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Top 5 Moodle Plugins to Enhance Productivity - Webinar Slides: Jan 23, 2014

Whether you are new to Moodle or an experienced user, knowing which plugins to choose and how to best implement them can be a challenge. So which one’s should you choose and why?

Our Moodle experts regularly review plugins and advise and help our clients select the best plugins based on their learning/training needs. As an official Moodle Partner, we’re able to test and recertify all new standard plugins to make sure we can troubleshoot any potential errors.

In this must-see webinar with Chad Leaman, Moodle Evangelist for Lambda Solutions, and Ben Young, Director of Application Services, with co-presenter Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst, you will see a demonstration of their top 5 plugin choices which help with tracking learning engagement, reporting, and overall user experience.

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  • Arnet: My name is Arnet Tkachuk, Business Analyst at Lambda solutions located in Sunny Vancouver.
    Before introducing my co-hosts, I just want to go over some basic tips to make this webinar as beneficial for you as possible.
    Our presentation should take about 45 mins, including Q&A, but will be available afterwards to answer any additional questions
    For everyone’s best experience I will go ahead and mute this webinar. If you do have a question you can use the Chat box option on the lower left hand of your screen; you can also “raise your hand” if you experience any technical issues, we will do our best to assist you.
    As with all our webinars, everyone will be emailed a recording of today’s presentation within 48 hours
    This webinar is designed for those directly involved with managing a moodle/totara site, or anyone interested in finding out how plugins can enhance their moodle experience.

    Without further ado, I would like to introduce Chad Leaman and Ben Young
    [Chad intros himself]
    [Ben intros himself]
    Arnet goes into agenda and does first poll

  • [Arnet] points to highlight
    Over 11 years experience with Moodle
    Cover North America
    Official Moodle partner
    Gold Totara partner
  • [Arnet] key points to highlight
    Offer services accounts with 500-100,000 users
    Worked with leading institutions within the Education, Healthcare, Corporate training, and Government sectors

  • [Arnet]
    Our client, The Alberta Motor Association, is all too familiar with cheating. The AMA needed a better way to verify that the person taking the exam was also the same person using their new skills on the road. To ensure that the person taking the exam was the person receiving the certification, we developed for them the 2-Stage Verification Plugin  This allowed students to take the exam remotely without having to travel to testing centers.

    All of our clients receive standard plugin installation and support included their managed hosting package
  • Arnet (or Ben): One of the biggest benefits we bring to our clients is saving them time and anguish when it comes to figuring our which plugins to install, and more important, which ones to avoid. Our clients simply tell us what new features they want to achieve from their Moodle site, and we can recommend the best plugin to intall. No second guesses, no troubleshooting.

    All our managed hosting packages include review, upgrade, and the setup of plugins. As an Official Moodle partner we’re able to offer ongoing maintenance of plugins through our applications support services.
  • Provide them with further reading/information i.e. We have a large collection of recorded webinars on both moodle and totara that you can watch at your convenience…here are several of our more popular topics
  • Moodle 2 Plugins for Productivity

    1. 1. Top 5 Plugins to Increase Productivity With a review of Plugins Best Practices
    2. 2. presenters Ben Young Director of Application Support Arnet Tkachuk Business Analyst Chad Leaman Moodle Evangelist
    3. 3. agenda  About Lambda Solutions  Poll #1  Overview of (Moodle) Plugins  Demo of Plugins  Poll #2  Q&A  Special offer for attendees
    4. 4. about Lambda Solutions  providing open source learning technology solutions since 2003  develop and contribute to the Moodle community  200+ installations hosted & supported
    5. 5. our service offerings
    6. 6. industry leading clients
    7. 7. plugins overview  The Impact of plugins  Dynamically extend new features of Moodle  Focus – 1 feature  Asking the right questions  Is the plugin future proof? Will it be maintained for future versions  How will it adjust to future versions?  Maintainability: is the developer credible/reputable?
    8. 8. plugins overview  The vetting process  Complexity: plugins may work well alone, but be “buggy” when interacting with your existing plugins  Long/Short term testing of plugins with mock data  The level of customization for each plugin  Lambda Solutions: We provide expert knowledge and solutions for ALL your plugin needs
    9. 9. demos  Video demos of the following plugins  Attendance  Real-time Quiz  Face-to-Face  Certificate  Configurable Reports  productivity/
    10. 10. how we can help  Over 11 years’ experience with Moodle plugins  Dedicated support for installation and maintenance of plugins  Team of developers to support plugin customization  Support with upgrades  All hosting packages include plugins support
    11. 11. additional resources  Our list of Best plugins   Over 10 Blogs related to Plugins   General webinars on Moodle and LMS  Totara 2.5 and Performance Management  How to Effectively Use Video in Online Learning  Fundamentals of Competency Training
    12. 12. upcoming webinar: February 27th  Implementing the Right Learning Technology  Improving the onboarding process—new hire training roll out  Learning and training dashboards  How to track and report on user engagement  Discuss integration with other platforms (CRMS, SISs, Talent Management)  Answer questions around implementing learning technologies  Stay tuned for email invitation!
    13. 13. questions
    14. 14. Thank You for attending -- Next steps  1hour free plugin review for attendees--$250* value  review your current plugins  recommend plugins, based on site functionality *Offer valid through Feb 28th, 2014 Web: Call: 1.877.700.1118