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Real logic presentation june 2010 - kf

  1. 1. The Small Business Development Corporation Real Logic networking session – June 2010 Presented by Kym Francesconi
  2. 2. My business vision • Is it a clear vision? • Is it realistic and attainable? • How are you going to make it happen?
  3. 3. Vision statement • The first step to achieving your vision is to write it down - create a vision statement for your business. • Keep this statement visible so you don’t forget your goal – quote it to staff, pin it up on your office wall, write it on a post it note – make yourself accountable for that vision!
  4. 4. Setting SMART goals • Specific • Measurable • Actionable • Realistic • Timed
  5. 5. Top 5 business tips 1. Work ON your business not IN your business. 2. Set up systems that work. 3. Surround yourself with good people. 4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and continue to learn. 5. Target your marketing!
  6. 6. Is BiZ FiT for me? • Are you keen to hear tailored economic forecasts of your area? • Would you like to “polish up” your business skills? • Are interested in growing your business? • Do you want to have the confidence to be in control of all parts of your business? YES, then BiZ FiT is for you!
  7. 7. Who should attend BiZFiT events? • Good for established businesses. • New businesses, or people interested in starting a business, can also attend. • Aimed at business owners and operators. • Key staff are also encouraged to attend.
  8. 8. What will I get out of it? • The skills to work smarter to increase profits. • The knowledge to sustain and grow your business for the long term. • Tips on how to improve work life balance. • A real advantage over competitors.
  9. 9. How does BiZ FiT work? There are 4 elements to BiZ FiT... • Local Business Forums • Pulse Checks • Extend 2 day course • Scholarships
  10. 10. BiZ FiT Local Business Forums • Two-hour duration. • Provides a snapshot of current and future key economic, social and financial information. • Shows you how these factors directly impact your local economy and your business.
  11. 11. BiZ FiT Pulse Checks • FREE, comprehensive, one-on-one consultation about your business with an experienced advisor. • Identify your businesses strengths and weaknesses. • Discuss with a specialist business advisor the priority actions you can take to grow and strengthen your business.
  12. 12. BiZ FiT Extend • Two day course run in partnership with Curtin Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship • Set and reach new goals and learn practical, real skills that support daily operations for the long term benefit of your business. • Course covers 4 major areas:- • Financials • Marketing • Implementing systems • strategic planning skills
  13. 13. BiZFiT Scholarships • Limited number of BiZFiT Scholarships available. • For business owners interested in completing additional training in business management and operations. • Scholarships will provide funds to substantially subsidise course fees. • One of the requirements to be considered for a scholarship is to attend a two-day BiZFiT Extend program.
  14. 14. What does BiZ FiT cost? As the program is being heavily subsidised by the WA Government, all elements come at a very affordable cost. • Local Business Forum = $20 per person • Pulse check = FREE • Extend 2 day course = $200 per person • BiZFiT Scholarship = cost on application
  15. 15. How do I register for BiZ FiT? • All elements of BiZ FiT are available around metro and regional WA. • Delivered through SBDC and the Small Business Centre network.
  16. 16. Other services offered by SBDC • Specialist business advice • Business Information and License Centre • Small Business Advocacy Service • Workshops • Networks • Small Business Centres
  17. 17. Specialist business advice • Experienced advisors • FREE appointments • Specialist areas, such as… • Exporting and franchising • Leasing • Business planning and structures • Financial management and taxation • Tourism • Marketing • Labour relations
  18. 18. Business Information and Licence Centre (BILC) • Business license requirements • Free information sheets • Online information terminals • ATO advisor • Employment advisor • Business books and publications
  19. 19. Small Business Advocacy Service Dealing with government (local, state and federal ) can be complicated and time consuming. The SBDC Small Business Advocacy Service provides:- – Free, confidential guidance and support – Investigates issues for small businesses – Provides useful contacts and links to other services – Facilitates solutions in areas such as business licensing, trading with government, negotiating planning issues at all levels, regulation reduction
  20. 20. SBDC Workshops • Biz Basics – how to start a business • How to Buy a Business • Contracting Today • Employment Today • Home Based Business • How to Get a Business Loan • Getting your Business on the Web • Feasibility of your Business Idea • Introduction to Market Research • Introduction to Business Planning • Costing and Pricing of Goods and Services • Marketing and Promoting your Business
  21. 21. SBDC Networks • Women in Business Network • Small Business Exporters Network • Home Based Business Network • Young Business Network
  22. 22. Small Business Centres There are 26 small business centres throughout metropolitan and regional WA offering a range of small business services such as:- – Workshops – Business support – Mentor Programs – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) – Referral to specialist advisers (accountants, lawyers)
  23. 23. How to contact the SBDC? 131 BIZ (249) Or, come and see us in person at… 553 Hay Street, Perth
  24. 24. QUESTIONS?