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Labels 101 Aka All Labels Are Not Created Equal


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As our valued customer, we would like to help you keep educating yourself about the world of labels.

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Labels 101 Aka All Labels Are Not Created Equal

  1. 1. Labels 101<br />We bet you thought you were done with class years ago, huh? Well, guess what? As our valued customer, we would like to help you keep educating yourself about the world of labels.Just follow a few simple lessons, and you'll continue to save money, have a fabulous customer service experience and find the exceptional value in Label Value products.Lesson One: Beware of Class BulliesJust like the school yard, you might find a bully or two in some of our competitors. You see, the manufacturer of your label printer might scare you into thinking that using compatible labels is somehow not good for your machine.They're wrong. Our label products meet or exceed their specifications and are 100 percent compatible with the brand of printers specified. We use only the best paper, adhesives and liners along with our stringent production standards. With a wide array of support for different service temperatures and durability enhancements, we know that these labels serve you well and will support almost any environment. We want to earn an A+ our selves, so we always produce the best products at the lowest prices for you.If you have a question about our label compatibility please give our Label Experts a call: 1-800-750-7764Lesson Two: Dollars and SenseIf you think about it, larger companies don't want you to look for labels elsewhere. They'll make more money if they can get you to buy your printer and labels from the same place. But guess what else you're paying for? The brand name.At Label Value, we take pride in our name, but we're not going to charge you extra for it.Lesson Three: Shelf LifeAlthough our price model includes free freight, sometimes you might buy in bulk or have infrequent specialty label needs. At Label Value you can be assured that labels may be safely stored for prolonged periods of time and come in packaging designed to keep your labels fresh. With Label Value, your investment is protected.Lesson Four: Don’t Skip the Fine PrintUsually, the fine print is full of tips and traps. How about a breath of fresh air? We stand behind our guarantee 110 percent:You get FREE shipping with no minimum purchase requirementIf you are not completely satisfied with your Label Value brand labels, you can send them back for a full refundIf you find a better price on the brand-name labels, we'll refund 110 percent of the differenceLesson Five: The Right FormulaWe like this one. You + us = stellar value and service. We know you'll be so over the moon about our newly manufactured labels and stickers that you won't even bat an eyelash when the other guys flash their fancy name around. You'll know better because you will have graduated from the Label Value 101 course.<br />Copyright 2010<br />