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  • Go to school, get your degree, get a job. Does this traditional path from education to employment make sense today for the hundreds of millions of learners around the world? Let's find out using the design thinking process.Your challenge is to redesign the school-to-work transition-Not totally, at some point of time education was relevant-Initial break was due to the curriculum in college-Later on it was based on performance and further learnings at workplace-Extra courses in decade helped for different kind of job..ex: courses in IT and hence the inital study in not related-10 yrs later, they can do anything and they will switch over domains-In depth knowledge in few things and wider coverage of other aspects, of everythings. Horizonal way of subjects than vertical.-Childern are exposed to so many things and bigger opportunites..-Online help is greatest help these days, we never had this 20 yrsbefore..Technology is so advanced to support this.-children dont go by the stress we had, even exams are not stressful to them anymore. -disadvantage is that brain for research is lost., which is painful and braindrain..once archieture is available -IIT expensive courses are from ppl tax, and goes to production factory-Alternative energy re-searchers are missing-big scientists are missing in india, involved in mass manufacturing only..-industry makes u think in a fashion-fear of non-acceptance.-
  • Prototype & test

    1. 1. Prototype & Test Lakshmi S August 19th 2013 For Design Thinking Action Lab
    2. 2. Step1-Create TWO different prototypes Redesign the school-to-work transition
    3. 3. Prototype 1 for Practical ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition Why The sketch I could come in the form of maze with 4 paths on a plain white paper, you could hear my testers’ voice when I video tape my prototype The confused student tries to take all 4 possible practical paths to reach his goal of getting work- experience. What -Sketch How After 6 months all learning did work for him
    4. 4. Prototype 2 for Disruptive Ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition Why Building which has a helipad. After 6 months all learning did work for him in the form of the student himself could either call this learning a myth as it involves costly design or the idea may (Assumption) may get used outside. What –Lego Building Blocks How I reused my 3 year old kid’s lego building blocks and try to depict a building. The same is captured as a video side by side to my ideate presentation
    5. 5. Prototype 3 for my favourite ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition Why Reading on my own and learning from famous writers and authors on topics So can catch up some reading and even enhance knowledge at own plan and risk What – Reading and gathering on my own How I do Google back to my “backup” laptop on famous authors writings’
    6. 6. Step2-Test the prototypes with peopleWho should I test the prototypes with How many tests should I do, and how? Capture the feedback Redesign the school-to-work transition
    7. 7. Few types on tests on my prototypes Redesign the school-to-work transition I could manage to do 3 tests. -One with my 9 year old on the sketch I could come in the form of maze with 4 paths on a plain white paper, you could hear her voice when I video tape my prototype -One with my interviewee itself, find attached the feedback grid. -One with my own self, and you can get the reflection done on that as below. What How During Recording my kids participated in testing the prototypes Playback the recorded movie
    8. 8. Feedback Grid Redesign the school-to-work transition +What worked Ms. Vasi quoted “You finally made it to prototype..” Δ What could be improved More time and flavor, aspects for interview process can improve Questions? Will I continue to invest on this ideas, prototypes' I gathered? !Ideas Was suggested to build up on solution proposals for this real world problem. Idea is to be publish this as a scope in academics and to preach in private institutes under our influence here To improve the life of corporates Tester(Same as the interviewee) feedback
    9. 9. Step 3 - Write a reflectionWhat you learned by testing your prototypes; What you would do next if you were to continue working on the project) Redesign the school-to-work transition
    10. 10. Reflection on my prototypes’ & testing them Redesign the school-to-work transition a. What you learned by testing your prototypes My learning is that testing a prototype with and without design process is not so simple for a less creative mind, but it can be as well if we put it little extra effort particularly for the problem to solution converging, while we get the problem statement/POV of the stakeholder we can arrive at the best prototype. As the solution space is so huge, we end up making redundant prototypes per-se but this is a learning of course. b. What you would do next if you were to continue working on the project. If I were to continue this project, as already indicated by my interviewee , I will try to do publicity of this concept of student to work the form of extending my learning to my peers and friends. I also plan to ask them to be part of such a learning process as we in turn become student and could see the things from their shoes, so back home my work-life can get better. What
    11. 11. Step 0 – Empathy Map & IdeateAs a background from previous week assignments’ Redesign the school-to-work transition
    12. 12. Say Online helps, performance based learning, brain drain, older curriculum Think 10year before and 10 year later Do Diving deep into the education details, on Indian Institute of Technology etc Feel Research as a background is missing, missing architecture Stake holder Redesign the school-to-work transition
    13. 13. Ms. Vasi, 38 year old software professional; mother of 8yr old,is talking about school to work transition, having vast experience in industry and better perspective of life Needs a way to improve re-search activities in top universities So that she can see a reverse brain drain happing in a decade from now Problem Statement Needs Insights Redesign the school-to-work transition Stake holder
    14. 14. Selected-Practical Ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition 1.Social networks Selected 1.Google Selected 1.Learn, assign, evaluate Selected 1.Move to next step based on evaluation Selected 1.Learn with feedback Selected 1.Both success and failures gives learning Selected 1.Scope of draining Selected 1.At high school research education Selected 1.At higher secondary level converge Selected 1.At college converge on subjects for research Selected 1.At college specialize Selected 1.At do dig deep and specialize a lot Selected 1.At post doctorial degree Selected 1.Deep dive into concepts Selected 1.Contribute in forums Selected 1.Nothing wrong on re-inventing the wheel Selected Why&HOW 1. Cheap accessible ideas are selected which any way come on the way of the student in his life 2. Made sure the ideas are implemented directly or as a prototype or even can be tried out What
    15. 15. Selected-Disruptive Ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition Why&HOW 1. Ideas which cause some side effects and not so easy to implement 2. Make sure they are not going to yield much of benefits What 1.Internet every where Disruptive 1.Easy accessible of knowledge Disruptive 1.Network should include family, friends, teachers Disruptive 1.Publicity not to get over shadowed Disruptive 1.More of confident behaviors with seniors Disruptive 1.Dedicated institutes Disruptive 1.Funding for research Disruptive 1.Theory to practical measurement to prove Disruptive 1.Not yielding fruits immediately-myth Disruptive 1.Long term results-realityCreate mandatory architecture Disruptive 1.Dynamic documentations Disruptive 1.Read relevant Disruptive 1.Always have a future thought Disruptive 1.Also spend time on what was in past Disruptive 1.Culture does come back Disruptive
    16. 16. Selected-My favorite Ideas Redesign the school-to-work transition Why&HOW 1. My feelings and emotional ideas and is expected in a ideal system 2. These are in connection to the system we are in(political, self centered) What 1.Missing experience in online tools My Fav 1.Seek with lot of feedbacks My Fav 1.Don’t fall to the trap My Fav 1.Comparative convenience and infra locally My Fav 1.Motivation from individuals My Fav 1.A particular tribe/community interest My Fav 1.Find a pattern across decades of learing My Fav