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Worldwide Procurement Solutions

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Energy Tech Intl Group Wwp English 2012.V1.0

  1. 1. EnergyTech International Group, LLC Worldwide Procurement Solutions
  2. 2. About usEnergyTech International Group, LLC was founded by entrepreneurs witha clear vision of technology and supply chain management. With more than20 years experience in worldwide procurement and global sourcing, we aimto optimize supply capabilities in different markets around the world.
  3. 3. Market Focus Electrical Energy - Power Quality & Electrical Energy Efficiency Appliances… Instruments - Control - Automation - Gauges, Transmitters, Process Analyzers and Valves Solenoids… Telecom - Network Systems & Base Station Infrastructure…
  4. 4. Our VisionOur vision is to become a top procurement company that is respectedand recognized worldwide. We want to be in every company’s PreferredVendor System and actively be sourcing requirements at all times. A global company with local valueOur MissionTo provide worldwide sourcing facilities taking into consideration eachindividual customer requirement. To continue on a growth path, adaptingto evolving market trends and customer needs that will ultimately lead usto achieving customer satisfaction. The right people and the best service
  5. 5. Services Provider Our Locals channelsVendors Representative Manufacturers Logistic & Special ServicesWorldwide Procurement Solutions
  6. 6. Basic Supply Chain Scheme Raw Material Manufacture People, technology, activities,information and resources… Distributor Wholesales Reseller …involved in moving a product or service End Customer from supplier to customer
  7. 7. Supply Chain Management GlobalFulfill customer demands with most efficient use of resources Solutions Needs Raw Material Manufacture ET Intl Group End Customer D&T W R Minimal inventory Eliminate bottlenecks Distributor & Transport Wholesales Reseller
  8. 8. Supply Chain Optimized Worldwide Procurement Solutions Minimizing operating costs (manufacturing costs, transportation costs, and distribution costs) Meet a Customer Need Satisfying Customer ExpectationsSourcing strategically to strike a balance between cost efficiency and quality
  9. 9. SynergyManufacturer Sales Channels Energytech Intl. Group CustomersSupplier & Logistic the true value of supply chain management
  10. 10. ServicesWorldwide Services Worldwide Procurement Shortage Management for Purchase Services Searching on Global Market Pricing Master Contracts / Master Agreement Storage & Packing Special / Customized Orders
  11. 11. Products Manufacturers Our Line
  12. 12. Products ManufacturersELECTRICAL Electrical Energy Efficiency UPS – ATS - Surge UPS – Enclosure, Switchgear Terminal Compressor, Connectors, Tools Voltage Stabilizer – Electrical Transformer Battery Charger – Inverter – Rack Components Weld Connections, Grounding, Lightning Protection - Surge Electrical Transformer
  13. 13. Products Manufacturers AUTOMATION, INSTRUMENTS & CONTROLValves Solenoids, process valve automation, pneumatic & air Motion & Fluid Controlpreparation equipment sensors & pressure/temperature switchesGauges, Thermometer, Transmitter Flame Safeguard and Combustion ControlsDifferential pressure gauges and switches Differential pressure gauges and switchesProcess Analyzers, Dew Point Transmitters, Chilled Mirror Hygrometers,Oxygen Analyzers, Relative Humidity Instruments, Portable Hygrometers, Level Measurement SolutionsMoisture Calibration instruments, Quartz Crystal Microbalance
  14. 14. Products ManufacturersTELECOM Steel, cable accessories, grounding equipment and site hardware Network System, Base Station InfrastructureRectifiers, AC&DC Power System, Batteries, Inverter Enhanced Cellular CoverageNetworking and communications equipment(voice, data, video, and Internet communications across copper, fiber, and wireless network infrastructures) Enclosure AC Power Systems AC/UPS Specifications AC/UPS Battery Selection Grounding weld connection Ordering AC/UPS Systems Solar System Sizing
  15. 15. Valued
  16. 16. LocationsHeadquarters & Main HubMiami,FL, USA U.S. Central Operation Office & Warehouse Houston,Texas - USA South America Office & Warehouse Valencia,Venezuela Europe Office Basingstoke,UK
  17. 17. Contact usEmail: Worldwide Procurement Solutions