The Value Behind Labelvalue


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The Value Behind Labelvalue

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The Value Behind Labelvalue

  1. 1. The Value Behind Label Value<br />You’ve been burned before and whether you've received labels with subpar adhesive or a batch with terrible print quality, we understand that you've been there and done that when it comes to ordering products for your business and being disappointed in the final product. You know that all labels are not created equal. You know that seemingly simple labels can be complex. You know that expertise has its value and that's why you decided to order from Label Value instead of the other guys.Label Value wants you to know that we're different. Stellar quality, value and customer service are the most important tenets of our philosophy.We strive to be the antithesis of our competitors who ship products with low-grade materials or unsavory manufacturing practices. While many of our competitors move manufacturing offshore, we are pleased to report that our labels remain Made in the USA. We don’t outsource our manufacturing and we certainly won’t ship you anything we wouldn’t want to use ourselves because honestly, it would make us ill. Not to mention it would just be plain wrong. But more than that, Label Value has built a strong reputation on providing solutions that meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications.We stand true to our tenets so you may comfortably rely on Label Value brand products.We promise to NEVER allow greed to get in the way of customer satisfaction and label performance. Our products may be inexpensive, but they certainly are not cheap.Here are a few reasons why you should partner with Label Value and avoid the other guys. You know….the guys who provided us with the ammunition to create the infamous Hall of Shame.At Label Value, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding print quality on custom label and color label orders. Apparently, some of our competitors do not.Specifications are not “subjective”…a.k.a. “size does matter”Cleanliness is truly a virtue when it comes to labels. You won’t find orders marred with dirt from us. All labels leave in opaque, dust protective and anti scuff packaging.Getting free labels can be a nice thing, unless the free ones are trapped beneath other labels. Out of calibration equipment not only produces inferior quality products but these “piggybacked” labels are sure to stretch and even damage the tight tolerances of the paper feed paths.Label Value labels won't damage your print head. Unlike the example below, Label Value uses state of the art glues technologies which conform to our stringent standards.These days, building your business and your brand are a significant and expensive task. Shouldn't the print quality you receive complement the brand? Over 30 years of experience ensures that Label Value products will never embarrass you.Squishy may be great for stuffed animals, but not for labels.Everyone needs closure. We believe in painless closure. Label Value uses state of the art closure tabs with specially formulated adhesives uniquely designed for optimum performance and waste avoidance.Ouch! Need we explain how bad this is for the inside of your printer? Didn’t think so. Nuff said!<br />Copyright 2010<br />