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CERF ELN, Features, Functions, and Screenshots


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CERF is a secure, 21CFR11 compliant, document management and laboratory notebook enterprise software. CERF is an Electronic Lab Note(ELN) meant to replace paper in a lab-setting or anywhere with documentation management needs. This slideshow depicts the features of CERF ELN with detailed screenshots and descriptive text. This slideshow demonstrates why CERF is one of the strongest ELNs on the market, and what features users may expect to find in CERF. This slideshow is for prospective CERF buyers, and for CERF users from beginning to advanced.

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CERF ELN, Features, Functions, and Screenshots

  1. 1. CERF 5.0 – Features and Functions An Electronic Lab Notebook created by Lab-Ally
  2. 2. CERF Desktop – Main Window CERF main window contains buttons to launch tools and navigators: 1. Document manager 2. Checked out Documents 3. Bookmarks 4. Saved Searches 5. Local Files Browser 6. Notebook 7. Controlled documents 8. Data and Forms 9. Inbox 10. Notifications 11. CERF Search 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Why CERF? CERF Key Features
  3. 3. • CERF allows users to import files and folders from local operating systems through drag and drop. • CERF can import entire hierarchic file trees, retaining the folder and file structure • CERF server has a true copy of your files, it is not a reference or pointer to items on your local drive Drag and Drop CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  4. 4. Round Trip Editing • CERF uses check out > edit > check in workflow for round trip editing. This ensures only one user may edit a document at a time. Users may still view documents while another user has a document checked out. • Each change of a document is stored as a new version. Users may still access old versions. Every user interaction with CERF resources is tracked for easy traceability CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  5. 5. Document Check In, Check out • Documents are checked out to third party applications, where they can be edited, saved, and checked back in hassle free. If a document has not been modified since being checked out, the user will only have the option to “uncheckout” • All of the checked out items in CERF appear in a single pane, so the user is able to easily track checked out resources. In addition checked out items are marked with a red check mark in the documents pane. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  6. 6. Bookmarks • CERF allows users to bookmark files, folders, file cabinets, and notebooks for quick access. As the Documents tree grows, bookmarks are a simple way to keep track of the most frequented resources. Click the arrow in the Bookmarks pane(circled in red), and CERF will show the location of the Document in the Documents pane. • Add bookmarks through drag and drop, right click, or using the book symbol encircled in red. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  7. 7. Saved Searches • Tailor specific search models that perform in your semantic and scientific environment. A saved search will populate search parameters with pre- defined values. The parameters may also be saved without a value. • Saved Searches is the quickest way to access CERF’s best in industry search engine. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  8. 8. Easy Export to local Drive • CERF is integrated with the client local hard- drive, and allows easy transfer of files from within CERF to the local computer(drag and drop supported) • CERF can also export bundled .ZIP files containing entire collections of data and associated metadata. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  9. 9. Creating Data, Viewing Files • CERF has many ways to input and edit scientific data including: standard text formats, tables, images and chemistry file types. • This list includes • MS office, text, html, PDF • AB1 trace • Chemical Structure Files • GB sequence Files • Images • SVG files CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  10. 10. Controlled Documents - SOPs • CERF has built in management features for controlled documents and SOP approval. The FDA requires regulated labs to maintain SOPs of many items. Use CERF to maintain GDP and usage records for specific documents and create automated “gateway events” that grant users access to workflows and data as appropriate. Why CERF?
  11. 11. Experiment Management System • CERF allows users to create experiment headers that can be used to categorize, register, filter and quickly reference specific experiments. Allow entire multiple users to utilize shared experiment templates for GLP and consistency. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  12. 12. Sample Management • Use custom Sample Structured Data Entries to incorporate known information about samples for efficient entries into notebooks. • Drag and Drop Samples into the notebook. Information captured includes: sample id, sample name, location, volume, description, creator, and creation date. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  13. 13. • Forward important email messages(including attachments) to CERF, where they are secured, out of the cloud and into CERF’s, secure, and traceable database. • This is a useful way to input field data into CERF. Email the data to CERF using a mobile device, without actually having to open CERF client. Email-to-CERF CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  14. 14. Access Control • CERF includes 10 user roles with varying levels of control and access within organizations • CERF allows a deep level of control from the top down of organizations, and allow for strict enforcement of 21CFR11 requirements, GLP, ISO, or ALCOA regulatory considerations CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  15. 15. Organization • CERF allows users to organize documents and resources in virtual file cabinets and notebooks, which contain user controlled links or references • This helps to reduce in organizational documentation redundancies, audit trails, and tracking down old data CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  16. 16. At-a-Glance Details • CERF allows user to view and edit rich semantic metadata including creation / modification dates, creator, keywords, smart tags, Dublin Core Element Set, and more. • Build ontologies for data to increase, searchability and reusability of data located using the CERF semantic search engine. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  17. 17. Best in Industry: Semantic Search Engine • CERF semantic search engine has access to the comprehensive metadata within CERF, as well as the file contents. It is a best in class tool, and when coupled with manually entered user data, results in quick data retrieval time and increased research output. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  18. 18. Notifications • Communicate within CERF using the built in notifications. Send notifications to anyone within the resource’s Workgroup. Instead of sending confidential scientific information over email, keep it contained within CERF’s secured server. • Users are able to instantly access resource content if they are logged into CERF CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  19. 19. Signatures CERF Key Features • CERF contains a signature system which supports single, and double peer review workflows, as well as custom signature policies. Signature policies are customizable via CERF Business Policies. CERF signatures can be used in accordance with 21CFR11 requirements. • Link an image of a handwritten signature to CERF Why CERF?
  20. 20. Signature Reports • CERF allows users to run signature reports which can indicate if a digital signature or co-signature is needed on particular documents. Users may also receive a notification email if their signature is needed. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  21. 21. Contextualized Right Click • CERF users may use a right click to perform many functions in CERF. The right click menu will change depending on user access level in an associated workgroup • CERF expert users will familiarize themselves with right click functionality as well as the easy-access buttons CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  22. 22. Offline Mode CERF Key Features • CERF allows users to access Checked-Out documents from offline mode. They may be checked back in when the user comes online. Why CERF?
  23. 23. CERF History CERF Key Features • CERF has a history function that allows users to access recently visited notebook entries and documents. The user is also able to see whether they viewed an item(eye), or checked out an item (arrow). • Once the user has identified the resource of interest, CERF allows them to view or navigate to the resource. Why CERF?
  24. 24. Architecture • CERF utilizes a secure local filestore, as opposed to cloud based storage. CERF can even be used in a sealed LAN if necessary, and does not require connection to the internet. • CERF organizes contents using a database, MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle databases supported. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  25. 25. Automaton - Data Automation Tool • CERF Automaton is an add on application which was built to automate data collection from scientific instruments. Automaton allows the user to create data capture jobs which automatically save files from a local computer to CERF • Automaton can also be used for automated back ups for CERF. CERF Key Features More about CERF Automaton... Why CERF?
  26. 26. iPad Support • Access your enterprise CERF server from an iPad application. Take CERF wherever you go for constant access to data with iCERF • Use iPad features with CERF for easy scientific recording: • Voice to text • Voice Memos • iPad Camera • Pinch and zoom on high resolution images CERF Key Features iCERF is free in the Apple App Store Why CERF?
  27. 27. CERF Help Resources • CERF desktop application includes access to CERF’s online help tutorial, comprehensive Help Contents, as well as integrated CERF support email system(with support contract) • The About window gives the user information about the current CERF version they are running. CERF Key Features Why CERF?
  28. 28. Thank you for viewing this presentation, if you would like more information about CERF, click About CERF 5.0 To understand why Lab-Ally believes that CERF is the best combined ELN and document manager on the market, click Why CERF? Additional Links: CERF IQ, OQ Validation About Lab-Ally Lab-Ally would be happy to answer any questions about CERF, or our other scientific solutions and products, contact us at: CERF Key Features Why CERF?