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Inspire 2012 from voluntary to mandatory


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Presentation from the INSPIRE 2012 in Istanbul

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Inspire 2012 from voluntary to mandatory

  1. 1. From voluntaryto mandatoryNorway digital adapting to the INSPIRE directive
  2. 2. Introduction• The Norwegian SDI – piece by piece• Voluntary solution – how does it work• Adding a legislative frame – issues and concerns• Challenges ahead
  3. 3. Defining theinfrastructure• Responsibilities• Construction and tasks • Metadata and specifications • Means to discover, visualise and evaluate• Use of structure and available content • Access, payment, restrictions • Level of technology in the society• Financing
  4. 4. Building the Norwegian SDI Financing Norway Distribution digital system agreement Positioning in SOSI real Parcels time GEOVEKST Bathymetri AREALIS
  5. 5. Adding INSPIRE Spatial data Act Financing Norway Distribution Data sharing digital system and agreement public services Positioning in SOSI Standards real Parcels time GEOVEKST Bathymetri AREALIS INSPIRE directive
  6. 6. The voluntary solution POSITIVES NEGATIVESINTERNAL FACTORS • Building trust • Lack of predictability • Flexible • Progress may be slow • Each feel they can provide something STRENGTHS WEAKNESSESEXTERNAL FACTORS • Better use of public • Results too slow to keep funds up with developments • More efficient public bodies OPPORTUNITIES THREATS
  7. 7. The legislative solution POSITIVES NEGATIVESINTERNAL FACTORS • Predictability • Rigid • Clear responsibilities • No “ownership” to the goals • Might do as little as possible STRENGTHS WEAKNESSESEXTERNAL FACTORS • Predictability • Results not easily adaptable to technical • Rights to better access developments for the public OPPORTUNITIES THREATS
  8. 8. The challenge• Law is a tool – not a result• Preserve the positives • Trust and ownership • Flexibility• Counteract the negatives • Emphasise the positive side-effects • Ensure participation and development • Motivate for maximum effort • Provide financing solutions
  9. 9. Some legal issues• Participation • INSPIRE definition of ”public authority” and Norway Digital membership • Local communities• For environmental purposes • Only for international sharing
  10. 10. How do we do it?• Spatial Data Act defines the results • National spatial data co-ordinator• Participants decides how • Transparency and participation • Terms agreed between participants • User forums • National advisory board• Centralised solution to provide services