Labatt's Social Media Nation Event - 12.3.13


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Guest Speaker: Amy Heiss

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Labatt's Social Media Nation Event - 12.3.13

  1. 1. Labatt Food Service Presents SOCIAL MEDIA NATION
  2. 2. Amy Heiss Social Media & Community Program Manager @AmyHatDell 2 Confidential 12/3/2013
  3. 3. • Global Lead for Dell’s Social Media Training & Activation Program (SMaC U) • Previously ran Dell’s Social Media Listening Command Center • Amy & her husband live in Austin with their 2 very active children 3 Confidential 12/3/2013
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda • Why Social Media • Dell History • Social Media & Community University (SMaC University) • Top 10 Ideas • Top 10 Questions an Executive Should Ask • Make Time for Social Media • Q&A 4
  5. 5. Benefits of Social Media Over 50% of organizations now consider Social Business applications to be imperative or significant to business goals. 5 Higher Engagement Real-time Response & Engagement Socially Mobilized Workforce Dynamic Communication Brand Advocates Empowered Workforce
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  9. 9. Top Ten Ideas: Idea 1: Write up a plan Idea 2: Tie social media to your business and customer objectives Idea 3: Identify and target your community Idea 4: Sign up for free Listening tools if you haven’t already… Idea 5: Follow Influencers (twitter) for content inspiration Idea 6: Vary your content and keep target audience in mind Idea 7: Listen to your customers to determine relevant content needs Idea 8: Adopt a relationship mindset. Just as you do with your friends, engage fans and followers in meaningful ways Idea 9: Take advantage of in-person interaction to deepen relationships Idea 10: Select key performance indicators based on your objectives
  10. 10. Your social strategy needs as much forethought as any other business process Idea 1: Write up a plan 1. Planning According to CRM industry analyst, Brent Leary: “Strategic users are almost 3xs more likely to execute activities for engaging prospects than informal users (53% vs. 19%)” 10 4. Measuring 3. Engaging Source: Brent Leary’s Strategically Social: 5 Keys to Becoming a Social Business 2. Listening
  11. 11. Questions to Ask in the Planning Stage: • • • • What are the organizations’ goals? What is the business plan? What is the current relationship with our customers? What is the relationship we want with our customers? How does social media support these goals? Idea 2: Tie social media to your business and customer objectives I think it starts with understanding what the organization’s goals are…part of the problem is that too many people want to jump into a Facebook “strategy” or a Twitter “strategy” – Shel Holtz 11 Source: Shel Holtz:
  12. 12. Questions to Ask in the Listening Stage Idea 3: Identify and target your community • Any social strategy first begins with listening to feed & inform your strategic plan • Listening should be for conversations about the company, product(s), category, competitors and the industry • By listening, you gain insights on what people are talking about & how they talk about companies and products 12 – What are people saying about your brand? – What are the popular topics about your brand? – Who are the advocates, detractors and influencers in your industry? – Where are the conversations happening?
  13. 13. Standard conversation values for engagement: • • • • • • • Authentic Personal Transparent Inclusive Honest Conversational Educational It’s not just about being out there and participating, it’s about being authentic and bringing value 13
  14. 14. Engagement Questions to get started… Twitter • ReTweet relevant, useful content and provide comment • Reply promptly • Twitter events with hashtag #FoodieChat, #SmallBizChat LinkedIn • Provide status update • Share business relevant content Blogs • Post a comment on relevant blogs Slideshare • Upload most recent, relevant presentation • Tweet, LinkedIn, Google+ that you uploaded presentation with link to share 14
  15. 15. Content rules – 80/20 • People more likely to do business with a friend • You need to make friends to influence people • Follow 80/20 rule: 80% to support others and 20% self promotion • Being real on social media makes 80% target easy to reach • When you share a great article or blog post, use their twitter name 15
  16. 16. Identifying good content to share: • Idea 5: Follow Other Restaurants/Influencers – What publications do you already read? KEY INFLUENCERS: › Follow their Twitter account – Follow customers, partners and your industry thought leaders – Follow industry experts and thought leaders – in social media @WeRRestaurants @UNFI @susanbeebe @Pinkberry @Sunda @DZRestaurants – Stay up to date with industry blogs 16 Followers: 7,397 Following: 4,674
  17. 17. Online curated sites for relevant content: Idea 6: Vary your content and keep target audience in mind Lionel Menchaca’s, Dell’s former Chief Blogger, recommendation: techmeme Guy Kawasaki recommendations: Smartbrief (customize industry topics for daily top stories via email) Stumbleupon (customized by your interests includes photography) Alltop (top stories by popular media) My recommendation: LinkedIn Today @LinkedInToday (twitter) 17
  18. 18. Schedule posts via • Avoid pushing the same content to all your platforms • Buffer: Available for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn 18 Confidential
  19. 19. Customer Experience Social Outreach team formed in 2006 • Tech support experts were then handselected for their tech problem-solving expertise and superior interpersonal skills • On average team addresses 4,000 posts a week in 14 languages – 98% resolution rate – 50% ranters to ravers conversion – Team proactively developing helpful content based listening and engagements • Idea 7: Listen to your customers to determine relevant content needs
  20. 20. Increasing fans and followers • Idea 8: Adopt a relationship mindset. Just as you do with your friends, engage fans and followers in meaningful ways – Keep asking questions – Create virtual projects › Brainstorming for a campaign or raising $$ for disaster relief – Celebrate follower activities & achievements – Add value › Give sneak peeks, exclusive content and special promotions – Complete the circle 20 › Tie off the communication: Thank them for reaching out and ask if you can be of additional assistance
  21. 21. Build stronger relationships by bridging social & in-person • Idea 9: Take advantage of in-person interaction to deepen relationships • Events are powerful opportunities to build relationships • Recommended tools: Twitter & Slideshare – – – – Offer inside access by “live-tweeting” during the event & use hashtag Join conversations to share your thoughts and opinions Connect with influencers attending or covering the event Post-event, share presentations on Slideshare
  22. 22. No single measurement for social media success • Idea 10: Select key performance indicators based on your objectives Awareness Ex. Monthly gross impressions, # of fans/followers Engagement Influence Ex. # page likes,/shares, external RTs, # of subscribers Advocacy Ex. Total interactions, # fan photos/videos, % engaged on page, comments/posts Ex. Message delivery, sentiment, recommendations Support Insights Ex. Questions answered, # of avoided support calls Ex. Cost savings over focus group/surveys, campaign insights, competitive insights
  23. 23. Types of success metrics aligned with goals Social Impact Reach • visits, pages viewed, navigation paths, links clicked Customer Impact Influence • likes, re-tweets, sentiment, forwards, membership Business Impact • sales inquiries, new business leads, customer loyalty Outcome 23 Free Tools to compile this data Google Analytics, Bitly, Analog, Webalizer Social Media platform metrics and analysis tools KwikSurvey, Survey Monkey
  24. 24. Value the real-time insights • Social media can also provide timely insights into campaign research, competitor analysis, sales leads, and customer needs Circle of Social Life Analyze for Action Listen Positive 350 Volume of posts 300 250 Customer Reach mass Issue Apr - Jun 200 150 Thankful customers Spare parts Saving in IT 100 50 Tweet Call Support 500 friends Technician Issue Fixed! 6/7 5/31 5/24 5/17 5/10 5/3 4/26 4/19 4/12 4/5 0 Another flawless, painless experience with XYZSupport Social referrals Should get PS Refurbs Negative Too many transfers? Satisfied customer 5K followers @XYZCares been on hold 90+min now… Unable to identify/resolve issue? Slow service? Quickly Track Results • Real time data vs. waiting for calls/surveys • Identify & resolve the Negatives • Accentuate the Positives • Unsolicited feedback can be more genuine and typically not biased
  25. 25. Listen to real-time voice of the customer XPS 13 Linux version release Anticipated a positive reception as users had been asking for a Linux version for a while (via social media and other sources) However, social conversation sentiment dropped (and volume spiked) when the product was released People were upset with the pricing: “Why does Dell's Ubuntu-powered XPS 13 cost more than its Windows equivalent?” By: Vj_Vishalz Media Provider:TWITTER The decision was made to re-price the XPS 13 at parity with the Windows version in <24hrs Number of Posts XPS 13 Social Media Volume and Sentiment (SNAP Score) Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov 25 Dec 2 Dec 9 Sentiment (and sales) rebounded as the volume of unhappy customer feedback subsided
  26. 26. Top Ten Questions An Executive Should Ask: Question 1: How will social support my business goals? Question 2:What is the conversation volume and sentiment about my business, products or services? Question 3: Which online communities are important to my business and is my team involved in those conversations? Question 4: Are there other technology conversations taking place that my team should be a part of and if so where? Question 5:Are there specific content gaps or customers questions that aren’t getting addressed? Question 6: Who are my industry’s Influencers? Question 7: Which of my customers are online? Question 8: Am I connected with our most important customers online? Question 9: Have I identified subject matter experts on my team to connect with those influencers? Question 10: Am I taking advantage of customer feedback and insights via social media?
  27. 27. Make Time for Social Media • Add 30 minutes to your calendar 2x a week to listen or engage in social media • Don’t go overboard – just start with 1-2 platforms • Download social applications to your phone • Find a social media mentor • After a customer meeting, thank the customer in social media 27 • Use relevant hashtags to connect with event attendees, speakers, etc.
  28. 28. Thank you for Listening Q&A