Gypsum Division Presentation Dec 2008


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Presentation on the Lafarge Gypsum Division as of December, 2008.

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Gypsum Division Presentation Dec 2008

  1. 1. GYPSUM Gypsum Key Figures December 2008
  2. 2. Lafarge in brief World leader in building materials Leadership positions in all our Businesses World leader in Cement No. 1 in Aggregates & No. 3 in Concrete No. 3 worldwide in Gypsum Operates in 76 countries Employs 90,000 people 2,000 industrial sites worldwide 17.6 billion € in Sales 1.9 billion € in Net Income Group share (2007) Listed on Euronext Paris stock exchange Date 2
  3. 3. A balanced worldwide presence (2007) 8,8% 10,0% 9,7% 35,7% 5,0% Sales by Sales by 4,2% 53,8% business line geographic area 37,4% 8,3% 27,1% Western Europe North America Cement Central and Eastern Europe Aggregates & Concrete Mediterranean Basin and Middle East Gypsum Latin America Sub-Saharan Africa Asia Date 3
  4. 4. GYPSUM Gypsum N° 3 Worldwide
  5. 5. 2007 Key figures 8,000 employees €1.6 billion in sales 15 % 28 % Sales by Sales by geographic area 56 % business line 16 % 85 % Plasterboard & associated Western Europe North America systems Others products Other regions Date 5
  6. 6. An extensive industrial worldwide presence Date 6
  7. 7. Health & Safety Vision We want to join the “Health & Safety World Class” We are proud to work in a clean and injury free environment Our behaviour demonstrates HS is a ‘core value’ on site and everyone recognises this value. HS is a strong driver in the decision making process and becomes a key lever of Operational Excellence Date 7
  8. 8. Safety: the n° 1 priority to achieve excellence The best organizations in terms of Health & Safety = the best performers in their sector Operational discipline Motivated work force Excellent overall communication Strong corporate image Full integration of safety in business processes Accountability for safety performance © Phototèque Lafarge / Alam Beg Imtiaz / Interspeed Visible leadership Safety is at the heart of our values and our performance culture Safety is Lafarge’s number 1 priority Date 8
  9. 9. Date 9
  10. 10. Innovative Research & Development With a strong understanding of our customers’ needs, we develop innovative solutions to meet their expectations: Collaborate with architects to make advances in construction methods (aesthetics, height, new design, energy efficiency) Respond to and anticipate client needs to produce quality, effortless, noiseless and less expensive solutions and improve conditions on work sites Design products with added value and solutions Lead the way in sustainable construction Date 10
  11. 11. Innovative solutions for interiors Plasterboard is a polyvalent and infinitely recyclable material. It enables buildings to progress in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Its thermal efficiency capacity and hydrometric characteristics are unique for building N° 3 worldwide in Gypsum DR Mediatheque Lafarge 77 industrial sites in 28 countries Differentiated products Plasterboard systems, gypsum blocks and plaster for construction and decoration finishing work, new construction and renovation Strong and competitive positions in our markets The market leader in Asia Fast internal development to bolster our positions, support market growth and move into new markets Track record in successful innovations Deco, Synia™, Platec™ Date 11
  12. 12. A Significant Development Program Building new capacities to keep pace with market growth and enter new markets A program to increase capacity by 30% between 2006 and 2010 US, Vietnam, Mexico, Romania, South-Africa, UK, Ukraine, South-Korea, India, china, Spain, Turkey, Colombia A strategy to accelerate product innovation Through accelerated innovation pace and the fast spread of value-added products in our markets to reach 20% of sales coming from innovative solutions With better quality and more value-added services Date 12
  13. 13. Gypsum Division CEO Christian Herrault Technical & Manufacturing Southern Europe Michel Edmont Bernard Lekien Sales – Marketing - Innovation Northern Europe Formulated Products Mark Crump Bernard Fauconnier Australia – Brazil - Turkey Gypsum Resources Paper – Floor Screeds Mehdi Sinaceur Jean-Louis Touati Strategy – Environment Africa – Middle East – Balkan - Romania Mehdi Sinaceur Jean-Louis Touati Group Resources Finance Asia Valérie Bazin Frédéric de Rougemont Human Resources Latin America Philippe Jacquesson Jean-Michel Desmoutier Communication North America - Mexico Marlene Oliveira Ike Preston Date 13