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  1. 1. About Your Web Design? - Panic No MoreSEO
  2. 2. by: Maricon Williams The Net is bombarded with different kinds ofwebsites When you visit from one website to another, you cant helpbut compare In some instances, you do not even have time tocompare, involuntarily, you are clicking away from the site If youwondered what was lacking in those sites that you disregarded, orwhat was common with those sites you well-liked, well the answerwill be just as easy as clicking away
  3. 3. Its the web design It catches the initial attention If it is successfulin doing so, then the visitor can prolong the visit If it doesnt, in amatter of 5 seconds your prospective client will easily turn away fromyou
  4. 4. The key element in achieving a marketable website is planningStudying what is essential and applying it is indispensable Workingwith a power team composed of a skilled web designer and writer isa good initial step During the planning stage tell them what youenvision your website to be then they will advise you on how you asa team will accomplish it
  5. 5. In connection with design, layout, color, logo and the design per seshould be taken into consideration It must complement to thepersonality of the company or business Same with the design, thecontents pictures, text and information must be needed by thedesign and vice versa Bear in mind that these elements must workas a team
  6. 6. They must not drag the other element down because it also entailsthe downfall of the whole For a web design to be amazing it has tobe eye-catching, functional and practical Flashy websites areuseless if they dont have the information that the visitors wantVisitors will also be easily SEO bored by lousy content
  7. 7. Another instance is when pictures, graphics, and flashy texts are putaltogether in a page which results to an overwhelming eyesore! Tobe guided, the website must exude total equilibrium, so to speak Abalance between all its elements, that way, no overlapping and nolacking will exist and the full advantage will fall to all parties involved As a web principle, web sites are intended to be read, if not themessage wont get through Another, we should maintain thewebsites attractive, neat and engrossing environment but it doesntmean to say that it should be boring! There are many tools availableto create flashing and twirling effects
  8. 8. Whistles and bells are also favorable options However, overdoing itmakes it hard for the visitors to read and to follow Refinement andsensibility as well as simplicity are still the best standards of webdesign!
  9. 9. SEO