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  1. 1. For anybody who is fed up with the inadequate overallperformance of their shared web server but not yet in aposition to step up to a costly dedicated server than the most suitable option available for you would be a Virtual Private Server (VPS).office setup
  2. 2. The two main forms of VPS solutions are managed and unmanaged VPSservices Managed VPS hosting services are similar in a lot of ways to hostingthat is shared
  3. 3. Youll receive skilled pros who will take care of any issues with your hostingserver which could develop Managed VPS hosting servers are the most usefulway to go if youre not very tech savvy or do not have the employees availableto take care of any technical concerns that will arise with the hosting
  4. 4. You may also decide on Managed hosting if youre a business owner who justdesires to focus on operating their business rather than concern yourself with ifyour server is functioning so that your clients can reach and use it You cansleep well at night knowing your website is in safe hands
  5. 5. Most good Managed VPS hosting providers will ensure you get 24/7 supportthat should quickly try to deal with any complications with your hosting serveror if you would like to add new email accounts or domains to the server It ispossible to usually put in a simple request and this will be taken good care of
  6. 6. A great company office setup is Tecsys who make available both virtualoffices in India among their services Unmanaged VPS hosting services willmean that you happen to be accountable for caring for your Windows or Linuxserver
  7. 7. Unmanaged servers tend to be made use of by businesses that either haveproprietors that are technically very knowledge and can fix any problems thatmay crop up or they hire staff who are able to handle the problems on behalf ofthe company Although unmanaged VPS hosting is frequently less thanmanaged hosting simply because you are not paying for the technical supportnevertheless, you have to make sure youll be able to take care of anytechnical issues that happen or you might find yourself with no functioninginternet site for hours on end or even days which ultimately means that youend up paying much more in lost business than it would should you have hadused a managed VPS hosting account
  8. 8. If youre willing to take your online business to a higher level then you certainlyshould consider upgrading from a shared server to a VPS hosting account thatyou either are comfortable taking care of yourself or opt to have a greathosting company manage it for you
  9. 9. office setup