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Best Moodle Plugins for Multi-Language Capabilities


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One of the most commonly asked Moodle question is, “What languages is Moodle compatible with?” Moodle has its own out-of-the-box features, with over 100 built-in language packs that can easily be enabled, but there are also a few Moodle plugins available that provide extended multi-lingual capabilities. Join us on April 21st, when we will go through both the built-in, and extended Multi-Language Options available within Moodle LMS.

Watch the webinar to learn:

- Which multi-language capabilities are built into Moodle
- Which languages are available in Moodle
- How to enable multi-language filters in Moodle
- A demonstration of the Moodle Plugins that are available to extend multi-language capabilities

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Best Moodle Plugins for Multi-Language Capabilities

  1. 1. The Best Moodle Plugins for Multi-Language Capabilities Presenter: Nimritta Parmar Moodle Specialist: Ben Young E M P O W E R T A L E N T
  2. 2. Ben Young Director of eLearning Solutions Nimritta Parmar LMS Marketing Specialist Your Hosts
  3. 3. Totara & Moodle are 80% more cost effective Managed cloud hosting reduces your IT operating costs by more than 40% Over 12 years of experience and 600 customer implementations Lambda: Cloud Learning Management Experts
  4. 4. You’re in Good Company
  5. 5. Today’s Topics 1. Moodle’s out-of-the-box multi- language features • Language packs • Language settings 2. Moodle plugins • Multi-Language Content Version2 • Restrict by Language • Atto MultiLanguage Content Version 2
  6. 6. House Keeping 1. Audio 2. Poll Q’s & Post-survey 3. Q&A 4. Follow-up email
  7. 7. • Do you currently use Moodle LMS? – Yes, through a different vendor – Yes, self-hosted – No, not right now Poll Question 1
  8. 8. Out-of-the-box: Language Packs Language packs are used to change the language in Moodle’s interface. o Menu’s o Buttons o Settings o Labels Over 100 built in language packs available!
  9. 9. Language Packs continued You have 2 options for installing multiple language packs: • Installing from within Moodle • Installing manually
  10. 10. Moodle Plugins for Multi-Language The 3 Moodle plugins for multi-language capabilities 1. Multi-Language Content Version 2 2. Restrict by Language 3. Atto MultiLanguage Content Version 2
  11. 11. #1 Multi-Language Content Version 2 Content authored using the text-editor within Resources to be displayed or hidden based on a user’s language preference settings.
  12. 12. #2 Restrict by Language Restrict access to an activity or learning resources based on language settings in the user’s preference
  13. 13. #3 Atto MultiLanguage Content Version 2 Source: Brandon Hall Group, 2014 Facilitates the creation of multi-lingual content • User friendly editing icon • Rich text editor (Atto) • Tag bodies of text with appropriate language
  14. 14. Poll Question 2 • How many distinct groups of users do you have using different languages? – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4+
  15. 15. Questions? Ask Away Ben Young LMS Solutions Specialist
  16. 16. • Resources will be sent out in our follow-up email • PowerPoint • Recording • Satisfaction Survey Next Steps