Photo curation in journalism


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What is photo curation and why is it important in journalism? What tools can journalist use to gather and display that content. What are the risks?

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Photo curation in journalism

  1. 1. Photo curation Ivan Lajara Oct. 8, 2013
  2. 2. What is photo curation? My definition: Curation refers to the filtered collection and display of content, either crowdsourced or from a feed. • TL;DR: A collection
  3. 3. What it isn’t Curation is not downloading photos and posting them or your site without permission. Work within the terms of service of the platforms you are using. Respect copyright (don’t upload AP photos, for instance) and remember that embeds are your friend.
  4. 4. Why curation? Because: • You can’t be everywhere; • More photos means more coverage; • Increases engagement and visibility; • Improves your relationship with your community; • It’s fun!
  5. 5. Why curation?
  6. 6. What stories benefit from story curated photos? • Breaking news • Festivals, fairs, parades, graduations and any event with large gatherings • Sports
  7. 7. What tools can I use to find content? Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Pinterest Tumblr Foursquare Use hashtags to crowdsource and follow a particular event
  8. 8. So how do I curate? • Reach out • Use hashtags • Do advance searches • Use third party tools: Banjo (app)
  9. 9. What tool can I use to publish that content • Native embeds • Storify • Rebelmouse • Media Center (slideshows) • Olapic
  10. 10. Be careful Confirm and verify, then retweet, reblog or embed. Real(!!!) Fake
  11. 11. Be extra careful during breaking news situations • Contact source • Check timeline of posts • Look at location • Use reverse image search, especially with dramatic images: (reddit)
  12. 12. Push hard Add widgets and promotion on your site, social media and print. People won’t just send you a photo because you sent a tweet. Contact the source. Ask for permission.
  13. 13. Crowdsourcing + curation = WIN
  14. 14. Storify allows you to add context
  15. 15. Rebelmouse
  16. 16. TIPS • During breaking news, search Twitter and Facebook. • Feed your website with your social media posts. If you are posting on social media you can also populate your site with that content. • Prioritize social media networks that create more engagement. • Crowdsourcing won’t work if people feel like you are not doing your job. Add a bunch of your own and invite people to contribute more.
  17. 17. FURTHER READING: • Curation in Journalism journalism Photo engagement in journalism engagement-in-journalism #dfmchat Wednesdays at noon!
  18. 18. Contact me • • • •