Sponsors Update March 2011


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This is for a post for Ryders Eyewear Australia’s Facebook page. It is a Season sponsors Update from Michael Pratt an athlete that Ryders Eyewear Australia sponsors.

You can follow them on Facebook at

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Sponsors Update March 2011

  1. 1. Sponsors Update March 2011It has been an unusual start to the season so far after returningfrom the Worlds and going back into a base training phase.I have seen several of my competitors flying early in the season,but have stuck to the plan to peak later in the season for theSydney round of the World Championships series, which is alsothe final race in the Australian Championship Series.I had a good comeback to racing in February with a 2nd placefinish in the Xosize series enduro race at Elwood. It was a realding dong battle with former World Champion Peter Treppowho just gained a little too much on the second swim for me toreel him in on the bike and run.Next up was the first race of the Australian ChampionshipSeries at Geelong, I knew I was a little underdone but hoped fora podium finish to set me up for the rest of the series.Unfortunately I got a little off course in the swim as we swaminto the rising sun, but a strong bike and run had me closing on that podium finish before pulling upjust a little short in 4th.The Victorian Sprint Championships were next and after a week spent tweaky my position on theawesome Specialized Shiv I recorded the fastest bike split and an overall finish of 3rd.It seems strange not to have had more wins by this time of the season, but the plan is in place andevery training session and race I am getting quicker. It is also gratifying to know I would have wonthe age group below in these races! Plus the only athletes to beat me are former Pro’s or WorldChampions so it’s not that bad. With 2 and 4 weeks to go to my goal races at Mooloolaba and Sydney I am in good shape and improving rapidly, now to make that next step in the races. Thanks to Championship Systems for supplying the best suit I have ever worn (pictured above and across) To Top Gear Cycles for their work on my position on the Shiv, oh what a machine! Finally to Ryders Eyewear for their awesome new 2011 models including the Nitro, surely Mooloolaba will bring us the sun we have been missing in Melbourne to properly test them! Ciao Michael Pratt