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Red eye flight survival guide


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Lalitha Rao Pentapati provides a survival guide for red eye flights.

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Red eye flight survival guide

  1. 1. Red Eye Flight Survival Guide Lalitha Rao Pentapati
  2. 2. Schedule a Direct Flight While this isn’t always possible, you should look for the option anytime you need a red eye flight. Accepting connecting flights means layovers and switching planes. This is too much activity, especially at a time when you would rather just sleep through one long, straight flight.
  3. 3. Think about Seat Location The best thing you can do for yourself is to pick a window seat for your red eye flight. This is because you’ll find it easier to get comfortable by leaning up against the side with a pillow. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to get to sleep. Curl up in the corner and you’ll be fast asleep in no time.
  4. 4. Prepare for the Long Flight This means dressing comfortably, so it will be easier to relax. This is no time to worry about making good impressions, especially since everyone else will be trying to sleep as well. Also, consider bringing along your own blanket and pillow to make sure you’re prepared for a good sleep. Some people even bring along eye masks and ear plugs to keep the atmosphere of the cabin from interfering with their rest.