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Sci fi presentation


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Science fiction

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Sci fi presentation

  1. 1. What is Science Fiction? • Science fiction is a writing style which combines science and fiction. • It is constrained by what we presently regard as the basic physical laws of nature. • It evolved as a response to fantasy.
  2. 2. Science Fiction VS. Fantasy In Science Fiction, there needs to be some possibility that the events could possibly happen. In Fantasy, the author can use far-fetched assumptions. ie; unicorns, three-legged creatures etc.
  3. 3. Science Fiction - Definition
  4. 4. The first Science Fiction novel Written by Mary Shelley in 1818
  5. 5. Mary Shelley Mary Shelley used a scientific rationale, combined with certain religious ideas, to convince the reader that her story was possible but touched upon the improbable.
  6. 6. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas Written by Jules Verne in 1870
  7. 7. Jules Verne Jules Verne is a very well-known author who wrote science fiction books with elements that are very close to reality. In fact a lot of the futuristic elements he wrote about have now been invented.
  8. 8. Sci Fi in the Movies Even before talkies, science fiction made its mark on film: Metropolis from 1926 was the first classic science fiction film
  9. 9. Sci Fi in the 1930’s Several great classic films were produced in the 30’s. Invisible Man Was based on a novel by the famous author H. G. Wells
  10. 10. Sci Fi in the 1950’s About 500 films and shorts that can be classified science fiction were made between 1948 and 1962 Science fiction really became a popular genre after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This event inspired a lot of after-the-bomb and alien invasion films.
  11. 11. Sci Fi Movies in the ’60’s In 1960 another novel by H.G. Wells was filmed. The Time Machine, starring Rod Taylor.
  12. 12. Sci Fi Movies in the 70’s 1977 the debut of Star Wars sparked a revitalization of science fiction. Due to the huge success of this film, the market for and interest in science fiction as film and literature skyrocketed
  13. 13. Sci Fi Movies Today In the last couple of decades the amount of sci fi movies has exploded – probably because of new possibilities with technology.