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  1. 1. For the first time home buyer, who may be trying towade through all the technical terms associated with the purchase of a home, some of the terms can be quite confusing. Terms such as "Mortgage calculator", "Mortgage rates" and even "First Time Home Buyer" can bring undue stress to the uniformed calculator UK
  2. 2. To begin mortgage calculator UK with, do not be confused by thefancy terminology associated with the term "Mortgage Calculator" Inindustry terms all that a mortgage calculator means is that it is awonderful tool that real estate professionals use Some of theassociated factors that will probably be considered in this term"Mortgage Calculator" will be: -Cost of the home you may desire topurchase
  3. 3. -How much can you afford to pay on a monthly basis? -How muchwill the bank charge you to loan you the money, in the first place?-How long are you planning on keeping the loan? First, the basicinterest rate the bank will charge you to borrow the money is the firstitem on the agenda In the documents that you will be reading thiscan very often come under the heading of something called the"APR"-or "Annual Percentage Rate" Next, the term "points" issomething that may be brought up in the discussion of the costs thatmay be associated with the loan you are trying to get for thepurchase of your new home
  4. 4. "Points" are nothing more than an assigned percentage that afinancial institution will charge you to help recover the costs theyhave to pay to help provide you and service the loan itselfSometimes, you may be able to reduce the amount of interest youwill pay over the life of a mortgage loan, if you are willing to pay afew "points" at the inception of the loan Next, are some of the basicfees that pretty much every mortgage loan will have applied to it, justas part of the normal loan process
  5. 5. The fees are fairly common to almost all mortgage loans and shouldsimply be considered part of the cost These fees may include suchthings as document costs, transfer fees, title fees and/ormiscellaneous fees themselves These fees can be fairly standardacross certain regions of the country but will always be a normal partof the loan process and, simply, cannot be avoided
  6. 6. Further, more detailed questions about the purchase of your firsthome, you will want to ask of a mortgage professional that you havecome to know and trust Rest assured, they have helped many firsttime home buyers to obtain the home of their dreams and they willbe more than happy to try and assist you in the process, as well
  7. 7. mortgage calculator UK