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  1. 1. Sravanihearingaid. co. is one of the most popular store of Hearing Aid in Kolkata, people from all over the world come here to treat their hearing problems. If you are suffering from the same problem, you should also get in touch with us through our contact number. Hearing problems usually occur for different reasons, it's also sometimes hereditary and should be treated at the right time. Listening music at full volume? Stop doing that! You may soon lose your hearingability and have to use hearing aid. Reports haverevealed it's also due to the sound problems which makes the people the victim of hearing loss. To choose the best hearing aid, it's important to do some research on all the top options and pick the best among them. Manyhearing aid stores claims to have the best hearing aids but failed to keep the promises, either the hearing aid would stop working or some other problem would happen.
  2. 2. Having hearing problem is a natural process when it comes to old ageBut in a very rare case, it is observed among young children as well Thematter is to be taken in grave concern in this regard If a child haveproblem in hearing he might be turn dumb if not treated instantly Youneed to consult an ENT specialist
  3. 3. Various physical complications are noticed among older people One ofsuch problem is hearing problem Most people face this problem as theygrow older with age Ifsuch is the case with your parents bring home the hearing Solutions inKolkata so that they do not have to spend the rest of their lives unheardA hearing aid in Kolkata is a device that is worn behind the ear
  4. 4. It is used to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer Hearing aidsdiffer in size, power and circuitry Body worn aids - this was the first typeof aid The device consists of a case and an earmold which is attachedby a wire The case contains the amplifier, battery and the earmoldcontains a small loudspeaker
  5. 5. Behind the ear aids - this also consists of a case, an earmold or domeand connection between them The device is attached behind the pinnaThe sound is made travel acoustically or electrically to the ear Theseinstruments can be used from mild to profound loss of hearing Thedevices are durable but you need to take the suggestion of your doctorbefore ordering for one
  6. 6. These instruments are commonly used by children who need a hearingaid that would last long In the ear aids - these machines are fixed in theconcha or the outer bowl They are also used from mild to severe hearloss In the canal (ITC), mini canal (MIC) and completely in the canalaids (CIC) - these devices are smaller in size and are fixed in the lowerhalf of the pinna
  7. 7. These are not easily visible unless the viewer sees the ear directlyThese aids are designed for mild to moderately-severe losses Sravani,the hearing aid clinic in Kolkata provide quality products to its customers
  8. 8.