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  1. 1. This is my production logo, I called it “Suspect Productions 2012” the name itself is a generic convention of my genre thriller, so I felt it was relevant to my film. I used images such as a detective and a bullet because they both relate to my title and are themselves generic conventions of a thriller.Suspect says to me “Mystery” I displayed mystery in my production logo through myneutral and dark colours, there is a lot of black throughout my logo. I purposely hid thedetectives identity yet again to link with the generic convention “Mystery”. Behind thedetective I added and effect accompanying the bullet to give the idea the bullet itself ismoving, I felt this suggests the action that consist in the film my production produces. Asa whole I feel my production logos features link well and consist of generic convention ofmy chosen genre this is why I had chosen to include these specific into it.
  2. 2. A production company manages the tasks in the centre of different media departmentssuch as performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video.• DreamWorks• Lionsgate• ParamountThe production company are in charge of many departments, theyre responsible forraising the money to fund the production of the film. They do this by sourcinginvestors, partners or seek help from parent companys an example of a parent companyis roc-a-fella films who could generate money from their roc-a-fella records to fund theproduction of their films. The production company are also in charge of departmentsaccompanying the film such as budgeting coming to a conclusion on costs ofproduction, scheduling looking a the duration tasks may take and deadlines, scriptingthe lines of the actors and direction of the footage, actors who will star in the productionitself, resources the cameras, equipment, settings and facilities used, staff , the crewinvolved in the making and production of the film, the production filming andediting, putting the final product together, distribution, getting the final product out to theaudiences (cinemas, channels, internet applications and DVDs and finally marketing, theadvertisement of the film.
  3. 3. Film distribution, a department of a production company, they may come as a team or be a individual person. The distributor gets the film out to the audience(s) they will set a release date(s) for the production, associated with the production may be several release dates for different events, events such as cinema release dates, DVD release dates, download release dates, television viewings and internet application release dates.Distribution may be done by the company alone if they own their own theatres orstudios. A company that is able to do this is Warner Bros as they have their owntheatre and studios situated in their theme park. Companys that don’t have their owntheatres go through other theatrical parties to showcase their production. Distributorshave several decisions to make and this isnt only the release dates they have todecide many aspects related to the product, what type of media they will be releasingtheir production onto HD, DVD or Blu-Ray, the country(s) theyre releasing theirproduction to, packaging, whether they will have a theatrical or non theatricaldistribution (meaning will it even make the cinemas or will it go straight onto a massdistributable hardware) and the audience
  4. 4. A film distributor I would choose to distribute my film is “Lionsgate” Iwould choose them for several reasons, theyre profession so theywill manage the production of my film efficiently and with integrity,dealing with every department strategically and according to my filmso all decision making connected to distribution is relevant andbeneficial to my film. They will have the best team and personnel todeal with each department.Theyre also well known, they will bring with the analready established fan base that will watch my film,providing it’s a success this will not only prove myselfto the distributor but also maybe set up plans forsequels and other business ventures with theparticular company. Movies Lionsgate have producedsimilar to mine are “Saw” where theres a maskedkiller and “American Psycho” where there is a killerpossessing a knife.
  5. 5. My film can be funded in many ways, through investors, private companys, the biggermore domestic films use this type of funding, lottery, smaller films use this particularfunding this is used widely in UK films such as “Harry Brown” did so. Televisionnetworks, films such as “The Inbetweeners” and “127 Hours” used television networksto produce and distribute their film. Parent companys, films such as “Paper Soldiers”and “Paid In Full” used this type of funding. Seeing as this is my first film, and I am asole production company I have no previous business history the possible funding Icould receive is a lottery fund, through television networks or investors and funding Icouldnt receive is from parent companys as I don’t have one. Looking at the possiblefunding I could receive I would choose investors this would guarantee money, amountsand percentages that can be negotiated. In return I would have to pay them backthrough the profits made of the distribution of my film.
  6. 6. Its important for me to have titles in my film because it doesn’t only give the audience aunderstand of whats happening in my film, and information on my film, but it alsoinforms the audience on those who are involved in the production of my film and alsogives those who helped produce my film the credit they deserve.
  7. 7. Films that have influenced me from the industry are “Saw” “Goodfellas” and “Taken” .They’ve all influenced me because of separate reasons, Saw influenced the maskedpredator feature in my film as Saw has this I felt it was an element that left mysterywhich could be prolonged and not get boring, this could even go onto sequels.Goodfellas influenced the unexpected elements of my film, Goodfellas had the elementof betrayal something you wouldn’t expect, the key words “wouldn’t expect” I altered thenarrative from betrayal to something that would be relevant to my thriller which was aunexpected intruder which I plan to be someone you wouldn’t expect it to be doingsomething you wouldn’t expect to happen. Finally Taken added and influenced thekidnapping and taking of a character element to my film.