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Physician Email Lists


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There are several reasons why marketers prefer to invest in Lake B2B’s Physicians database – the most obvious being their ability to get data by categories. In countries like the United States and many others, the demand for Physicians by specialty has been rising steadily, with varying demand between urban and rural markets. A segmented list of Physicians make it possible for marketers to use data as per their campaign requirements and engage with Physicians as per business needs. Contact Us:
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Physician Email Lists

  1. 1. 7 Things to Know about Physicians (800) 710-5516 Created by: Lake B2B for Physicians Email List
  2. 2. In appreciation of Doctors and Physicians, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year on 30th March. MARCH 30 It is estimated that in the United States, there are currently almost 700,000 Physicians For more details on Physician Mailing List follow us on Facebook @lakeB2B
  3. 3. In the United States, almost 64% Physicians report working overtime Based on location (urban/rural) and patient demand, some Physicians work up to 60 hours/week There’s a lot happening in the world of Twitter @lakeb2b. Stay connected to know more on Physician Email Addresses
  4. 4. In the United States, even though the number of women entering the medical field over the years have gone up, they are earning almost 23% lesser than their male Physician counterparts In fact,Women Physicians are less likely to hold jobs in higher paying medical fields such as urologists, cardiologists, orthopedist, gastroenterologist etc. For ongoing business communications use our Physician Email Database or write in at
  5. 5. In a study conducted in 2014, it was found that almost 12 million people in the United States are misdiagnosed ever year! It is believed that overconfidence among Physicians and lack of feedback are the major factors affecting misdiagnosis Be up- to-date o Call us on our Toll FREE Number (800) 710-5516 for more details on customized Physician Email List
  6. 6. With reference to Doctor-Patient relationship, a research from Northwestern University revealed that 78.1% people wanted Physicians to shake their hands Almost 50.4% people wanted Physicians to use their first names during greetings To know more about our Physician Email Lists visit our website
  7. 7. Almost 76% Physicians believe that religion and spirituality help patients cope, while 74% agree that it gives them a positive mind set Among Physicians, though Psychiatrists are the least religious, they are the most curious about the religious and spiritual dimension of their patients For ongoing business communications use our Physician Database or write in to us at
  8. 8. Specialization is performed by most Physicians, mostly in order to earn better salaries and have flexible hours of work Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology are the two specialties with the most increase in number of enrolled students Call us on our Toll FREE Number (800) 710-5516 for more details on customized Email List of Physicians
  9. 9. Created For: List of Physicians Sources:;; physicians/; Image Source: Google Images (800) 710-5516