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Backup Solution on Microsoft Azure Stack


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In this demo session, i & HPE team has presented on HPE solution on MS Azure Stack and Veeam for protection & recovery.

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Backup Solution on Microsoft Azure Stack

  1. 1. Backup Solution on Microsoft Azure Stack
  2. 2. 120,000 >85% of Fortune 500 use Microsoft® Cloud Businesses are quickly adopting Microsoft Azure ® 715 million 120 billion 150 billion 2
  3. 3. Azure Hybrid Cloud Services Increase wallet share with steady stream of innovative services powered by HPE 3 Add services to increase wallet share TotalRevenue IaaS Resell Azure + Back-up Archiving + Disaster Recovery + App Migration Optimization + Mobile Access + PaaS for Cloud Apps Mobile, IoT, Analytics + Web Apps + Hybrid Apps + SaaS Apps Hybrid Management Services Traditional App Services Cloud App Services Including Azure Marketplace Including Azure Marketplace
  4. 4. Veeam – Background 4
  5. 5. Number of customers 255,000 Customers worldwide 3,500 + each month 13.3M VMs protected in 180 countries 56% of Global 2000 74% of Fortune 500 Welcome to Veeam Veeam’s Industry Leading Customer satisfaction score +73 5 297 1280 5825 15216 32497 57057 91055 130000 183000 235000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Awards+100 3x the industry average Satisfaction level – 8.510 Likelihood to renew – 8.810 Products features – 8.410 Sales effectiveness – 8.810 3.8 8.3 19.5 48.0 107.8 175.2 277.0 385.0 474 585 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Revenue bookings (M, USD)
  6. 6. Veeam Availability 6 Modern Data Center Virtualization Modern storage Cloud 24/7 operations No patience for downtime and data loss Growing amount of data Enable the Always-On Enterprise
  7. 7. Veeam Backup & Replication Server Public Cloud Managed CloudOn-Premise Data Center Veeam Proxy Veeam ProxyAgentless Veeam Proxy Scalable Veeam Proxy Veeam Agentless approach
  8. 8. Veeam Agent • Backup mode • Destination • Maintain # restore points • Scheduling and options
  9. 9. Configure Backup - Process 9 1 2 34
  10. 10. Configure Backup (Cont.) – Setting Up Schedule 10
  11. 11. HPE + Veeam Backup Solution on MS Azure Stack 11
  12. 12. Azure Stack: Backup (Microsoft view) Azure Stack infrastructure Azure Stack IaaS Azure Stack PaaS AdministratorExternal File Share Tenant Azure Backup LRS blob replica, blob snap
  13. 13. Why HPE + Veeam Backup solution on Azure Stack? Use Case HPE Azure Stack Veeam Microsoft Azure Backup Restore File System level YES * YES Restore VM in same Azure Stack infra YES ** NO Restore VM on secondary Azure Stack infra YES ** NO Backup / Restore from VMware ESXi YES ** NO Backup / Restore from MS Hyper-V YES ** YES Backup / Restore from Public Azure YES ** NO Backup / Restore from Other Clouds YES ** NO 13 * Veeam Agent installed at the VM OS ** Manual task required at this stage * Not available at GA
  14. 14. Azure Stack Backup Areas ManagementVMs IaaS VMs (Tenants) PaaS Tenant Data PaaSInfraVMs 14    
  15. 15. Backup / Restore from VMware ESXi infrastructure HPE ProLiant Azure Stack with Veeam Restore failed VM in same Azure Stack Backup / Restore in secondary DC Azure Stack Backup / Restore from MS Hyper V infrastructure Restore Files on OS Backup / Restore from Azure Public Service Provider. Are we ready ? I need to restore my VM in another DC I need to restore my ESXi VM in Azure Stack I need to restore my hyper-V VM in Azure Stac I need to restore my VM I need to restore a document I need to restore my Azure Public VM in Azure Stack HPE Azure Stack: IaaS Tenant VMs use cases
  16. 16. High level HPE Azure Stack / Veeam Backup Architecture 16 Production Storage Primary Backup Storage Backup SSL Backup Copy Cloud Gateway SSL Backup Copy Cloud Gateway WAN Accelerati on (Optional) WAN Accelerati on (Optional) Cloud repositories Veeam Backup & Replication and Cloud Connect ManagementVMs IaaS VMs (Tenants) PaaS Tenant Data PaaSInfraVMs Service Provider Infrastructure HPE ProLiant Azure Stack
  17. 17. Veeam Cloud Connect Architecture for Service Providers 17 • IaaS VM’s • PaaS Tenant data and VM’s - TBA • Azure Stack Management VM’s Veeam Backup & Replication, Cloud Connect Veeam Availability Console (Service Provider View) • Cloud VM’s • Cloud Guest OS/application aware files • Management VM’s Cloud Repository SP’s Target Backup Storage (e.g. HPE 3PAR / Apollo 4200) SSL Cloud Gateway
  18. 18. Veeam Cloud Connect Architecture for Tenants 18 • IaaS VM’s • PaaS Tenant data and VM’s - TBA • Management VM’s • Tenant OS files and application aware Veeam Backup & Replication, Cloud Connect VeeamAgent SP’s Cloud Repository (subscription based) SSL Cloud Gateway Azure Stack (Tenant) Veeam Availability Console (Tenant View)
  19. 19. HPE Azure Stack: Infrastructure Management VMs use case Veeam Backup & Replication – Available in the new Azure Stack Developer Kit (ASDK), Once the MAS appliance is setup to export the configuration to a File Share with Veeam Backup we could backup that file share.
  20. 20. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup to Cloud Service Provider
  21. 21. Veeam Cloud Connect –The easy, efficient way to get backups offsite to a Service Provider –Hosted offsite backups: Get backups offsite to a hosted cloud repository through an SSL connection and cloud gateway –Dedicated cloud repository: No need to invest in a second site for your backups –Modern backup architecture: Leverages Backup Copy jobs, Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS retention policies, and all the recovery options! 9
  22. 22. Veeam CloudConnect (For Service Providers): – CloudConnect is an abstraction layer between customers (tenants) and the HW resources local or remote within SP Data Centers. Customers will not have direct access to the physical storage, but only to the backup repository provided by the CloudConnect layer. – CloudConnect can define quotas for each tenant based on: –Logical Capacity utilization (NB not physical StoreOnce capacity after dedup) –Max concurrent jobs –Max MB/s – Veeam CloudConnect does not support deduplication appliance due to encryption. 22
  23. 23. Protecting Public Cloud VMs with Veeam Veeam can protect Public Cloud VMs with their solutions: • Veeam Agent for Windows • Veeam Agent for Linux Target repository can either be a disk, an existing Veeam Backup & Replication repository, network share or Cloud Connect Provider Cloud VMs Veeam Repository Veeam Agents for Windows and Linux Public Azure / Azure Stack
  24. 24. Backup as a Service Use Case Helping Service Providers with Big Capacity, Low Footprint, Low Cost − Backup over 150 TB to a single HPE Apollo 4200 server − Provide up to 5.6 PB of storage with 42U rack of HPE Apollo 4200 servers HPE Apollo 4200 Server Scale out your Backup as a Service to hundreds of customers 1 + 1 = 3 HPE + Veeam Better Together 21© Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
  25. 25. Veeam Licensing 26
  26. 26. Veeam Licensing commercials & pricing # Scenario/Use Case # of Veeam Licenses Required VAS Enterprise VBR Enterprise Veeam Agent Windows Veeam Agent Linux VCC- Backup 1 Azure Stack Tenant VM, backup & restore a file from the VM 1 x x 2 Azure Stack Tenant VM, restore in the same Azure Stack 1 x x 3 Backup & Restore Azure tenant VM to another Azure Stack 1 x x 4 Backup & Restore from an VMware ESX to a Azure Stack 1 x 5 Backup & Restore from an MS Hyper-V to a Azure Stack 1 x 6 Backup & Restore from an Azure Public to a Azure Stack 1 x x 27 x = Number of licenses equal to number of VMs # Veeam License (Per VM/Server / workstation per month) MSRP Unit ($) 1 VAS Enterprise $ 12.37 2 VBR Enterprise $ 8.89 3 Veeam Agent for Windows (VAW) $ 16.13 4 Veeam Agent for Linux (VAL) $ 16.13 5 VCC-Backup (VM) $ 6.04 6 VCC-Backup (Server) $ 8.71
  27. 27. Veeam – Demo Session 28
  28. 28. Demo Scope – Provisioning a VM with Veaam Backup Agent Installed as an Azure Stack VM Extension – Getting into a Veeam installed VM to monitor on the installed agent UI – Brief walkthrough on File based restoration activity using Veeam Agent – Quick explanation on types of location to be defined as targets for backup (e.g. repository for service providers and local storage or SMB File Share for tenants)