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Totara Learn 12 More Powerful Easier to Use


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In this webinar, we will cover all the new features and tools introduced for Totara Learn 12 which range from navigation improvements, to new visual design options, and even tools for setting up a content marketplace.

With the knowledge of how to use all these new features you can benefit from:
- Better Tools For Managing All The Aspects Of Your Totara Learn LMS
- Utilizing Powerful New Customization Options To Fine Tune The Look And Feel Of Your Platform
- Starting At A Higher Level With More Out-Of-The-Box Options Than Ever Before

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Totara Learn 12 More Powerful Easier to Use

  1. 1. ACCELERATE LEARNING PERFORMANCE Totara Learn 12 - More Powerful, Easier To Use
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Ben Young, Lambda Solutions Director of Learning Solutions
  3. 3. The Top 3 Benefits Of Totara Learn 12: ● Better Management ■ New Content Marketplace ■ New Site Administration Menu ● Deeper Customization ■ New Course Catalogue interface ■ More Block customization options ● Higher Level Start ■ Easier streamlined configuration process ■ More options than ever before Agenda
  4. 4. ● User Experience (UX) The emotions and attitudes that users experience when they’re using a product, website, or service ○ Influenced by visual design, functionality, and accessibility ○ A quality user experience = quality learning environment Totara Learn 12 - Useability & UX
  5. 5. More Block Customization Features ● Front Page: Condensed dashboard page ● Top & Bottom Page Blocks: Full-length block regions from header to footer for dashboards, course pages, and front pages. ● Block-by-Block Customization: Even more configurable blocks that allow you to turn off borders, headers, and create the exact interface that you need. Totara Learn 12 - Deeper Customization
  6. 6. New Tile/Card Interface ● Courses, Programs, and Certifications now support a tile image ○ Live Demo ● Featured links block enhancements - to display course tile images ○ New Carousel Gallery Live Demo Totara Learn 12 - Deeper Customization
  7. 7. How Important Are Customization Options To You? Poll ● Very Important ● Important But Not Vital ● Not Important
  8. 8. New Course Catalogue Tile Interface ● Fully customizable tile-based course catalogue: Live Demo Totara Learn 12 - Deeper Customization
  9. 9. Improved Navigation ● Support Up To 3 Levels Of Navigation a. Live Demo ● Navigation Block Updated to simplify the user experience by removing the course navigation section a. Live demo Totara Learn 12 - Deeper Customization
  10. 10. How satisfied are you with your current LMS Administration options? Poll ● Very Satisfied ● Somewhat Satisfied ● Somewhat Dissatisfied ● Very Dissatisfied ● No Opinion Yet
  11. 11. New Site Administration Menu ● Configurable categories for the menu items ○ Easily adjust what menu items appear for each segment of users Live demo Totara Learn 12 - Better Management
  12. 12. Poll ● No ● Yes (If Yes, please let us know what plugins you need in chat!) Do you use multiple add-ons/plug-ins in your LMS?
  13. 13. Offering Clients A Better Starting Point With Totara Learn ● Do more immediately out-of-the-box ○ Easier streamlined configuration process ○ More customization options than ever before ● More options for Branding, Themes, User Experience Totara Learn 12 - Higher Level Start
  14. 14. Content Marketplace ● Full Content Marketplace Integration ○ OpenSesame & GO1 ○ Subscription or À la carte Live Demo Totara Learn 12 - Higher Level Start
  15. 15. More Control In Less Time ● Dashboard and Front Page capability increased ○ More customization options (to easily stay properly branded) ○ Less time spent customizing themes, dashboards, pages ● More control over how you deliver your learning experience ● Off-the-shelf courses from GO1 Totara Learn 12 - Higher Level Start
  16. 16. Which benefit of Totara Learn 12 is the most important to you? Poll ● Increasing course material engagement for improved training ● Reducing the money and time costs of onboarding and training ● Creating customized content and user interfaces ● Getting your LMS up and running faster and easier ● Something not listed here? Let us know in the chat!
  17. 17. # Questions
  18. 18. # Thank You!