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Paramount Ductless Enclosures Presentation


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Paramount Ductless Enclosures Presentation

  1. 1. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures
  2. 2. The material included in this presentation is copyright of Labconco Corporation. Reproduction or use of the slides is not permitted without express permission from Labconco Corporation.
  3. 3. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Carbon Filtration: The use of carbon media derived from  granulated coal carbon or coconut shell carbon to chemically  adsorb vaporous/gaseous contaminants Why Carbon?  Why coconut shell carbon media? Adsorption
  4. 4. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Properties that affect filtration efficiency ♦ Chemical’s molecular weight ♦ # Carbons in molecular structure ♦ Vapor pressure  ♦ Chemical displacement ♦ Temperature ♦ Humidity 
  5. 5. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Activated Carbon vs. Treated Carbon Filters Activated Carbon Treated Carbon Organic Filters Acid/Sulfur  • # Carbons Formaldehyde/Formalin • Molecular weight Ammonia/Amine • Adsorption only Radioisotope Incomplete saturation Mixed Bed Stripping from media • Treated with chemical 100% activated carbon • Neutralization  • Complete saturation • 75% treated/25% activated
  6. 6. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Self‐contained work stations that use  carbon filters to protect operator from  harmful vapors Require no ductwork and can be moved  from lab to lab Utilize energy‐efficient motors (ECM) Patented containment features Stackable filters for multiple chemical  applications Digital control center with vapor sensor  and airflow monitor
  7. 7. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Energy efficient ECM motor uses less  energy, runs cooler and quieter. Patented containment enhancing  design features ensure operator  protection from fumes, vapors, gases  and particles. LCD display with digital control center,  Safety‐First™ Vapor Sensor and Smart‐ Flow™ Airflow Monitor to monitor  filter breakthrough and air speed to  maintain user safety at all times.
  8. 8. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Smart-Flow System adjusts motor Accommodate seven filter speed automatically—maintains types to cover a wide Quieter, cooler and more constant airflow at calibrated value variety of needs energy-efficient ECM impeller Upper Containment Sash Foil directs contaminants away from Fluorescent light user’s breathing zone illuminates interior. Patented Clean-Sweep™ Air Foil Patented rear baffle Side-entry air foils Ergonomic angled sash and patented sloped Optional clear safety glass front baffle provides 360º visibility Safety-First™ Vapor Sensor Upper Dilution Air Supply sweeps clean air to back of the sash Filter efficiency performance independently verified by University of Kansas
  9. 9. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Seven different stackable filters  can be combined to handle  different chemicals at the same  time. Solid and durable construction. Available in multiple widths,  depths and heights.
  10. 10. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Energy Savings Recirculation of filtered, tempered air eliminates energy waste  associated with traditional, ducted fume hoods. The ECM motor and light fixture in a 3′ Paramount unit use only 65  watts — about as much energy as one 60 watt light bulb! (Previous 3’ model used 330 watts) Reduced Heat Load 3’ unit heat load of 222 BTU/hr Previous 3’ model heat load of 1126 BTU/hr Noise Reduction 3’ ranges 46‐62dbA vs. previous model 65dbA 6’ ranges 57‐66dbA vs. previous model 68dbA
  11. 11. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Containment enhancing features Patented slotted rear baffle promotes  horizontal laminar flow reducing  turbulence Upper Containment Sash Foil directs  contaminants away from the  operator’s breathing zone
  12. 12. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Containment enhancing features Side Entry Air Foils promote horizontal  flow and direct airflow into the  enclosure work area Aerodynamic airfoil with Clean‐Sweep™ openings directs air into the enclosure  and across the work surface
  13. 13. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Containment enhancing features Upper Dilution Air Supply purges  the top of the chamber and bathes  the area behind the sash in clean  room air
  14. 14. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Digital Control Center LCD Screen Display Filter type Filter life Airflow Alarms/alert messages Blower, Light, and Task timers Touchpad and screen at eye  level
  15. 15. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Smart-Flow™ Airflow Monitor Maintains constant airflow Displays face velocity on  LCD Display Visible/Audible alarms are  displayed on LCD display
  16. 16. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Safety-First™ Vapor Sensor Detects chemical breakthrough and filter saturation Visible/Audible alarms are displayed on LCD display Vapor sensor optimal detection concentration 1‐10ppm vs.  current sensor calibrated at 50ppm. Two sensors allow safety backup monitoring of breakthrough. Accurate detection of breakthrough maintains operator safety. Early alert detects initial breakthrough and provides warning  message to user that approximately 5‐10% filter life remains.
  17. 17. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Safety-First™ Vapor Sensor Toluene Methanol “Methyl benzene” “Methyl alcohol” C6H5CH3 CH3OH Mol. Wgt – 92.1 Mol. Wgt. – 32.1 Exp. Limit – 100ppm Exp. Limit – 200ppm Odor Thrsh. – 0.16ppm Odor Thrsh. – 141ppm Filter capacity – 20.1% Filter capacity – 0.1%
  18. 18. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Available Filters Organic Vapor Acid‐Sulfur Ammonia‐Amine Formaldehyde‐Formalin Mixed Bed Organic, Acid, Ammonia,  Formaldehyde 25% each
  19. 19. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Available Filters Radioisotope Iodine, Iodoform, Methyl Iodine Isotopes of Iodine normally found  in Nuclear Pharma or Nuclear  Power plants. Not for nuclear  weapon waste or etc. HEPA
  20. 20. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Stackable Filters
  21. 21. Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Solid Construction Chemically resistant coated steel and  aluminum and safety glass  construction yield solid, sturdy and  durable enclosures Epoxy coating resists chemical  corrosion Safety glass resists crazing Maximizes enclosure life, stretching  valuable budget dollars
  22. 22. Labconco Corporation,   8811 Prospect Avenue,   Kansas City,   MO   64132