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Keys for ongoing LMS success : Making LMS administration sexy


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LMS administration and ongoing maintenance and course building practices can be sexy. After all, what’s sexier than tidy data and a clear and consistent course strategy and course content? Tune in to find out more!

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Keys for ongoing LMS success : Making LMS administration sexy

  1. 1. WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Keys for Ongoing LMS Success: Making LMS Administration Sexy Master Class Series September 10, 2019
  2. 2. 2 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Moderator: Erin Melvin Director of Client Engagement Presenter: Leah Chang Consultant, Instructional Design & Learning Technology
  3. 3. My LMS Admin Journey… • Why sustainable LMS administration is so important • What I mean by “sexy data” • My 7 tips to “keep it real, keep it sexy” • Takeaways • Q&A Today’s webinar: 3 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET LMS ADMIN? NO WAY.
  4. 4. My LMS Admin Journey… • Why sustainable LMS administration is so important • What I mean by “sexy” • My 7 tips to “keep it real, keep it sexy” • Takeaways • Q&A Today’s webinar: 4 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET LMS Admin? Va va voom!
  5. 5. The laws of attraction… What’s “sexy” about LMS administration? 5 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET • *Sigh* this spreadsheet is SO beautiful! • I get giddy when our database is up to date! • These consistent naming conventions make me swoon! THE RIGHT EMPLOYEES THE RIGHT EMPLOYERS/ ORGANIZATIONS • This is important work • We invested in our LMS, and we invest in our LMS admins too • We know that cool/sexy eLearning needs a cool/sexy LMS team to make it happen
  6. 6. If you have an LMS, you need LMS Administrators… • Be GGG (Good, Giving, Game): Attract and retain the right kind of admins & show your appreciation • Data & analytics are hot topics right now • Getting intimate with your LMS is good for your enterprise health • Make it count: Spend more time on content and learning instead of LMS administration Why it’s important to make LMS admin sexy 6 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  7. 7. Quick Poll 7 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  8. 8. Leah’s 7 Tips for LMS Sustainability 8 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  9. 9. It takes time to get to know someone (or administer a system, in this case)… • Award/recognize the team (or advocate for yourself!) • Update job descriptions - make them seductive • Track and measure time spent • Reward creative troubleshooting • Rotate your LMS ‘helpdesk’ – share the love Accurately Measure LMS Admin Time 9 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 1
  10. 10. System Admins are users too… • UX/UI is important. The Administrative Experience and Administrative Interface are equally important (AI/AX) • K.I.S.S. Choose your LMS based on Admin abilities • Build and map out Admin personas and use cases for admin hierarchies Design the Admin Experience 10 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 2
  11. 11. We all need a champion… • Someone needs to adopt the LMS as their “baby” • You wouldn’t adopt a puppy and then neglect it • Map out a clear hierarchy of LMS admin – and share knowledge & responsibilities freely • Use tools and get help: – LMS Success, Katrina Marie Baker Designate Clear LMS Ownership 11 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 3
  12. 12. Size and form actually do matter… • Scale the ratio of admin staff to # of users/content/courses • Recommended: 2 admins (3 max) • Clear roles and responsibilities Build the right Admin team 12 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 4
  13. 13. Get to know what works… then do more of that. • Use data to inform your publishing strategy • Course creation templates (e.g. course outlines, verbiage) • Course publishing checklists • Create & follow a course publishing style guide (verbiage, branding guidelines, etc.) Be Consistent with Course Publishing 13 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 5
  14. 14. People leave - c’est la vie ! Don’t be blindsided by a break-up… • Spend the time to document workflows/standard operation procedures (SOPs) • Think of training/succession planning • Use Wikis/intranets or SharePoint – any real time resource • Keep it tidy and up-to-date Plan Ahead for Business Continuity 14 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 6
  15. 15. For some people, schedules and audits can be aphrodisiacs… • Adopt continuous practices • Sprinkle LMS records managements check-ins into staff meetings or monthly check-ins • Discuss and agree on what sound data and records management practices are to your team • Check-in for consent & update practices as needed • Make democratic decisions: How do you name files? Where do you save them? What do you backup, and when? Embrace Regular Audits 15 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Tip 7
  16. 16. Quick Poll 16 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  17. 17. Naming Conventions Folder names? File names? How and where to save them? COURSENAME_designername_DDMMYY e.g. PRIVACYAWARENESS_DynaChan_12122019 Make the effort – words matter 17 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Cartoon source:
  18. 18. Plan ahead – spontaneity won’t work for long-term relationships… • Some examples of internal auditing tasks: • Course name cleanup • Course versioning archiving • Learning object archiving • User profile report (for merging duplicates or updating profiles manually) • Cleanliness is sexiness! Scheduled data cleanup 18 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  19. 19. Get your LMS team spiffed up with this guide! 19 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  20. 20. Keep in touch! • • • MmeLeahChang 20 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  21. 21. Questions? Thanks for joining us! 21 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  22. 22. Lambda Lab: Using the Files Data Source • Tuesday September 17, 10am PT / 1pm ET Lambda Lab: LMS Maintenance Made Easy – Storage, Backups, Archiving, File Uploads • Tuesday September 24, 10am PT / 1pm ET LMS Refresher: Getting New Admins Up to Speed • Tuesday October 8, 10am PT / 1pm ET Upcoming Webinars 22 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET
  23. 23. Contact Us 23 | WWW.LAMBDASOLUTIONS.NET Phone: +1.877.694.5289 Web: Email: