2 0 11 s p r i n gs u m m e rCOLLECTION
S    eriously! Who knew you                                                                                               ...
The choices are endless, and so is the comfort.                                                                           ...
What                           inspires                                                                            T you  ...
Wow... all this is La-Z-Boy?                                                                             La               ...
All kinds of sleep sofas, all kinds of comfort.                                                                           ...
La-Z-Boy Premier                                          with ComfortCore™ feature                                       ...
Up-to-the minute style meets legendary comfort.                                                                       Woul...
Complements       ™                                                                                                       ...
All our furniture can be La-Z-Boy comfortable?                                                                            ...
P WER                                           reclining sofas    La-Z-Time® feature with                                ...
Pass the popcorn, share the comfort.                    reclining               with La-Z-Time®, chaise                   ...
The recliners were only the beginning.                                                                       Sure, you kno...
leather stationary sofas                                                                         leather reclining sofas  ...
leather recliners                                                                  Designers Choice leather               ...
With so many choices, I found my perfect fit.                                                                             ...
The "McAlister"                                                           power recliners                                 ...
Explore all                                                ultra plush reclinersyour options...                           ...
We build furniture to last.                              Our furniture stands the test of time – not to mention, kids. Our...
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LaZBoy Furniture - 2011 Spring/Summer Catalog


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Seriously! Who knew you could find so much more than you ever imagined at La-Z-Boy? No wonder it feels so comfortable here. You may not believe everything LaZBoy makes either – like sofas, loveseats, sleepers, sectionals, chairs, ottomans and more accessories than you can shake a throw pillow at. But the high-quality construction and craftsmanship built into every comfortable piece of La-Z-Boy furniture? No surprise at all.

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LaZBoy Furniture - 2011 Spring/Summer Catalog

  1. 1. 2 0 11 s p r i n gs u m m e rCOLLECTION
  2. 2. S eriously! Who knew you stationary sofas, sectionals & sleep could find so much more than sofas p.8 you ever imagined at La-Z-Boy? No wonder it feels so comfortable designer’s choice collection here. You may not believe p.14 everything La-Z-Boy makes either – like sofas, loveseats, reclining sofas & sectionalsThe Zoe Room Group sleepers, sectionals, chairs,and Keagan Chair p. 18 ottomans and more accessories than you can shake a throw leather pillow at. But the high-quality p. 24 construction and craftsmanship built into every comfortable recliners & power piece of La-Z-Boy furniture? recliners Scan this QR code to learn more about the wide range of products La-Z-Boy offers. p. 30 No surprise at all.
  3. 3. The choices are endless, and so is the comfort. With La-Z-Boy chairs, sofas and sectionals, you can custom create a look thats all your own Performance Fabrics. with affordable fabric and leather options to suit Ideal for anyone any taste, any style, and any budget. Choose with children, pets, from hundreds of fabrics in the latest colors and Enjoy earth tones and desert colors in mountain-lodge themed husbands or gravity. patterns. Or, choose soft and sensual leather for patterns as well as kilim, herringbone, plaid and southwest patterns. Spills happen. Its a law of the universe. But with its natural beauty and durability. Next, make it La-Z-Boy furniture, those spills dont have to uniquely yours with custom details and accents. result in stains. Our Performance Fabrics are stain With so many options... your design possibilities resistant and easy to clean so the days of protective plastic coverings are over. The fabrics are are endless. made from Microfiber, so in addition to providing stain resistance, they defend against fading and These patterns feature light and airy themes reminiscent of summer are extremely durable. With La-Z-Boy Performance BREE stationary sofa cottages and tropical islands. Elements that add up to great style. Fabrics, having a family and having great looking furniture is no longer mutually exclusive. These contemporary fabrics have a big city style and everywhere versatility. In a wide range of patterns from florals to stripes, and even a touch of bling. Contrasting Contrasting Choice of accent pillows welt wood finishes Change your look with contrasting Make it unique and make it your From deep, rich tones to light, natural accent pillows. Add decorative cord own by using a contrasting color on hues, exposed wood trim on many and fringe and really go glam. styles with welted detailing. styles comes in a variety of finishes. A smart choice for you and the environment. Eco-Comfort™ fabrics are tested and approved by Oeko-Tex®, the worlds definitive ecological certification process. ZOE PREMIER sofa4 la-z-boy.com
  4. 4. What inspires T you hank T whole experience was turned from he you? an uncertain chore into a fun adventure! - Cheryl H., T empe, AZ Reflect your style. + + =We can work with that.From your favorite silk scarf that goes with everything, to the antique globe thatinspires your wanderlust or simply, the color of a flower as vibrant as your dreams. Whenit comes to creating a room that reflects your personal style, it takes more than furniture tomake a room complete. Its all about the details. And thats where we come in. With ourunique selection of tables, lamps, rugs, decorative accents and more, we can help youtransform the things you love into a room youll adore.Your dream. Our reality.Now you can bring your design dreams to life in amazing3D visual reality. Quickly and easily recreate, redecorate andrearrange your rooms without any of the usual heavy lifting.Customize furniture, fabrics, add windows and doors, select floors and even change thecolor of walls, all by simply clicking your mouse. Ready to make it a reality? Visit lzb3D.com and get started TALBOT stationary room group la-z-boy.com 7
  5. 5. Wow... all this is La-Z-Boy? La No matter what you’re looking for in a sofa… a crowd-friendly sectional for the family room, the perfect complement to STATIoNArY SofAS, your traditional living room, or a contemporary look that converts easily for overnight guests... you’ll find the one thats SecTIoNALS & SLeeP SofAS right for you. And, with an almost endless selection of styles and fabrics, you wont run out of choices. SINCLAIR PREMIER stationary sectional KIEFER stationary room group MARILYN PREMIER stationary room group Our La-Z-Boy ComfortCore™ cushions ZONE 1 RICHFOAM® CORE ZONE 3 QuALux® HR CASING * Premier sofas come standard with... 4 Inner beauty 1 Offers softer support at the front of cushion to ease pressure behind knees. 3 Offers an added layer of overall support for lasting comfort and durability. Engineered Frame Construction for Lasting Durability 3 four zones ZONE 2 QuALux® uLTRA HR CORE ZONE 4 HYPERSOFT® FOAM Designer Fabrics & Supple Leathers 2 of cushioning for 2 Firmer support in the back area of cushion for 4 Provides an additional layer of softness 1 Custom Order from a Wide Selection four times the softness without sagging. and support topped with a layer of batting. Fully Padded Frame Enhances Design Lines and Adds to Overall Durability comfort. For an even more luxurious feel, upgrade to ComfortCore™ Plus with an added featherblend layer on the top and bottom of each cushion.8 la-z-boy.com
  6. 6. All kinds of sleep sofas, all kinds of comfort. COLLINS PREMIER sleep sofa Now you can tell your guests to sleep well and mean it. Make your guests feel comfortable by adding a sleep sofa feature to your chair, sofa, or sectional. Our sleep sofas come with reinforced steel frames and locking headrests. And who wouldnt sleep like a baby on the twin, full or queen size mattresses. Available in your choice of two comfortable mattress systems. Supreme Comfort™ Mattress System SlumberAir Mattress System ® With 5 1/2” thick special coil system and a high-quality damask Youll rest easy on this 6” cushion of air which floats over a 4” cover, it might be more comfortable than your regular bed. innerspring base. It inflates in just 45 seconds with a lightweight Available in queen, full or twin. hand-held electric pump and allows you to customize your Leah Metro Hamilton Collins firmness, so you wont lose any sleep. Available in queen and full. with twin sleep sofa with full sleep sofa with queen sleep sofa with queen sleep sofa10 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 11
  7. 7. La-Z-Boy Premier with ComfortCore™ feature stationary sofas, sleep sofas stationary sofas & sleep sofas & sectionals Collins Daphne Mackenzie Argenta Barron Beverly Marilyn Pembroke Quinn Bree Demi Hamilton Talbot Veranda Woodrow Kiefer Laurel Laurel leather/fabric combination sectional Woodrow Zoe Leah Madeline Metro sleep sofa only La-Z-Boy Premier with ComfortCore™ feature stationary sectionals Rhoda Spencer sleep sofa only sleep sofa only Collins Daphne Zack leather only Can’t get into a store today? Sinclair Take a virtual tour of our products at la-z-boy.com. You can even = available as a sleep sofa LAUREL stationary sofa start a wish list and save your favorite picks.12 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 13
  8. 8. Up-to-the minute style meets legendary comfort. Would we ask you to give up comfort for style? Never. These design savvy options will make you sit up and take DeSIGNerS cHoIce notice. Satisfy your “I never thought of that, but I love it" side by pairing a playful accent chair with your new sofa coLLecTIoN ® for an added splash of color and panache. These fun and functional styles create an eclectic mix for one smart look. Isn’t it funny how a little self-expression can pull a whole room together? JENNINGS high leg recliners ALLEGRA stationary occasional chairs AUDRA chaise lounge Sophisticated, contemporary, traditional, romantic and La-Z-Boy Classics ® La-Z-Boy Classics ® Complements ™ classic stationary chairs, recliners high leg recliners Attractive and refined off-the-floor low profile recliners Sleek and low-to-the-floor designs that from La-Z-Boy Stationary chairs that are cool while others are and ottomans. designs; some show a little leg and some just have really long legs. add a classic touch of sophistication. hopeless romantics. And some are classics that will never go out of style.14 la-z-boy.com
  9. 9. Complements ™ Classics high leg recliners ® Allegra Audra Claire Fresco Hampden Buchanan Calloway Carlyle Carrington Charlotte leather only leather only Karli Keagan Madison Webster Eldorado Ferguson Fletcher Jennings Kimberly Classics low profile recliners ® Montgomery Raleigh Richfield Riley Rory leather only leather only Byron Eva Spindale Tarleton Van Buren Washington Woodmont leather only Faris Hayden When it comes to ottomans, ordinary is not in our vocabulary. These ottomans can serve as extra seating and a place to hide blankets and video game controls. On some, you can even flip the top and use it as a serving tray. What more could you ask for?EVA low profile recliner Syracuse Zane leather/fabric combination leather only16 la-z-boy.com
  10. 10. All our furniture can be La-Z-Boy comfortable? La Why shouldn’t great looking furniture be comfortable too? With the wide range of reclining sofas and recLINING SofAS sectionals La-Z-Boy offers, you’ll never have to give up comfort for the style you want. So no matter & SecTIoNALS what you’re looking for, you’ll feel totally relaxed… with or without a handle. KINLEY reclining room group OWEN reclining room group PIERCE reclining sectional 3 ways to recline Power Recline Reclina-Way ® La-Z-Time ® Tables, Storage Spaces & Sleep Sofas Easy-action latch release, set with ease... The power to recline at the Handle-controlled mechanism with Wish you had a table for that big bowl of popcorn? Or a place to play a rousing flush in the side panels with GrIffIN reclining sectional touch of a button with virtually 3-position locking footrest for added game of checkers? A reclining sofa or sectional with a drop-down table is just what limitless relaxing positions. leg support and comfort. Available adjustable footrest tension for you need. Our sectional pieces also have some pretty amazing features, like storage with the sleek Arc handle. customized support. consoles, built-in drawers, hidden storage spaces and even sleep sofas.18 la-z-boy.com
  11. 11. P WER reclining sofas La-Z-Time® feature with power upgrade reclining sofas with La-Z-Time® feature Suffering from back pain? Feeling stressed out? RECLINE If so, doctors have a surprising suggestion... at the touch just recline of a button Braden Gavin Adler Carmen leather only Clark Relieves back pain – Seven out of 10 primary care physicians agree that sitting in a reclined position at home can help decrease back pain, and 2 out of 3 are likely to recommend that patients sit in a reclined position to help alleviate back pain. Kinley Lancer Halstead Simon Reduces stress – An overwhelming 94% of doctors say about an hour a day of relaxation at home is important to relieve stress, and 96% agree that sitting at home in a reclined position promotes relaxation. reclining sofas with Reclina-Way feature ® Maybe thats why 3 out of 5 doctors own reclining furniture themselves! Owen Pierce Powered back & legrest adjusts to any position for personalized comfort Effortless, smooth operation to go from Braxton Crandell Dreamtime The American Chiropractic Association sitting to fully reclined in just 6 seconds Reese Rex has endorsed La-Z-Boy reclining furniture leather only fabric only for its back and lumbar support. Quiet, stable base provides consistent operation at all times Safety technology to keep legrest from closing when objects Gibson Joshua Larson are encountered Roland Trevor Now you can recline at the touch of a button with virtually limitless relaxing positions. You can even raise the footrest without reclining the back. Available on Maverick Pinnacle Rialto select reclining sofa, sectional and chair styles for a smoother, quieter and faster For more information on how you can beat back pain and stress, visit la-z-boy.com/PrescriptionRecline way to amp up your down time.20 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 21
  12. 12. Pass the popcorn, share the comfort. reclining with La-Z-Time®, chaise Go to la-z-boy.com to see all the different sectionals and sleep sofa features configurations you can make with your favorite sectionals. Devon Griffin Legend Marley LEGEND reclining sectional Reese Rex leather only fabric only = available as a sleep sofa Whats a wedge console? Good question. Take any sectional and turn it into really cool home entertainment seating – complete DEVON reclining sectional GRIFFIN reclining sectional with beverage holders and hidden storage. You can also use our wedge consoles to link seats together into rows for an authentic theater experience.22 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 23
  13. 13. The recliners were only the beginning. Sure, you know us for our comfy recliners… but we never rest when it comes to adding new looks and more options for relaxing – and leather is no exception. From its rich look and feel to its versatile range of styles, there’s a lot to LeATHer love about the durable comfort of La-Z-Boy leather furniture. A great choice for any room and any décor, you’ll find a perfect match for your lifestyle. We’d like to think of it as a beautiful beginning to a long-lasting relationship. CARMEN reclining sofa GRIFFIN reclining sectional sofa group AVERY stationary sofa Go ahead and 50% stronger than fabric Its beautiful and ages well Year round comfort ...and its easy to clean dish it out. Not only is leather good- Natural oils in the leather help Leathers porous surface Leather simply requires looking, its naturally durable. prevent cracking and tearing lets it "breathe" so it stays a mild dusting or wiping Ideal for homes with children and special dyes provide deep, cool in the summer and to help keep it looking Leather can take it. and pets, leather outlasts fabric four to one. rich color and help keep its beauty from fading. warm in the winter. good. Now who wouldnt love that?24 la-z-boy.com
  14. 14. leather stationary sofas leather reclining sofas Argenta Avery Barron Bradford Adler Braden Braxton Carmen Cambridge Davidson Hamilton Laurel Crandell Dreamtime Gavin Gibson Mackenzie Metro Montgomery Nathan Halstead Joshua Lancer Larson Pembroke Rhoda Rory Talbot Maverick Owen Pinnacle Reese sleep sofa only Rialto Roland Trevor Warner Woodrow Zack Zane leather reclining sectionals Zoe leather stationary sectionals Devon Griffin Reese Argenta Laurel Montgomery Wild about color? Then these hues are perfect for you. From eye-popping reds to not-so-mellow yellows, our Legend Matinee selection of color-drenched leathers lets you make a Rory Zane = available as a sleep sofa seriously stylish design statement in any room.26 la-z-boy.com
  15. 15. leather recliners Designers Choice leather ® Astor Atlas Axis Braden Braxton Calvin Allegra Buchanan Byron Calloway Carlyle Chill Crandell Dreamtime Forte Gavin Gibson Carrington Eldorado Eva Faris Hayden Griffin Halstead Harbor Town Joshua Journey Lancer Jennings Karli Madison Montgomery Richfield Larson Lawrence Legend Lyle Maverick McAlister Riley Rory Spindale Syracuse Tarleton Melanie Owen Pinnacle Reese Rialto Rocky Van Buren Washington Webster Woodmont Zane ottomans and storage ottomans Roland Shane Spectra Terra Trevor Cory Jordan Leo Lila Luca Tasha with roomy storage space with reversible tray top and roomy storage space28 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 29
  16. 16. With so many choices, I found my perfect fit. Do you believe in love at first sit? Well, have a seat in one of our legendary recliners and feel the love for yourself. recLINerS After all, we invented the recliner over eighty years ago, and we havent been sitting still since. From recliners that & PoWer recLINerS rock – and swivel and glide – to the latest ways to power up your down time, at La-Z-Boy we make your comfort possibilities virtually limitless. AXIS power recliner ASTOR rocker recliner ROCKY rocker reclinerAllrecliners Only La-Z-Boy recliners give you all these exclusive features: The most Total body & Secure 3-position Patented La-Z-Boy ® Adjustable Strongestare not reclining positions lumbar support locking footrest mechanism reclining tension frame constructioncreated Back and footrest work together Provides complete support to Offers a choice of comfort Allows the seat and back to Personalizes the effort needed Patented 4-sided unibody designequal... or operate independently for 18 optimum levels of comfort. the entire body in all positions… even while reclining. that locks in place for safety and support. move together for reclining movement. natural to ease into a reclining position based on individual body type. crafted of hardwoods and steel for long-lasting durability.30 la-z-boy.com
  17. 17. The "McAlister" power recliners recliners Shiatsu recliner Its a recliner! Its a Power Recline Shiatsu massager! Go from sitting to relaxed and reclined in just six seconds. Exclusive La-Z-Boy back support fully supports your lower back in all positions. Amity Anderson Astor Atlas Calvin Chill Axis Journey Spectra La-Z-Touch® Feature Massage anyone? Our La-Z-Touch features let you really relax with Conner Crandell Dreamtime* Forte Gavin Griffin 2, 6 or 10 motors offering relaxing massages and heat. use within any living space as a Rocker Recliner. Leave the back cushion in place for a gentle Shiatsu massage. Flip the back Halstead Harbor Town Joshua Kinley Lancer Larson cushion over and your recliner transforms Chill Crandell Dreamtime* into an invigorating Shiatsu massager. Eight rollers perfectly positioned, deliver a deep tissue massage along the full length of your back. Three different massage Legend Lyle Lyndon Morgan Owen Pierce settings target specific muscle areas. Lancer Pinnacle Intensify and personalize your massage in the reclined position. Luxury-Lift Powerfully lifts you to a sitting, standing or reclining position in one smooth and easy motion. Available with soothing heat and an optional massage feature. Pinnacle Reese Rex Rialto Shane Trevor leather only Clayton Estelle Rialto See something you like? Go to la-z-boy.com and check out product dimensions, along Terra with fabric and leather choices. *Design Patent: US D376, 265 S32 la-z-boy.com la-z-boy.com 33
  18. 18. Explore all ultra plush reclinersyour options... Advanced cushioning and spring technology make these perhaps the most comfortable chairs in the world. Can you handle it? Our sleek, brushed nickel Arc handle lets you raise your cool factor along with your legs. Braden Braxton Gibson At La-Z-Boy, comfort is what we do. And when it Are you a lefty? comes to helping sick children and their families, Thats all right with us. We can put the handle on the left side without providing comfort is the least we can do. That’s a problem. why La-Z-Boy became the official furniture provider of Ronald McDonald House Charities.® Together Have long legs? with RMHC,® we make sure that families have a No big deal. Most of our non- Lawrence Maverick Melanie chaise recliners are available with comfortable home-away-from-home® while their extended footrests. children receive much needed medical care. Ronald McDonald Houses are a refuge of hope, peace, Like doing 360s? Our swivel base combines the love and support. La-Z-Boy is honored to provide best of both worlds – full-reclining comfort to families at a time in their lives when they comfort and 360° swivel motion. need it like never before. For more information Rocky Roland about our support, visit la-z-boy.com/RMHC. How about a raise? Our heightened base option adds an additional inch-and-a-half to the seat and overall chair height. Want even more? From an elongated recliner handle, to a choice of wood finishes, weve got more ways to make you comfortable. At La-Z-Boy, we design and build our own reclining Ronald McDonald House Charities,® the Ronald McDonald House mechanisms then back them Charities logo, Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room are trademarks of McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates, with a limited lifetime warranty used with permission. giving you comfort that lasts.34 la-z-boy.com
  19. 19. We build furniture to last. Our furniture stands the test of time – not to mention, kids. Our strong, state-of-the-art frame construction can hold up to whatever your family dishes out. Genuine La-Z-Boy furniture is crafted to the highest standards. Frames, mechanisms, cushions and springs are made from the finest quality materials. Our fabrics are wear-tested in our test lab before being La-Z-Boy certified. And, before our products are sent out the door, they’re real-life tested, because superior quality control couldn’t be more important to us. So go ahead kids, bring it on. Were behind you 100% La-Z-Boy originated the first reclining chair over 80 years ago and today employs more than 5,000 dedicated workers and has 5 manufacturing plants across North America. So not only can you feel good about your furniture... you can feel good about where it’s made. Plus, when you buy La-Z-Boy products, you get our famous La-Z-Boy limited lifetime warranty. la-z-boy.com Connect with us. Stay connected through©2011 La-Z-Boy Incorporated Facebook, Twitter, Email and YouTube LT0205 Printed in the USA