan Club (CMC) is a wellestablished membership organization in Columbus, Ohio that has been serving its 800 individual and corporate members for the past 37 years through its weekly forums, special events, and other programming. CMC has been using Wild Apricot (WA) to manage their website, membership, and events for the past 5 years. They’ve been pleased with WA functionality, but want to enhance the design and navigation of the site. The home page highlighted upcoming events- making it easy for site visitors to find and signup for upcoming events. CMC events are well-attended (200+ attendees) with some celebrity guests including local and national business and political leaders. However, CMC has an active Facebook page and popular YouTube channel, in addition to other resources, which the site didn’t promote very well.
  3. 3. Example issues The site had a top-level page called Facebook. The page had a “giant thumb” image and instructions to “like” CMC and visit the Facebook page. This is neither intuitive or acceptable for site visitors. It is also a waste of the website real estate. (Do not try this on your website!)
  4. 4. And again… This page featured CMC’s YouTube channel and The Ohio Channel under “Streaming Video Archive”. Would you know to look for this content there?
  5. 5. What CMC wanted & what we promised • Cleaner, more professional look • Simpler, easier navigation • Better recognition of major funders in flash animation • More visibility to social networks and external resources (Facebook & YouTube) • But, maintain upcoming weekly events front-and-center on home page
  6. 6. The Solution What we delivered
  7. 7. What we delivered • Simple, clean, and elegant Wild Apricot theme • Easy-to-navigate website re-structure • Custom event and sitemap widgets • Animated speaker banner (image slider) • Enhanced marketing and publicity strategy
  8. 8. Old Design. Generic. Poorlydesigned. Lack strategy.
  9. 9. New Design. Clean. Simple. Elegant.
  10. 10. Custom Features The staff at CMC have been manually adding and updating upcoming events on the home page using HTML and Wild Apricot’s CMS. While Wild Apricot has a built-in event widget, it did not provide the design or event details CMC is looking for. We customized a new event widget that automatically pulls events from Wild Apricot’s event module and displays event title, time & date, speaker, and event sponsor. The events are still front-and-center on the home page giving them the visibility they need, but with more style and less work.
  11. 11. Guest Rotating Images CMC hosts hundreds of guest speakers throughout the year and wanted to feature as many as of them as possible. How do you do that without crowding the home page? We added an image slider (animated banner) with images of speakers that rotated on the home page. The images show a representation of CMC’s speakers and community, which CMC will be able to update a few times throughout the year.
  12. 12. Sitemap Widget Our designer did an amazing job creating a state-ofthe-art website design for CMC. While some elements look fantastic in Photoshop, the development tool sometimes doesn’t support the designer’s vision. In this case, the designer added an attractive sitemap in the site footer, however, Wild Apricot does not support this style. Luckily, our developers are great at pushing through Wild Apricot limitations. In this case, we created a custom sitemap widget that looks like the original design and has the capability of automatically updating any structural changes in the website.
  13. 13. Marketing Focus Talking with CMC, we determined three (3) objectives that are important for the organization: • Driving membership • Promoting forums and special events • Gaining financial support To allow CMC to achieve these goals through their website, we added call-to-action (CTA) buttons with clear, actionable verbs. • Register for Events • Join CMC • We placed the buttons on the home page in prominent positions to gain the most results. Other important marketing features that we incorporated in the website included an on-demand video archive, newsletter Support CMC subscription, Facebook, and YouTube.
  14. 14. Enhanced Publicity CMC draws a lot of attention in the media; writers and reports cover CMC activities and news all the time. We made this coverage more visible by posting article titles directly on the website with active links to each article. The custom widget, called “CMC in The News, includes a link to CMC News History which opens an external page with more articles.
  15. 15. Media We cleaned up the site navigation and added a section for “Media” which hosted important media channels including Facebook, YouTube, news subscription and a newsletter archive. This gives these external resources more prominent placement and attention.
  16. 16. What our client says “Our experience working with Webbright was very positive. Other providers never understood the Wild Apricot part.. thus they couldn’t price fairly. (We heard it will cost you this.. And we will figure out WA after you pay us.) Webbright listened to our ideas, concerns, and hopes, and reflected these in the work product. We would highly recommend Webbright for their expertise with Wild Apricot, confidence in their deliverables, and creative solutions.” – Andrew Campbell, Program Director
  17. 17. Need help with your Wild Apricot website? Contact us today: Call or text: 804-638-4448