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Tms ppt


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TMS-Teacher Training Management System, is created by District Institute of Education and Training, Lucknow, to facilitate In-Service Teacher Training, making it meaningful and more outcome oriented.

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Tms ppt

  1. 1. Teacher Training management system: a step forward Lalita Pradeep Dy.Director(Edu)/Principal District Institute of Education and Training Lucknow-UP 18/02/2015
  2. 2. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgWhy TMS…? ME JOINING D.I.E.T Understanding new role and responsibilities Pink book Observing training schedules and content Identifying better Faculty in the business Understanding resources VISIT TO BANGALURU Provided me a trigger point More systematic on maintaining records ICT usage was amazing Training more managed
  3. 3. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgBRAINSTORMING THE NEW PROCESS Going digital Resource Planning Consultation with partners BEOs/BRCs/Faculty Consolidation of Approach financial as well as professional Creation of demands as client
  4. 4. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgPROCESS BUILDING COLLECT INTERACT IDENTIFY ANALYZE Interactions with stakeholders in execution Identifying fall outs in planning, execution and of reporting on INST Collection of data of pre-year (2008-2009) manually on INST Analyzing gaps to focus upon
  5. 5. TTMS 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013  Identifying areas  Developing a format for Teacher-profiling  Desktop Version Release  Started Planning trainings.  Staff Intervention and Trainings  Collecting teachers’ info manually thru BRCs  Central feeding of data  allotting UID (imp.)  Web Version Release  BEO Login and Orientation THE TTMS TIMELINE 2014
  6. 6. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgA Consultative Approach… Kept GOI in loop briefing on concept Presentation to Director, SCERT, over scenario based on manually collected data Range of trainings attended by teachers
  7. 7. TTMS Challenges…… Total Ad-hocism Repetitive workload Improper batching and matching Casual approach Laid back approach to record keeping No pre-planning Total Ad-hocism
  8. 8. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgThe Plunge…(software) TTMS is software helps D.I.E.T building training schedule based on needs and academic background, training history, positions, resource policy, and experience Manage Attendance Add Attendance for Trainings Manage Trainees Search Trainees Filter Trainees Manage trainee Profiles Identify Resource Persons Performance Reports Check Performance Reports Manage Training Dates. Staff Allocation. Resource Allocation. Plan Trainings
  9. 9. TTMS Each Teacher is given a unique Identifier for tracking his trainings
  10. 10. TTMS
  11. 11. TTMS
  12. 12. TTMS Training List Training Details Attendance Format
  13. 13. TTMS Filter Forms to filter and save trainee lists according to various attributes
  14. 14. TTMS
  15. 15. TTMS CONTROL OVER ENTIRE PROCESS Preplanning Appropriate batching matching Data helps in planning for next session MORE FOCUS Quality in trainings Customized demand need- based EVIDENCE BASED Provides an Evidence Based approach to training Policy Annual/intermediate reports SMOOTH TRAINING FLOW Control of program, persons, and of system How The New TTMS Process WORKED For Us EQUITY BASED Outreach in training more equity based Training needs addressed powerfully Trainings not disconnected
  16. 16. LINKAGES OTHER DIETS None with other DIETs technically, except sharing of concept SCERT Given inputs to SCERT for replicating in in State PRIVATE COLLEGES Private colleges into PSTs
  17. 17. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgFormats… Reformatting is on to capture more specialization Orientating BLOs/computer operators Current Format Data capturing thru BEOs Volatile and complex data
  18. 18. TTMS NEW FEATURES... Log in ID for BEOs Orientation workshops with BEOs Generating lists for batching matching Entering data from block offices Off load DIET’s massive job
  19. 19. TTMS http://ttms.dietlucknow.orgIN PIPELINE… 01 02 03 04 05 06 Guest corner for suggestions Feature for need assessment Auto report generation linking with mails Feedback from trainees To identify more specialization Linking with website
  21. 21. TTMS Icon Set Fully editable