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3 Ways You Can Influence Learning Outcomes by Managing User Experience


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In this webinar, we have covered exactly what makes a good user experience, how Moodle and Totara Learn LMS make it easy to implement for your organization, and what kinds of features to employ for the best eLearning results that will keep learners, teachers, and management happy.

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3 Ways You Can Influence Learning Outcomes by Managing User Experience

  1. 1. ACCELERATE LEARNING PERFORMANCE 3 Ways You Can Influence Learning Outcomes by Managing User Experience
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Ben Young, Lambda Solutions Director of Learning Solutions
  3. 3. ● Introduction to User Experience (UX) ● 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX ● 3 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes With UX ● Q&A Agenda
  4. 4. What is UX? ● The emotions and attitudes that users experience when they’re using a product, website, or service ● Influenced by visual design, functionality, and accessibility Introduction to User Experience (UX)
  5. 5. What’s the Difference Between UX And UI? ● User Interface (UI): The elements that allow the user to interact with a website or program ○ Example: Website Menus ● User Interface is only one factor that contributes to the overall User Experience Introduction to User Experience (UX)
  6. 6. Have you implemented strategies with the goal to improve the overall user experience? Poll ● yes ● no
  7. 7. Benefits of an Amazing User Experience ● Higher rates of engagement with course materials ● Improved learning effectiveness and skill retention ● A higher ROI from your training/learning investment. Introduction to User Experience (UX)
  8. 8. The Most Important Elements of UX for Learning: 1. Ease of access and use 2. Mobile (phone and tablet) optimization 3. Compelling and customized content 4. Branding and visuals 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX
  9. 9. 1. Ease of Access and Use ● UI designed to provide your learners with the freedom to learn how they want ● Simple, Intuitive, Fast ● Customized flexible Dashboards that boost engagement rates 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX
  10. 10. 2. Mobile Optimization ● Display quickly and correctly regardless of what device your users are using ● Utilize Dynamic Themes for an easy solution to multi-platform optimization ○ Move from non-responsive themes to responsive and/or mobile native themes for an improved user experience. 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX
  11. 11. What theme does your current LMS employ? Poll ● Responsive ● Non-responsive ● Native ● I am not sure ● I don’t use an LMS
  12. 12. 3. Compelling Customized Content ● Create content that users actually want to interact with ● Interactive Content options for compelling content delivery ● Automation makes things easier for the user and reduces labour costs 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX
  13. 13. 4. Branding and Visuals ● Remove ugly and unfamiliar visual design ● Stay properly branded for a consist experience that reduces user confusion 4 Crucial Elements Influencing UX
  14. 14. Benefits of an Amazing User Experience ● Increase course material engagement rates to improve training effectiveness and skill retention ● Reduce the monetary and time costs of onboarding and training ● Create customized content and user interfaces that easily and automatically deliver exactly what each individual user needs 3 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes with UX
  15. 15. How to Increase Course Material Engagement Rates for Improved Training Effectiveness and Skill Retention 3 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes with UX
  16. 16. How to Reduce the Monetary and Time Costs of Onboarding and Training ● No License Requirements ● Automated User Tours Put Onboarding on Autopilot 3 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes with UX
  17. 17. User Tours
  18. 18. User Tours
  19. 19. Customized Content & User Interfaces that Easily Delivers Exactly What Each Individual User Needs ● Customize Dashboards for user segmentation to provide exactly what’s required including notifications and updates ○ Totara: Managers needs to see learner reports/progress and enrollments, learners don’t need to see those extras ○ Moodle provides one dashboard with segmented sections/permission views 3 Ways to Improve Learning Outcomes with UX
  20. 20. Moodle Student Dashboard
  21. 21. Totara Learner Dashboard
  22. 22. Totara Administrator Dashboard
  23. 23. What learning outcome would you like to focus on? Poll ● Increase course engagement rates ● Reduce monetary and timely costs ● Create customized content and UI ● I am not sure ● I have no plans yet
  24. 24. # Questions
  25. 25. What’s Next Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 9 AM PT (12 PM ET) Live Webinar Threaded Learning: Instructional Design for Maximum Results nal-design-for-maximum-results
  26. 26. # Thank You!