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Hamlet Speech Lacey Hannah


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Hamlet Speech Lacey Hannah

  1. 1. Hamlet Speech<br />Teacher: Are they really going to suspend her from school because she flooded the bathroom floor? Don’t you think she deserves an expulsion?<br />Secretary: I know for a fact she is suspended, but I have to finish writing her up because the principle wants to get this situation done and over with. <br />Teacher: But there was a huge possibility that she could have harmed someone. <br />Secretary: Well if the principle makes a decision it’s a permanent one.<br />Teacher: Well it sounds like she must have done this on purpose. What I’m saying is, if she did flood the floor on purpose, that’s an act. An act has three sides to it: to do, to act, and to perform. Therefore she must have known she was flooding it. <br />Secretary: No, listen here, Mrs. Grant-<br />Teacher: Let me finish. Here’s the water right? And here’s a girl, okay? If the girl walks into the bathroom and sticks paper towel into the drains, she’s flooding it, like it or not. But if the water couldn’t fit down the drain and happens to flood the floor, then she is innocent. Therefore, if she is innocent of this deed, she should not be shortened of time at this school. <br />Secretary: Is that how the school administrator’s see it?<br />Teacher: It sure is.<br />Secretary: Do you want to know the truth? If her parent’s hadn’t been rich, she would have never gotten away with just a suspension.<br />Teacher: Well there, now you’ve said it. It’s a pity that the rich have more freedom to break school rules than the rest of the student body. Come on, let’s get this over with. <br />Secretary: Have you even stopped to think about what would happen to the girl if she got expelled? Think about the other youth that have gotten expelled, look where they are now in their lives. Rarely can they find another school that will take them in, and they end up having low paying jobs for the rest of their lives. Expulsion is not just getting kicked out of school; it’s almost like a life sentence.<br />Teacher: That is very true, I don’t argue with that. However, if you know what you’re doing is wrong, shouldn’t you be willing to pay the consequences?<br />Secretary: Well I asked you a question, so answer it.<br />Teacher: Ah! I’ve got it.<br />Secretary: Go ahead.<br />Teacher: Damn, I forgot.<br />[Enter the girl’s boyfriend and his friend]<br />Secretary: Don’t beat your brains over this situation, what’s done is done. There is nothing more you can do. Now, could you please go and get me a coffee?<br />