2012 PhaRma Cataloge


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2012 PhaRma Cataloge

  1. 1. iPad Books Charts2012 PhRMA Compliant. P a t i e n t E d u c a t i o n To o l s www.lpromos.com Models
  2. 2. BSI Authorized Representative Body Scientific The first iPad Anatomical Charts Over 70 charts and growing! Available in the app store now. Body Scientific is the first to publish anatomical charts on the iPad. Now patients can view wall charts found in the doctors offices right on their iPad. Each chart is displayed as if hung on a cork board. Rotate your iPad to get a portrait or landscape view. Double click on any of the images and zoom in. A terminology sections is availabe in every chart. Body Scientific Patient Books on the iPad Body Scientific is also the first to publish patient education specific books on the iPad. Tabs at the top of the screen display the table of content for easy navigation. Each book has an amazing range of color and concise information which will engage and inform the patient. iPad app with patient education anatomical charts and books. iPad Promotion – Charts, books and more on the iPad App is can be branded and customized! iPad is the perfect medium to get your message out to a broad audience. A great stand alone promotional product, or even better as a companion promotional product. An example of how to utilize the iPad medium: Body Scientific will create an amazing, printed animated patient book for you to distribut to the phycisian’s office. The phycisian will use the book to educate their patients. When the patient goes home, they’ll download the iPad book version and continue to be educated and provide further exposure to your branded. Additionally, Body Scientific can provide some useful marketing feedback monthly on how many apps were downloaded, so you can measure your success with actual data. Call today to discuss developing your iPad app.2 For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com 3
  3. 3. BSI Authorized Representative NEW Body Scientific Charts that stick around! Anatomical Post-it® and ClingZ® Charts Colorful, durable and cost effective Custom or Standard Die-cut High quality printing on heavy stock paper 3D patient anatomical models Stock and Custom Anatomical Models. New 3M™ Post-it® Anatomy Charts NEW Body Scientific Product. Body Scientific has standard anatomical models and also designs custom models. Designed right here in the USA, we utilize a blend of traditional and 3D techniques. We then incorporate our expertise in print design to create a The Health Care Professional can peel and stick your final product that is outstanding! PhRMA compliant, patient education tool on any << ake it your M surface in the office without making a mark. We provide solutions with every own with model. After listening to our Post-It-Anatomy charts are the perfect union of 3M our ability to customer we then design a technology and Body Scientific illustrations and customize any model presentation that strives designs. stock model to exceed their expectations. Post-It Anatomy charts are printed on heavy, quality stock paper, backed with 3M adhesive Post-It We incorporate educational material and will stick to virtually any surface. cards that are truly useful Reposition the Post-It Anatomy chart without and extremely durable. We damaging the surface. make amazing engineering designs, like on the clear knee model below that Exclusive Die-Cuts: Long lasting appears as thou the top Each Post-it Anatomy chart has a unique die-cut Physician preferred bone is hovering over the shape that can be exclusively yours with the order. lower bone. Designs that only Body Scientific can Cost Effective: accomplish. You’ll be excited to know that this high quality product is an affordable solution to static cling products. Custom Design Brand-It: Every design is imprinted with the product brand and any legal information as required. Stock Designs Detailed Manageable Variable Data anatomy size to fit on any printing surface Choose 3M®’s Post-it Custom Printed Poster Paper for quick and easy application anywhere! Cost effective Body Scientific Spiral Books Create a custom book for your brand. Patient friendly, Spiral books and easels are a great product to PhRMA compliant have in a doctors office. In-depth information can be conveyed to the patient in a clear and concise manner. Desktop size, allows for it to be always visible We understand overseas on a doctors counter while taking up minimal amount manufacturing. of space. A variety of shapes and sizes are possible We travel to asia on a regular giving your brand a unique appearance. Combine a basis and work closely with our spiral with a 3D chart cover for extra impact. production partners to delivery quality models every time.4 For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com 5
  4. 4. BSI Authorized Representative • All the Impact of an Animation. Introducing NEW Body Scientific • All the Substance of a Book. Animated Books™* • tate-of-the-Art Medical S Illustrations and Text. • Serious Learning Tool A Everyone Will Enjoy. Lenticular technology Animated Books™ for Patient Education Internal pages educate and engage For the first time, an anatomical animation Medical illustrations cover 100% of every is available in a book. Using state-of-the art page. Pictures tell the story, engage the illustration and lenticular translation software, reader, convey essential information, we have created a high impact product for and aid easy comprehension and enjoyment. patient education. Patients will enjoy the animations found Each title covers a specific disease or disorder, throughout the books, strategically highlighting both normal states and pathological changes. Striking, clear images • Printed on durable card stock designed to show both normal bring descriptive text to life. Readers conclude with a list of facts and healthy tips. • Lenticular images physiology and disease progression. These striking animations are fast Unique Design: Only Body Scientific brings you moving lenticular images with die- • 16 available titles becoming invaluable and endurable cut contours. Our special printing process creates an interactive tool that vividly learning tools in physician • nlimited custom options U animates and clearly explains. offices. • Unlimited new titles Sturdy Construction: Printed on heavy gauge card stock, our books have quality you can see and durability you can feel. No two are shaped alike. Approximate • Fast turnaround time dimension 6.5 x 7.5 inches. • Delivery schedule Brand-it: We can customize any book with your corporation or product logo. • Unique way to promote the brand Ideal for the physician office and for schools.6 For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com 7
  5. 5. BSI Authorized Representative Body Scientific Animated Books™ Lenticular technology for Patient Education 9 more reasons to be excited this year. Now available in 2012... and more on the way.fic International, LLC - USAture Company Limited, Ltd. Understanding www.bodyscientific.comScientific International, LLC 6839 Spondylosis 8 For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com 9
  6. 6. BSI Authorized Representative Body Scientific Anatomical Charts LAMINATED | REPOSITIONABLE | 3 DIMENSIONAL | SPIRAL BOUND | LARGE OR SMALL Learning about the Human Skeletal System Parietal bone Axial Skull About the skeleton (Gray) Sphenosquamous suture Coronal suture Sphenofrontal suture Skeletal System Synovial Joint Temporal bone Frontal bone Frontal Sphenoid bone Parietal The skeletal system is a bony structure Joint capsule Squamous suture Synovial membrane Nasal Temporal Nasal bone that supports the body, protects internal organs and produces blood cells. Each Synovial fluid Nasal Concha Sphenoid Lambdoid suture Lacrimal bone bone is an organ that contains bone, Cartilage Zygomatic nervous, vascular and cartilagenous Bone Vomer Occipital bone Zygomatic bone tissues. When we are born the body Maxilla Anterior nasal spine Mastoid process Maxilla consists of 300 bones. But as we grow, Mandible some of these bones fuse and as an adult we External acoustic meatus C4 have 206 permanent bones. The bones of the Zygomatic arch Mandible Epiphyseal line C5 Manubrium skeletal system are joined together at junctions Spongy bone C6 Sternum called joints. Some joints, such as compact bone C7 Clavicle suture joints of the skull, provide Medullary cavity T1 Acromion little to no movement, while synovial T2 Coracoid process joints like the shoulder, fingers, knee and hip allow flexibility and R2 R1 Greater tubercle Head of humerus Ear (ossicles) Arteries Incus movement between bones. Keeping Yellow marrow R3 Scapula joints healthy throughout life is important to having good mobility. Compact bone R4 Humerus Periosteum True Malleus R5 ribs (10) Costal R6 cartilage Stapes Left Hand R7 T11 Coronoid fossa (posterior view) FR11 T12 Lateral epicondyle R8 Capitellum Vertebrae FR12 L1 Medial R9 epicondyle Trochlea R10 L2 1 C4 Phalanges 2 Radius L3 Greater 3 Distal Ilium 8 Middle Ulna bone sciatic notch Atlas (C1) Cervical Proximal L4 Axis (C2) C1 - C7 Iliac crest 9 6 L5 7 Distal Proximal Anterior iliac spine: superior Sacrum inferior 6 1 T6 Head Ischial 3 2 Metacarpal spine Greater bones trochanter Coccyx Thoracic T1 - T12 8 Hamate Neck 4 Pisiform Carpal bones Carpal Lesser 5 trochanter (on palmar side) Trapezium 9 Triquetrum Ischium Pubic Obturator Trapezoid bone symphysis foramen Lunate Metacarpal Capitate Pubis Pubic bone tubercle Scaphoid 3 2 1 L3 6 Phalanges 8 Lumbar 4 L1 - L5 9 Lateral View Abbreviation Key C1 to C7 Appendicular (cervical vertebrae) Vertebrae Key skeleton Femur Sacrum 1) Spinous process Skull (Brown) T1 to T10 S1-S5 2) Lamina (thoracic vertebrae) 3) Superior articular facet Mandible Coccyx 4) Pedicle Cervical vertebrae 5) Costal facet L1 to L5 Co1-4 Hyoid (lumbar vertebrae) 6) Transverse process Scapula 7) Transverse foramen Manubrium Medial epicondyle R1 to R10 8) Vertebral foramen Humerus (arm bone) Sternum Lateral epicondyle 9) Body Cartilage (ribs) Thoracic vertebrae Lateral condyle Ribs Patella FR11 FR12 (false ribs) Left Foot Medial condyle Anterior (dorsum) Ulna Lumbar Tibial tuberosity Radius vertebrae Phalanges Sacrum Distal Coccyx (tail bone) Tibia Middle Distal Ischium Proximal Proximal Carpals (wrist) Fibula Metacarpals (hand) Phalanges (fingers) Metatarsal bones Femur (thigh bone) Tuberosity of 5th Cuneiform bones Patella (knee cap) metatarsal bone Medial Intermediate Tibia Lateral Tarsometatarsal joint Fibula Medial malleolus Navicular bone Cuboid bone Calcaneus Lateral Tarsus (ankle) Navicular malleolus Transverse tarsal joint Talus Metatarsus (foot) Cuneiforms Phalanges (toes) Metatarsals Phalanges Calcaneus ©2009 Body Scientific International, Llc. | All rights reserved | www.bodyscientific.com | BS106 BS136 - Osteoarthritis BS148 - Cholesterol BS126 - Complications of Diabetes BS104 - Digestive System Anatomy BS105 - Anatomy of the Human Brain BS106 - The Human Skeleton BS127 - Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose BS128 - Exercise for Diabetics BS129 - Insulin Injections BS107 - Urinary System BS108 - Female Reproductive System BS109 - The Human Eye What hangs around for years in a doctors office? A Body Scientific Chart. • Many standard charts available. • ustom designs are available and C typically take between 2 6 weeks to complete. • olorful, educational and well C received by physicians. • Cost effective way to promote a brand. BS130 - Medications for Diabetes BS131 - Nutrition for Diabetes BS110 - Organs of the Human Body BS103 - Anatomy of the Lungs BS112 - Rheumatoid and Degenerative Arthritis10 For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com For more information Call: 703.753.4469 or visit our website at www.lpromos.com 11