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  1. 1. Article syndication or article submission, as it is popularly known, is a process of creating search engine optimized articles that are published on article submission directories/websites to create traffic and back-links for the seo
  2. 2. Article submission services are effective because they provide bothquantity and quality to the business, and the google seo whole SEOoperation When you produce a well-crafted article and submit it to qualityarticle submission websites, you are not only taking care of the qualityaspect of the process, but are also working to generate as muchback-links as you can Back-links are generated in different ways Youcan put the links in the article body, which some but not a lot of websitesallow or you can put it in the author resource box where you give a briefintroduction of yourself and of your business, and this is generallyaccepted by all top article submission websites
  3. 3. You also have a chance of generating quality back-links if your articlegets republished on another website Article submission directories arecrawled by webmasters and regular users both If a webmaster or ablogger is looking for a particular piece of information and your articleprovides that, they can get your article republished on their own websiteor blog This way, you are getting quality back-links from other websitestoo
  4. 4. Search engines place great value on back-links that are coming fromother quality websites that are not your own Submitting high qualityarticles also enables you to put your stuff out there where people arealready looking for information So, instead of you waiting for the rightpeople to see what youve got, you can take a proactive approach andpublish what you want to say in a directory where people are alreadywaiting for accurate, thorough and updated information
  5. 5. When it comes to routing relevant traffic to your website, very few SEOtechniques work as effectively as article submission does When peoplewant to search information on a search engine, it routes all kinds of trafficto your website whether it is relevant or not Of course it is relevant mostof the time, but the traffic you get to your website from a high qualityarticle directory is the most relevant that you can get
  6. 6. Another great way how article submission services help improving SEOis that they allow you to target keywords that will lead traffic to the internalpages of your website Many article directories allow up to two links in theauthor bio box, and you can decide whether you want visitors looking atinternal pages of your website if those contain substantial content Theseare just some of the many ways in which article submission services canhelp you improve your search engine rankings
  7. 7. To make the most of it just remember to create content that can provideworthwhile and reliable information to the visitor Remember, it is not onlysearch engine rankings at stake, but your credibility as an industry experttoo; keep both intact
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