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The 1940 census


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The 1940 census

  1. 1. THE 1940 CENSUS Tips and Tricks for Accessing Erin Apostolos Meredith Public Library April 3, 2012
  2. 2. About the Census Information on Census is as of April 1, 1940. If a family moved or a child was born after this date, that information is not recorded. Anything after that date will not be in the Census. There are thirty-four question; 5% of the population answered five additional questions. Not yet indexed
  3. 3. About the Census If someone wasn’t home, the Census taker would come back. Those people are at the end of the list. People living in hotels and trailer camps are on a separate pages, taken April 8 and 9. Government wanted to know about internal migration: asked where they lived in 1935. Wanted to know if New Deal programs were working; asked questions related to that. Learn more:
  4. 4. Types of Questions Asked Address, Names and relationships to Head of Household, Sex, Race, Age at last birthday, marital status, attended school last year, place born, citizenship, Residence info, Employment info, Occupation, Industry, salary Two people on each census page were asked: place of birth, language spoken in childhood, Veteran status, Social Security info, marriage and children info
  5. 5. Getting Started The 1940 Census is not yet indexed so you will need to figure out residency of those you’re searching for. List all relatives you want to find in the Census Pinpoint their Residence Figure out their Enumeration District
  6. 6. How to Pinpoint a Residence Use City Directories-many are available on, Cyndi’s List, NEHGS, libraries. Use the 1930 Census to find an address; may be living in same place.
  7. 7. Figuring out the ED In order to find your relatives, you will have to know their Enumeration District (a geographic area assigned to a Census taker.) Use The more you can narrow down the neighborhood, the fewer images you will have to search.
  8. 8. Steve Morse’s Site Click on “See Map” to figure out the cross streets.
  9. 9. Keep Narrowing to one ED Add Cross and back streets until you see one ED.
  10. 10. Jot down the ED Jot down the ED’s next to each person or family that you are looking for. In my example, I am looking for 15-15. Eventually Steve Morse’s site will take you to that ED in the 1940 Census, but at 10:30 this morning, it wasn’t. It will take you to the ED description and the streets in that 1940 ED.
  11. 11. Go to Currently, it is quite bogged down; be patient Click on “Get Started” at bottom
  12. 12. Input Enumeration District State and ED. Click on “View it” Alternatively enter ED for 1930 Census
  13. 13. Click on “Census Schedules”
  14. 14. Click on Image Choose “Quick View”, Full Screen or Download. Choose “Full Screen” for optimal browsing.
  15. 15. Other 1940 Site Options eventually have them all. As of this morning: American Samoa, Delaware, DC, Guam, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, Panama Canal Zone, Virgin Islands Check Here: bid=2442
  16. 16. Other 1940 Site Options Family Search-Will eventually have them all. Working with volunteers to index it. As of this morning: Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia. Check here:
  17. 17. Other 1940 Site Options of this morning: California, Illinois , Massachusetts , Maine , Michigan , New Jersey , New York , Nevada , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , Texas , Virginia on-10052/1940-united-states-federal-census- images
  18. 18. Search
  19. 19. Result
  20. 20. I Found my Mom! Erin’s Mom-Age 3
  21. 21. Help Out Indexing You can volunteer to help index the 1940 Census, which will remain freely available to the public.
  22. 22. More on the 1940 Census Compact Guide to the Census records.html 1940 Enumerator Form 1940 Enumerator Instructions 1940 Census Video Tutorial census-genealogy-video-class
  23. 23. Uncle Sam Yourself Be patient and relax. Everyone and their Great- Uncle is trying to access the 1940 Census. Try “Uncle Samming” yourself if it’s too busy.