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Irish american genealogy 2


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Trace your ancestors f

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Irish american genealogy 2

  1. 1. How to trace your ancestors back to Ireland Erin Meredith Public Library
  2. 2.  Seven Lessons on researching Irish Genealogy: Getting Started, Immigration, Famine and Post Famine Sources, Ulster and Scots Irish Sources, Church Records, Civil Registration, Irish Immigration to North America r/results.html?fq=place%3A%22Ireland%2 2
  3. 3.  Searching for ancestors of William Gallagher: my paternal grandfather Born April 2, 1900 in East Boston, MA Married in 1921; eight children WWI Era Veteran; award in early 90’s Parents were Mitchell and Margaret (Gillis) Worked at City Railroad Died in 1998 Father murdered in Brooklyn 1905-1910 Catholic
  4. 4.  Siblings of William: Jennie, Andrew, Louise and Sadie Sadie died giving birth around 1917 Louise married a Kinder; two daughters William’s father was a Protestant; his mother secretly baptized her children Catholic Mitchell Gallagher killed with brass knuckles in apartment building; children witnessed Family came from Northern Ireland
  5. 5.  pre 1850-1915 MA Vital Records-Free in Library Birth Record-Parents’ Names, occupation, address, DOB, Parents’ place of birth Search, Ancestry, State Vital Records for Birth Records
  6. 6.  and click on “I want to get my military record” Need to be parent, non-remarried spouse or child of veteran for request and veteran must be deceased. Records older than 62 years are archived and open to the public louis/archival-programs/index.html
  7. 7.  Since Mitchell was born in Boston, likely he is married locally. Search http:// or for records Names, age at marriage, where living, occupation, place of birth, parents’ names, whether or not 1st marriage, official’s name
  8. 8.  We have place of birth and the name of his parents (William and Jane) from his marriage record. Search or for birth or baptismal records.
  9. 9.  Born 24 NOV 1867 on 335 Chelsea Street, East Boston, MA Parents William and Jane of Ireland Married to Maggie Gillis of Nova Scotia 21 APR 1894 Lived 89 Prescott when William was born 2 APR 1900 Worked as a cork cutter Likely died between 1905-1910 Brooklyn
  10. 10.  Googled “New York Death Index” m Found this Website which listed death records for the years I was looking.
  11. 11.  With the date I was able to e-mail the NY Public Library and ask for a newspaper article regarding the death. They found it. I was also able to write to the New York The New York City Municipal Archives with the death certificate number and get a copy of it. Using death certificate was able to track down cemetery where he is buried. Stone was missing.  Found William and Letitia Stone
  12. 12.  Using in library: 1900 US Federal Census Record Household members and relationship, occupations, birthplace, birthplace of parents, month and year of birth, street address, year of immigration, whether or not naturalized, read, write or speak English, owned own home, mortgage, house or farm, how many children and how many living, whether or not married, widowed, divorced
  13. 13.  Born in Ireland MAR 1827 He is a widower Immigrated in 1852 and is a naturalized citizen of the United States Worked as a teamster Owns his own home on Prescott street with a mortgage Son Mitchell’s family is living with him
  14. 14.  He is not on 1910 Census. Check MA Vital Records at for death record. William died 28 AUG 1900 from dysentery. Parents William Gallagher and Letitia Mitchell.
  15. 15.  Found on Family Search
  16. 16. Found on Family Search-Jane is here with the children, but where is William?He must have come as they have a son William born a year after herimmigration.
  17. 17.  1852 Ship Manifest-New York Arrival; likely him but not 100% sure. 10 FEB 1853 Jane and two oldest children on passenger list
  18. 18.  Probate records and Registry of Deeds for William Gallagher’s will and property records for siblings of William; try to find them in the US Naturalization Records-will list county of origin Newspaper articles Fraternal Organizations
  19. 19.  lists three siblings for William: Thomas, Sarah, Mary. All four children have William and Letitia as their parents. All four were christened in Lower Cumber, Londonderry, Ireland.
  20. 20.  Click on desired country (Derry). Search on name and date (using free info from To look at a record on is about $7.50. )
  21. 21.  valuation/
  22. 22.  Go to “Catalog” Try searching on the county of your ancestor Order microfilm here after signing in to your account and choosing a default Family History Center Location:; if you click on fill number in record it will fill out form by default if logged in. $7.50 for the loan
  23. 23.  tion/list#page=1&countryId=1927084 For Irish Resources Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881 Ireland Deaths, 1864-1870 Ireland Marriages, 1619-1898 Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845- 1958
  24. 24.  Click on “Search” and Choose UK and Ireland. Can then choose Ireland or Northern Ireland Can narrow by county Vital Records Military Records Probate and Taxes
  25. 25.  Tudor and Stuart Muster Rolls • Lists of large landlords of Ulster and the names of the men they could summon to fight Books of Survey and Distribution (1636) • Records ownership before Cromwell confiscations c. 1641 and after, 1666-1668. The Civil Survey, A.D.1654-1656 • Details of wills and deeds relating to land title • Counties: Cork, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Meath, Tipperary, Tyrone, Waterford and Wexford
  26. 26.  Census of Ireland, circa 1659 • Names of persons with title to land, total number of English and Irish in each townland and principal Irish names in each barony. • Five counties NOT included: Cavan, Galway, Mayo, Tyrone, and Wicklow. Hearth Money Rolls • Antrim, Sligo at NEHGS, maybe more • Lists householder’s names and number of hearths.
  27. 27.  The Convert Rolls (1703-1838) • List of those converting from Catholicism to the Church of Ireland. Census of Elphin 1749 • Lists householders, their religion, sex, names of servants. Counties Galway, Roscommon and Sligo
  28. 28.  SurnameIndex for the 1796 Spinning- Wheel Premium • Name person and parish in which he lived • Dublin and Wicklow Counties have no listing
  29. 29.  Tithe Applotment Books • 1823-1838-Tithing to the Church of Ireland- Name of person making payment and townland Return of Owners of Land of one Acre and upwards 1876 • Lists name of owner, address along with extent and valuation of property
  30. 30.  IrishImmigrant Ads-Boston Pilot 1831- 1920-Finding lost relatives Session Book of Aghadowey, 1702-1725 (Protestant Immigrants of Londonderry, Ireland) Cork, Ireland: Index to the Marriage License Bonds of the Diocese of Cloyne, Ireland (1630-1800)
  31. 31.  Deaths Reported in the Boston Recorder and Telegraph, 1827 and 1828 (Revolutionary War Veterans noted with an asterisk) Protestant Housekeepers: Antrim, Derry, Donegal, and Londonderry, 1740-Census
  32. 32.  • FREE 3 million church records pre-1900 from Carlow, Cork, Ross, Dublin City and Kerry; various religions Reading Room and Griffith’s Northern Ireland Free UK, Ireland
  33. 33.  Non-Profit Irish Genealogy Site; about $7.50 per record to view-18 million records Includes free 1901 1911 Census subscription-Vital Records Counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone
  34. 34.  Irish Newspaper Archive 1700’s to Present- Search archive for free, but is a subscription service A personal genealogy site with links to great resources Some free resources; focus on rare 19th Century records
  35. 35.  Tracing Your Irish Ancestors by John Greenham Irish Roots Magazine A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland by Brian Mitchell How to Do Everything Genealogy by Geoge G. Morgan Podcasts • Genea. Guys • Irish Roots