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August 2010 Student Newsletter Rotorvation Helicopters


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This is a newsletter that is produced by Rototvation Helicopter Services to their students.

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August 2010 Student Newsletter Rotorvation Helicopters

  1. 1. STUDENT NEWSLETTER A U G U S T 2 0 1 0 Let the introductions begin….. NEW OFFICES Theory is now in the original front NEW STAFF In the world of aviation, change is class room - nice & cosy. The Rotorvation Helicopters staff inevitable - it really is just part of family is growing! the daily process! Marianne will answer INSIDE THIS At Rotorvation Helicopters we all of your accounts have upped the anti and have ISSUE: questions with a smile. made some changes of our own. Marianne joined the team a few We would like 1 months ago and has assisted in to introduce….. streamlining the accounts dept. By reshuffling the work spaces, it Mike Morgan has LVO’s maiden 1 has created 2 extra offices to be stepped into the full used as study areas for students & voyage time theory instructor hold flight briefings. role. Changes to 2 We Other than a few people not know- Mike has been a great help with Theory Courses have ing which door to use for reception, the part time theory students. He moved the new setup is fantastic. brings loads of enthusiasm & en- Ground Crew 2 the ergy to his new appointment. NEW STUDENTS Training entire The last 3 months have been very NEW AIRCRAFT internal office structure around. busy with training enquiries on the Not that many of Rotorvation’s 3 Reception has moved to the old rise. For those that have chosen to us have seen the Social Scene become a student with us, we wel- new R44, no main theory classroom, which opened up come you and look forward to as- sooner had LVO Learning 3 sisting you the best we can. hit YPJT, it was straight out to the the old Centre reception bush for Survey operations. Jeremy Thompson Jamie Taylor area to a Nathan Smith Phil Daniels LVO was flown from Sydney by A great news 3 new meet & Vince Mack Andrew Moore Mike Hill & Mike Morgan. The trip article greet client Troy Shier Matt Ikin David Ikin Luke Lamont took 20 hours with the two Mike’s lounge & Neil Morrissey Tim White singing & creating their own inflight Paying our dues 3 office space. Stuart James entertainment along the way! with thanks LVO’s maiden voyage! Celebrity Status 4 Article Photos, photos 8 & more photos How did I The following pictures tell a get stuck to the bubble of Meet & Greet 8 better story than we could ever a helicopter? explain….. Looks like the guys had a great time bringing the aircraft across Hmmm the great terrain of Australia! !?!?!?!?!? Nutritional food along the way... Is there anybody out there???
  2. 2. It’s all about the books…. PAGE 2 With 7 theory subjects, some of understanding. It enables the THEORY COURSES Please explain... you may ask “How on earth am I student to assess their compre- Individual Class (weekday classes) going to get from subject 1 to hension throughout the study- 17-23 Sept Meteorology (morn) subject 7?” The reality is it takes ing of each course, making sure 18-23 Sept Aero revision (arvo) time & a whole load of study. they are on track at all times. There is no easy way but to Students are welcome to come Full Time (10 week class) apply yourself completely. in at any time to work through Starting around 1st week of Making sure you are ready to sit the system, just let us know & September, start date TBC an exam can also be quite stress- we will book you in. ful with time consuming revision, Part Time (night class) EXAM BOOKINGS Currently studying Air Law. but it must be done. The theory instructor is re- We are here to help you! In sponsible for booking ALL the- Upon completion of this sub- order to streamline Rotorvation ory exams for ALL students. ject, we will be offering 2 sepa- Helicopter’s many theory op- This includes part time & corre- rate courses during evenings. tions, we have incorporated a spondence students. The theory schedule is constantly evolving as few new practices & systems - all This greatly benefits our stu- we meet our students training needs. Keep in contact to know when further courses are very exciting! dents in making sure they are available. NEW COMPUTERS ready to attempt the exams & Six laptops have been purchased hopefully pass first time. Stay tuned, more for use in our theory classes. information coming Exams shall be booked once students have shown good on the new part These laptops are equipped with time theory tuition online aviation theory software. comprehension of the subjects. The instructor will assist stu- soon! This program breaks down each of the 7 subjects to key areas of dents in the revision process. Safety, Safety, Safety Pencil in your diaries now the date of Saturday, Schedule for the Day 4th Sept 10am - 2pm. 1000 - 1200 Ground Crew Induction Course Learn about how to properly conduct ground crew 1200 - 1300 BBQ lunch (supplied) operations & procedures. 1300 - 1430 Class D & Radio Procedures Loading & unloading of passengers Passenger Manifests After lunch, we will go through the new Class D Refueling Weight & Balance procedures at YPJT, along with some interactive Safety Briefings Emergencies radio procedures. And he hasn’t even been for a flight yet… We aim All students wishing to assist us with various events Please call 9414 8584 or email to please! are required to complete this course. We have many to confirm your snag gets events coming up soon that you can help out on! cooked on the BBQ! Social Scene Once a month on a either a Satur- We will cover all sorts of topics, checking those emails & make day or Sunday, we will be organis- some directly related to your train- sure we have your most up to ing Aviation Workshops for our ing, others more general aviation date contact details on file. students. subjects. We are also open to any First workshop will be on 4th topic suggestions students are want- We will require minimum numbers September covering Ground ing to cover. of 5 students for each workshop & Crew Operations. An enrol- students will be required to enroll Daily aircraft inspections ment form will be emailed to for each one. Basics of a 50hrly service everyone Aircraft refueling in the These workshops are free but will Drug & Alcohol information next require your support to keep them How to pass a flight test week. running. Charter ops & logistics They are designed to be a social We will email all students a course networking outlet, with an element enrolment form a few weeks prior of seriousness when in training. to each scheduled date. So keep STUDENT NEWSLETTER
  3. 3. PAGE 3 Learning Centre Letter Phonetic Letter Letter Phonetic Letter A Alpha N November B Bravo O Oscar C Charlie P Papa D Delta Q Quebec E Echo R Romeo F Foxtrot S Sierra How well G Golf T Tango do you H Hotel U Uniform know the I India V Victor Phonetic J Juliet W Whiskey Ohhh Apsley, Alphabet? K Kilo X X-ray don't let Daddy L Lima Y Yankee M Mike Z Zulu teach you to fly..! Celebrity Status For those of you that have not yet We always knew when Niffy was back, with her fresh baked goods and had the pleasure of meeting either very scrumptious “mars bar slice” stocked in the fridge. Annabelle & Niffy, two of our ex Annabelle always bounced in, with her infectious smile, beaming voice students - included is an article pub- and endless energy. lished in the West weekend newspa- per on 07.08.10. Both students completed their PPL license initially with Rotorvation Helicopters and then later The article provides a very candid upgraded to CPL(H). look into the everyday lives of these two remarkable ladies. It is a great Annabelle has just completed read. her mustering endorsement with David Adamson. We loved sharing in Annabelle’s and Niffy’s rollercoaster ride of training Article follows on pages 4 - 7. as both ladies went from PPL(H) to CPL(H). With thanks & appreciation Our Newest After 6 months long service leave with his friendly smile when his Helicopter Pilots from his day job of “high school piloting skills are required. Matt Cheyne - CPL teacher extraordinaire”, Mike Hill Thanks Mike for all of your hard Glenn Gamlen - CPL has been sent back to the front work, commitment & dedication to line. It is now time for him to Rotorvation Helicopters. focus on our next generation of Congrats young Aussie minds, which leads to his resignation of part time Newton “Tufty” Pellatt theory instructor at Rotorvation is now a Grade 1 Helicopters. Instructor & Mike’s bubbly personality and a proud first time Dad larger than life stories will be missed in the office hall ways. However, we will still be greeted
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  8. 8. Let’s take a closer look…. MENTAL WORKOUT What transponder code should be set if you are on the ground STUDENT CORNER land born Luke has known “since for- at Jandakot, with the intention of leaving class D airspace? ever” that he wanted to fly choppers A. 3000 ALT This is where we throw the newsletter B. 3000 STBY for a living. journalism over to you, our students. C. 1200 ALT His spare time now is spent mostly If you have any articles, photos or com- D. 1200 STBY with his head in his books. Study, ments of your training at Rotorvation study & more study! He holds a Helicopters, this corner is dedicated to With local QNH set on the sub scale, an altimeter will always dream of one day heading down the you! indicate search & rescue pathway as a helicop- A. Height above ground level Please submit all pieces to ter pilot. B. Height above mean sea level to have them With a determined goal of finishing all C. Pressure height included throughout the upcoming news- of the 7 CPL theory subjects over the D. Density height letters. next six months & then moving To start this section, we would like to through the flight training syllabus; With regards to air density when applying carburettor heat welcome a bio on one of our students, Luke aims to be sitting his flight test A. air density is increased and power increased Mr Luke Lamont. within the next 12 months. B. air density is decreased and power decreased Luke has just started the challenge of C. air density is increased and power unaltered attaining his CPL (H). He is currently D. air density is reduced and power stays the same studying Aerodynamics during his week break from working as a processing The colour of 100 octane low lead aviation fuel is technician at BHP’s Mt Whaleback mine A. green site in Newman. B. red C C. blue B B With many an hour spent in helicopters D. clear A whilst on hunting expeditions, New Zea- Answers 2 Compass Road Jandakot Airport WA Tel: 9414 8584 Fax: 9414 8547