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  2. 2. •The Water Cycle, also known as ‘TheHydrological Cycle’, describes thecontinuous movement of water on,above and below the surface of theEarth.
  3. 3. Main Processes•Evaporation•Transpiration•Condensation•Precipitation
  4. 4. What is EVAPORATION?•Evaporation is the phase change of water from aliquid to a gas.•For evaporation to occur, there must be heat energy.•The source of heat energy in the case of the watercycle is the Sun.
  5. 5. Transpiration•When plants lose water through theirleaves.•Transpiration helps getting watervapor back up into the air.
  6. 6. Where does the water that evaporate, comefrom?• Mainly from the ocean, also the rivers and dams.• From plants when transpiration occurred.• From the ground, between soil particles and rock openings. Knownas ground water or a water table.•
  7. 7. Condensation•It is when water vapor in the air getscold and changes back into liquid,forming clouds.
  8. 8. Precipitation•When clouds become too heavy tocontain all the water.•Water falls back to the Earth in theform of rain, hail, sleet or snow.