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Tutorial of ISSUU

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Issuu tutorial Lama AZOURY

  1. 1. Lama AZOURYTutorial of IssuuIssuu –You PublishWe love publicationsShare and discover millions of amazing publications.
  2. 2. Lama AZOURYWhat is Isuu?Issuu is a free service that allows users to upload PDF, Word, Excel, andPowerpoint files to create "paperless" online magazines. Page turning and zoomoptions are all built into the technology of Issuu and are automatically activatedwhen the document is published. The online magazines you create can be embeddedin blogs, wikis or websites. Printing sharing, embeding or downloading pages fromyour magazine is quick and easy.Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customizable viewing ofdigitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers,and other print media. It integrates with social networking sites to promoteuploaded material. While most of the documents are meant to be viewed online,some can be downloaded and saved as well. Uploaded print material is viewedthrough a web browser and is made to look like a printed publication with ananimated page flip option. Issuu released Smart Look, which allows other websitesto convert their hosted documents to digital Issuu editions, so readers do not have todownload the documents to read them.Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform. Millions of people have uploaded theirbest publications to create beautiful digital editions.
  3. 3. Lama AZOURYI. OpenIssuu, Signup& Log inWrite Issuuin this part.Click EnterThen click onIssu-You Publish
  4. 4. Lama AZOURYOrWhen you click on the button “Create account” the page below will open. In this page youwill type your personal information (First Name, Last Name, Profile Name, E-mail, Password,Gender, Age). After, you click on the button “Agree and continue”.1) You cantype 2) Thenclick on thebuttonCreateaccount, ifyou don’thave anaccount onIssuu.
  5. 5. Lama AZOURYAfter you create your account, you receive a message on your e-mail to “Join Issuu”.And now, you have an account so you can “Login”.To “Login in” enter your E-mailor your Profile name then the Password and press on thekey “Log in”.You have anaccount so youcan press on thebutton “Login”.
  6. 6. Lama AZOURYII. What can you do on Issuu?When you “Login”, the page below will open, this is your “Home”.In this page you can:1-Search (Search Issuu):CheckImage 1& Image 2. (Page 9)2-Browse: Check Image 3. (Page 10)3-Upload: Check Image 4& Image 5. (Pages 11&12)123
  7. 7. Lama AZOURYImage 1:You can draw “Bill Gates”, but you can search in the documents.Image 2:You can draw “Bill Gates”, but you can search for people.
  8. 8. Lama AZOURYThe scope of Issuu is not only to upload your favourite publications for ease of sharing: youwill also be able to browse through what other persons have uploaded. Publications arecategorised and tagged for ease of reference. You will be able to browse through educational,inspirational, and many other types of publications by clicking on the Publications tab on thetop left hand side of the screen. By adding your friends as contacts, you will be able to followwhat they are uploading themselves and communicate with them through the internal emailingsystem.Image 3: Browse: publications, groups and people.
  9. 9. Lama AZOURYIII. Upload a file or from URL on IssuuImage 4:The waywe“Upload a file” on Issuu.You should give the file uploaded a “Title”.You should give the file a “Description”.For example: should give the file uploaded somekeywords. For example:lu,master
  10. 10. Lama AZOURYImage 5:The wayweupload from URL on Issuu.To upload from URL, youshould do the same steps asto upload a file, but youshould have the right topublish the file uploadedfrom URL.
  11. 11. Lama AZOURYIV. My Library on IssuuWhen you upload a file or you upload from URL, you can find the file uploaded in “MyLibrary” “My Documents”.My Library is the place where all your uploaded documents will be featured. Theywill appear onvirtual Shelves and you will be able to organise and move yourdocuments around on the different shelves.The menu on the left hand side of the screen will help you to organise your work,and your friends work, in a way that is easily recognisable for you. This isbecause Issuu, being a document repository and social networking site, allowsyou to add "friends", join groups and follow other peoples updated publications.There is also a handy internal mail which you can use to communicate with yourIssuu friends.From your library, you can also grab the relevant links and embed codes in orderto be able to embed the document into a website. In order to do this, follow thesesimple instructions:1. From your Home Page, click on My Library.2. Choose from your shelves the document you would like to work with.3. Click on Embed on the top right hand side of the screen. Choose thetype of code you want to work with - HTML, Blogger, Wordpress etc.
  12. 12. Lama AZOURY4. Scroll down and customise other settings, including layout, size, colourand theme, whether you want icons to appear on screen, whether yourpublication will be flicking automatically from one page to the next, etc. Assoon as you are happy with your settings, click and copy the EmbedCode itself from the top right hand side of the screen.5. Paste the Embed Code onto your blog or website.Files uploadedCheckImage 6(Page 15)You select a file (uploaded) andyou can move it to another folder.CheckImage 7(Page 15)CheckImage 8(Page 16)CheckImage 9(Page 17)
  13. 13. Lama AZOURYImage 6:The waywe create a “New folder”.Image 7:The waywe “Share” a file uploaded.
  14. 14. Lama AZOURYImage 8:The waywe “Edit”.
  15. 15. Lama AZOURYImage 9: Statistics: how many people are looking on my publications?
  16. 16. Lama AZOURYV. The importance of Issuuin educationIssuuis the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptionalreading experiences of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Millions ofpeople have uploaded their best publications to create beautiful digitaleditions.To integrate technology in education, as a teacher, I can use Issuu toPublisharticles, lessons, experiences, books, …to my students. And I canbe up to date with the news in relation with my career. And also studentscan be in contact with the news in the world, when they browse onIssuu.