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  1. 1. Our region
  2. 3. Prienai
  3. 4. Šilavotas is named after a Lithuanian word ‘šilas’, which means “pine forest” because of its’ location near a large forest. The landscape surrounding Š ilavotas is very beautiful.
  4. 6. A chapel near the village. You can see a lot of chapels, wayside shrines or crosses in Lithuania. The historical past of Š ilavotas is remembered by the many barrows. Archeologist found some ancient things here.
  5. 7. The basic school in Š ilavotas. A sculpture made to commemorate 100 year celebration in 2002.
  6. 8. The church in Š ilavotas was built in 1902. Its towers are approximately 110 meters high and can be seen far away. A monument near the church in honour of those who died in the battles of Lithuanian resistance.
  7. 9. There are 33 hand-made mounds in the Prienai region, some covered by forests and hardly detectable, others visible rising in the middle fields. An impressive hand-made memorial mound near our village. A fish farm in Š ilavotas. They breed carps here. You can see a lot of birds here such as storks, swans and others.